Did You Switch To Adsense Asynchronous Ad Code Yet?

In computer programming, asynchronous events are those occurring independently of the main program flow. Asynchronous actions are actions executed in a non-blocking scheme, allowing the main program flow to continue processing.

What it means to have Asynchronous Adsense ad code on your blog?
It offers improved web latency and a better user experience for your site’s visitors.

Usually, when the browser encounters a JavaScript file, it stops loading other contents of that page and starts loading the variables and other such stuffs present inside the script.
So this interrupts the loading of other important elements of the page, like content, sidebar, content image etc.

With Asynchronous Ad code, browser loads the content of the page along with the javascript ad code simultaneous or without affecting the loading time of your pages content.

Adsense Asynchronous [BETA]
Speed is one of the elements to determine the search engine ranking of your page, so I recommend you to switch to Asynchronous ad code.

Steps for the Switch
1. Visit the page with your old Synchronous adsense code.
2. Copy the ad slot number.


3. Log into your adsense account. Visit My ads tab. To the extreme right you have a filter ad unit. Past the ad slot number and hit enter.
4. Now click on Get Code link below the ad slot you just got out of the filter.
5. Choose Asynchronous code from the drop down menu. Copy and replace the old Synchronous adsense ad code from your page.

We’ve already made the switch to asynchronous ad code on our other blog Technotip.com and we’re loving the performance boost in the loading time of our site.