All About ‘Matched Content Unit’: Google Adsense

In 2015, Google launched Matched Content Unit to help increase user engagement and time spent on the site by promoting relevant content present within the site. According to Googles own research based on the real-time data this matched content unit increased number of pages viewed by 9% and the time spent on site by 10%.

1. You can’t cross promote your articles/contents from 2 different sites. Matched content recommendations that are generated for each site will be internal to that site.
2. Matched Content units generate recommendations from pages that have Google ads or Matched content units on them.

Matched content units work on mobile, tablet, and desktop and are mostly responsive(the images and text within the unit content) in nature. If your articles do not contain images then text only format will be displayed.

Eligibility for Matched content unit

Eligibility What it means
Not currently eligible to use Matched content Your site doesn’t yet meet minimum requirements for traffic volume and number of unique pages.
Eligible to use Matched content Your site meets minimum requirements for traffic volume and number of unique pages.
Eligible to use Matched content and show ads in between recommendations Your site meets minimum requirements for traffic volume and number of unique pages, and it can be well monetized.

It has 2 criteria, minimum requirements for traffic volume and number of unique pages. The exact number for traffic is not known but we believe a site with as low as 400-500 unique visits per day is eligible provided it has enough unique pages – because these matched content units must show relevant related content without which it is of not much use to the visitors.

Check eligibility


Log into your adsense account. Go to Settings -> My Sites -> Matched Content.

Here it shows the domains which work well with Matched Content. You can create a Matched Content unit in My Ads section and use this list to see which domains will show good recommendations from pages on that domain.

Add Matched Content To Your Site
Go to MyAds, click on New ad unit button.


Select ‘Matched Content‘. To your right hand site you get options to customize the look and feel of your matched content unit. Here you can also opt-in or opt-out of ‘Monetize with Ads’, under Ad options settings.

Next you can also set its font family, title and background color. You can also set the width and height of the matched content unit or else select responsive unit. Save & Get Code. Paste the code inside your website / blog wherever you want this ‘Matched Content Unit’ to appear.


Responsive Matched Content Unit
Matched content units are optimized based on the container size. You can use the preview tool available inside your adsense account to see how the unit changes across different sizes.

Tips on Matched Content Unit Placement

At the end of article matched content

For best results, place your matched content unit directly below your article or in the sidebar.

Earn with Matched Content Unit
You can also show ads, so you earn money while promoting your content. Simply opt-in to show ads and Google will start showing relevant ads to your users whenever it’s appropriate.

We’re already seeing 3 ads along with our own content recommended in Matched Content Unit on one of our blog.

Matched Content Unit on
We got approved for using Matched Content Unit on one of our sites You can check the unit below each article. We’ll update this post after going through the performance report of this Matched Content Unit on our blog.

Let us know if you need to know anything about these units ..I’ll be happy to assist you with whatever I know.

Why I use Infolinks?

Few years back I had interviewed Infolinks on this blog and it has maintained its reputation and has grown even strong in the past couple of years – Lets explore how in this blog post.

Checkout Infolinks

Big advantage over Google Adsense – angular.js
We all agree that Google Adsense is the best ad network and is #1 in providing the best revenue share to its publishers and works best for most advertisers. But the biggest drawback and shame for Google is, Google Adsense doesn’t work on sites which are developed from Google’s own angular. Yes, I know we can write directives and make Adsense ads work on these sites, but read adsense policy carefully, it violets Adsense terms to make it work on ajax sites.

With Infolinks, there is no hacks, there is no directives – simply copy the javascript snippt into index file and you’re done. You can control the type of ad to show on your pages via Infolinks dashboard. Simple.


Note: We’ve a good competitor for Google Adsense, which I’ll mention in my upcoming post. Stay tuned. – You’ll love it. I’m serious.

Infolinks is the best adnetwork for websites built with Google’s angular.js

Infolinks Products / ad types

Simply turn ON and OFF the services(products) like – intext, infold, intag, inframe, inscreen, inarticle(beta) from inside your infolinks dashboard and it’ll reflect on your site(s).

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

intext: InText highlights keywords and every time a visitor hovers over them, a related ad appears.

infold: InFold displays ads relevant to what your users are searching for, while infusing another SEO layer to your site.

intag: It displays relevant keywords list at the bottom of the page and shows ads once the mouse is hovered upon the keyword. Looks somewhat similar to Adsense link ads.

inframe: Based on your website’s category, InFrame will display attractive banner ads in the margins of your website’s pages.

inscreen: InScreen, an interstitial ad, is driven both by user intent and website content, resulting in well-timed display ads for your website.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Infolinks and Adsense together?
I get this asked many times, so I want to clarify this in this blog post – yes, you can use Infolinks and adsense together on same blog / site and it does not violate either adsense nor Infolinks policy.

Customer Support
I’ve to tell this – Infolinks has one of the best customer support. You need not be their premium publisher or someone getting set number of earnings or traffic, they still treat you like their best publisher. Top Earner
MobiSphere is a discounts / coupons website which is built using angular. I simply copied Infolinks ads to the index page and the ads started immediately on all my pages. No hacks, no directives.

Strong Adsense Alternative?
Even though Infolinks is a very good adnetwork, it is not an alternative to adsense yet. I can say its a complimentary ad network that you can use along with Google’s Adsense.

Infolinks takes some time to learn about your website content and the traffic segment your blog/website receives. You need to give some time before you can see better ads and revenue for your site via InfoLinks. You can always mail their support team to ask what you can do better to get good revenue.

Pro Tip:
If you’re using intag Infolinks ads, then make sure to turn on the ‘Revenue Booster’, it’ll increase the click-through-rates and hence your revenue.

SignUp for Infolinks.

Ads Turn ON / OFF
The Infolinks off tag

turns off the script. Place it just before the section of text in which you do not want InText ads. You should put the Infolinks on tag
when you want to turn the script on again (when you want ads to appear).

Adsense Alternative: Yahoo! Bing Network

To be honest there are no real alternative for adsense when it comes to relevancy of ads and earning potential. But if we had to list an alternative then I would go with ad networks like
Chitika, Bidvertiser, etc.

When YPN (Yahoo! Publisher Network) was shutdown they recommended their publishers to switch to Chitika, but to my disappointment Chitika was no were near to adsense. Their eCPM was low. But had good results for traffic coming mostly from search engine and on product niche sites.

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Bidvertiser was yet another ad network which I tried out of curiosity and was better than Chitika on Their ebay ads started converting and I started earning good income!

Other small networks
I tried some other smaller ad networks and none of them even matched Chitika and Bidvertiser.

Yahoo! Bing Network

After long time I signed up for – it serves contextual ads from Yahoo! Bing Network. The name Yahoo! brought my attention and I finally signed up for it. First 2 days everything looked very promising – RPM of $0.2 But after 2 days RPM turned to be $0 and it continued for 20-25 days. I was deeply disappointed by the earnings and the ads that were being displayed. Atleast I had expected some kind of ad relevancy with the content.


When I wrote to their support team they replied on time and they asked me to wait for a month before I could see some results and relevancy of ads. It seems that, their server was still under learning mode!

After waiting for 35-40 days I checked it once again. This time I was satisfied with the ads and I was surprised with the earnings too. It wasn’t very high by the way, but better than what I had expected from an adnetwork other than adsense.


You’ll earn a BONUS of 10% on your earnings up till 3 months from the date of sign-up, if you sign up from this link

1. Highly customizable ads – you can set the ad size, color.

2. There are a collection of awesome looking ad skins which you can select from or you can create your own using the color pallets.

3. You can set other network ads as your back up ads when there are no relevant ads can serve.

4. Mobile Docked Ads: Monetize traffic from all devices once enabled.

5. Desktop Interstitial Ads:
i. Choose between a lightbox interstitial implementation, or a welcome ad format for a non-intrusive experience.
ii. Fully control the timer, frequency and other parameters for triggering the ad.
iii. Completely customize the look-and-feel of the ad unit.

You’ll earn a BONUS of 10% on your earnings up till 3 months from the date of sign-up, if you sign up from this link

Wire Transfer(EFT) In India: Google Adsense

Finally Google Adsense team made EFT available for all the accounts which are eligible for payment. I can already see the joy of publishers when they see their adsense account payment system being upgraded to receive their earnings via EFT(Electronic Fund Transfer).

Payment Hold


Once your account is upgraded, your payments will be on hold until you fill the payment method form.

Bank Information
To start with wire transfer we must obviously first give Google our bank details. So after we enable our payment mode we must fill:


Account holder name, Bank name, Account number are the ones every one of us understand. Along with this we also need to provide our branch IFSC code and SWIFT code.

Indian Financial System Code (IFSC)
An IFSC is an identification code for your bank and branch. It should contain 11 letters and numbers. For more details, contact your bank.

SWIFT Bank Identifier Code (BIC)
A SWIFT-BIC is a unique identification code for a particular bank or branch. It should contain 8 or 11 characters. For more details, contact your bank.

Not All Branches Have Swift Code
Every branch in India has its own, unique IFSC code. But not all branches have SWIFT code. When I contacted our bank’s( SBI – State Bank of India ) branch manager, he told he has no idea about SWIFT code ..and continued to tell me that we can receive money from other country just by using IFSC code and MICR code.

MICR – Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
Typically MICR code can be used to extract following informations:
Cheque Serial Number
Account Number
Branch or city code of a bank
Transaction code

So MICR isn’t of much use in EFT.

SWIFT Code Solution
Swift code is available only in branches which facilitates currency conversion services – like Forex trading etc. So get the Swift Code from your banks nearest branch which facilitates currency conversion service.

That is, go to your bank branch and ask which is the nearest branch of that bank which facilitates currency conversion or which has a Swift Code. Now ask nearest branches Swift Code and enter it in your adsense payment form. Done. [ You need not fill the ‘intermediary bank details’ and other credit details – they are optional ]

Note: With this introduction of EFT to Indian publishers, Google has removed paying via Cheques. So no monthly snail mails any more 🙁

Adsense Direct email Support

Adsense is by far the biggest and one of the best ad networks available so far. But we’ve had always heard bad things about its support. The automated machine generated reply publishers got were not of much use to solve their concern. Google does hear it’s users voice! Finally we have Direct email support from adsense team.


Criteria to qualify for this direct email support?
You must be constantly earning $25 or more each week! hmm ..not bad, because there are millions of adsense publishers and a large number of them might have silly doubts about working of adsense – which is already explained in detail in the help center, adsense blog etc.

From Adsense Team

Publishers earning more than US$25 (or local equivalent) per week on a consistent basis will be eligible for email support, which they can request via a form in the Help Center. Publishers can see if they qualify for email support and contact one of our specialists.

We look at earnings over the past 5 weeks and focus on longer-term earning trends when assigning support level. This helps prevent publishers from moving between support options too frequently. Publishers who have fluctuations in their earnings that take them above and below US$25 per week may not qualify for higher levels of support until earnings are consistently above US$25.

You could choose a category of concern. If the resource Google provides does not resolve your issue, you’ll see a button to Email a member of adsense support team directly.

Check if you are eligible for direct email support by visiting Help Center and clicking on the email us link.

Rich Media(video) Ad: Adsense

Adsense team has been innovative in providing it’s advertisers with various features to effectively present themselves in-front of their target audience.

Today we spotted a nice video ad on one of our blogs, and we were happy to see that the video/audio wasn’t set to auto-play. Video started playing after we hover over the ad for 3 seconds.

It’s an advertisement from SanDisk – Store Your World in ours*

I was also little bit surprised to see that there was no audio control for it. And it did not play more than once!

Not sure, if it’s a Pay Per Play ad or just a usual CPM or CPC ad from adsense.

I would have really felt bad, if it took time to load the video ad – luckily enough these ads do not take time for buffering. This instant loading may increase it’s view rate.

Did You Switch To Adsense Asynchronous Ad Code Yet?

In computer programming, asynchronous events are those occurring independently of the main program flow. Asynchronous actions are actions executed in a non-blocking scheme, allowing the main program flow to continue processing.

What it means to have Asynchronous Adsense ad code on your blog?
It offers improved web latency and a better user experience for your site’s visitors.

Usually, when the browser encounters a JavaScript file, it stops loading other contents of that page and starts loading the variables and other such stuffs present inside the script.
So this interrupts the loading of other important elements of the page, like content, sidebar, content image etc.

With Asynchronous Ad code, browser loads the content of the page along with the javascript ad code simultaneous or without affecting the loading time of your pages content.

Adsense Asynchronous [BETA]
Speed is one of the elements to determine the search engine ranking of your page, so I recommend you to switch to Asynchronous ad code.

Steps for the Switch
1. Visit the page with your old Synchronous adsense code.
2. Copy the ad slot number.


3. Log into your adsense account. Visit My ads tab. To the extreme right you have a filter ad unit. Past the ad slot number and hit enter.
4. Now click on Get Code link below the ad slot you just got out of the filter.
5. Choose Asynchronous code from the drop down menu. Copy and replace the old Synchronous adsense ad code from your page.

We’ve already made the switch to asynchronous ad code on our other blog and we’re loving the performance boost in the loading time of our site.

Earnings Not Shown For Your Hosted AdSense for Content?

It was April 01 and Google announced that YouTube was just a contest and is closing down and will stop taking entries further!

Well, we all knew it was a April Fool Prank 🙂 and then, Hosted AdSense for Content’s earnings stopped showing inside Adsense account, making people think YouTube shutdown might be a real thing.

To clear everything: YouTube shutdown was just a April Fool Prank.

Hosted AdSense for Content
You’re able to see the impressions, clicks but no earnings. Why?
That is because, all these stats and your earning details along with many more stats are now available inside YouTube Analytics.


If you still want to look at the earnings from inside your adsense account:
Goto Performance Reports tab.
In the left side sidebar, click on the Products link.
Now click on Hosted AdSense for Content.
Look at the top right corner, change the date and fetch the Hosted AdSense for Content stats and earning details.

YouTube Analytics
For details like, video impressions, time of video being watched, drop rate, earnings, subscription, unsubscription rates etc, look at YouTube Analytics.

Earnings information in AdSense reports
You can find finalized earnings within your AdSense account. A link with specific earnings details will be posted to your Payment History page if your account has reached your payment threshold.

To see your YouTube payments:
Sign in to your AdSense account.
Select Payments on the left sidebar.
Look for “Earnings – YouTube” in each month to see your YouTube earnings for that month. This will include YouTube AdSense earnings (formerly listed as “AdSense for Content host”).
Other reports in AdSense, such as the performance reports, will not include your YouTube earnings. To view your detailed YouTube financial performance, including daily estimated earnings, please visit YouTube Analytics.