YouTube: New HTML5 Video Player for Desktop

YouTube is testing a new HTML5 based video player for its browser based desktop application. Some of the changes looks like being inspired by its own mobile app.

In the new video player, the controller disappears once you take the focus out of the player or once you take out the mouse pointer out of the video player.

Old YouTube Video Player

New YouTube Video Player

In the new video player the toggle buttons, autoplay and the annotations are brighter and well designed.

How to preview YouTube’s new html5 video player?
Download, Install and open Google Chrome Browser.
Install editthiscookie browser extention/adon.
After editthiscookie is installed, refresh the browser. And you’ll see a cookie icon on the browser – to the right hand top corner. Click on it.
Now goto, VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE and change the value to Q06SngRDTGA.
Click on the green check mark to apply the changes.
Now refresh the browser and congrats, you can now make use of YouTubes new HTML5 based video player 🙂

Update: Some people asked me how it’s done in Firefox
If you are on Windows, open Firefox -> press F12 or open developer console
type the following without quotes “cookie set VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE Q06SngRDTGA” and hit Enter.

Blow up the Missiles: YouTube Easter Egg

Google keeps surprising it’s users with some cool Easter eggs now and then..

youtube missile command defend your video

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Blow up the Missiles ..
1. Go to any youtube video page. Example: Happy Dancing Child – My niece
2. Wait till the page loads completely.
3. Now press the numbers 1, 9, 8 and 0
4. Now your video must move down and create an area for the battle!

Now start blowing up the missiles and protect your video!

Note: If you press 1, 9, 8 and 0 after the video has completely played, nothing actually happens. In that case, pull back the video playback controller and while the video is still playing press these numbers in the same order 1, 9, 8 and 0. Defend the video from attach!

Also, it doesn’t show the “blow up missile” Easter egg while Instream video ad is playing.

Withdrawing From Partnership was founded in January 2011 by George Strompolos. Previously, George helped create and develop YouTube’s Partnership Program.


Fullscreen: Creators
Grow your YouTube audience with our tools and support
Increase earnings with premium ads and sponsorships
Connect & collaborate with our global community

Fullscreen: Brands
Supercharge your YouTube presence
Scale your message across thousands of creators
Optimize your YouTube media buys

There are many form posts and videos talking about shifting monetization of their YouTube videos to

My advice
If you’re already a YouTube partner, you could better stick with YouTube partnership for monetizing your videos.

Grant Permission: Authentication


FullScreen needs following permissions on your Google account.

Fullscreen, Inc. is requesting permission to:
Manage your YouTube account
View and manage your videos and playlists
View and manage your YouTube activity
View basic information about your account
View your name, public profile URL, and photo
View your gender and birthdate
View your country, language, and timezone
View your email address
View the email address associated with your account
View YouTube Analytics reports for your YouTube content
View YouTube Analytics reports for your YouTube channels and videos
Know who you are on Google
Associate you with your public Google profile
Manage your YouTube account
View and manage your videos and playlists
View and manage your YouTube activity
Perform these operations when I’m not using the application

Some people think that it’s impossible to come out of Fullscreen partnership once they’re in!
But there is a way.

Withdrawing procedure:


Log into your Google account.
Goto your account settings @
Goto the Dashboard @
Goto “Authorize Account Access” -> Login again
Now revoke access to FullScreen from your Google account.

Eligible for Additional Features On YouTube ?

If you are someone who loves YouTube, you can be eligible to get additional features, by simply verifying your YouTube account.

Phone Verification
With this simple phone verification you’ll be eligible to upload videos longer than 15 min!

What’s New?
A verified account with good standing will get more additional features than the normal user accounts. Also new features will be rolled out quickly to these verified accounts. If you’re a YouTube partner, make sure to get verified. This will also help to make your account secure with your phone number being associated with it.

YouTube On Fire  Image

How To Verify?
Log into your YouTube account.
Goto Channel Settings.

Features -> Account Status

There is a Verify button. Click on it to provide with your phone number.
A verification code will be sent to your phone for the purpose of verification.

You can also get a voice call, if your provider does not support SMS facility or block Google SMS’es or SMS from short codes.

To enable additional features on your account, we require you to verify that your account is currently under your control by providing us your phone number. Please enter your phone number, and we’ll either call you or send you a text message containing a verification code from Google.

Note: If you were previously not able to apply for Content ID Appeals (Ability to appeal rejected Content ID disputes), you could finally do it, after your account verification.

Earnings Not Shown For Your Hosted AdSense for Content?

It was April 01 and Google announced that YouTube was just a contest and is closing down and will stop taking entries further!

Well, we all knew it was a April Fool Prank 🙂 and then, Hosted AdSense for Content’s earnings stopped showing inside Adsense account, making people think YouTube shutdown might be a real thing.

To clear everything: YouTube shutdown was just a April Fool Prank.

Hosted AdSense for Content
You’re able to see the impressions, clicks but no earnings. Why?
That is because, all these stats and your earning details along with many more stats are now available inside YouTube Analytics.


If you still want to look at the earnings from inside your adsense account:
Goto Performance Reports tab.
In the left side sidebar, click on the Products link.
Now click on Hosted AdSense for Content.
Look at the top right corner, change the date and fetch the Hosted AdSense for Content stats and earning details.

YouTube Analytics
For details like, video impressions, time of video being watched, drop rate, earnings, subscription, unsubscription rates etc, look at YouTube Analytics.

Earnings information in AdSense reports
You can find finalized earnings within your AdSense account. A link with specific earnings details will be posted to your Payment History page if your account has reached your payment threshold.

To see your YouTube payments:
Sign in to your AdSense account.
Select Payments on the left sidebar.
Look for “Earnings – YouTube” in each month to see your YouTube earnings for that month. This will include YouTube AdSense earnings (formerly listed as “AdSense for Content host”).
Other reports in AdSense, such as the performance reports, will not include your YouTube earnings. To view your detailed YouTube financial performance, including daily estimated earnings, please visit YouTube Analytics.

YouTube’s New Feature: InVideo Programming

YouTube has launched InVideo Programming, wherein you could select one of your / or any video and showcase it on ALL your videos. Cool thing is, you can change this any time and it’ll apply to all your videos. Also insert a water mark like image in any corner of all your videos and help boost your branding.

It helps Drive viewership to a specific video and reinforce channel branding using InVideo Programming across all your videos.


With InVideo Program, there are lot of possibilities:
We could promote one particular important video and get more eye balls to it.
We could include a special promo video, entertaining, educating as well as calling the user to take action and subscribe or do something.
We could agree to help in any good cause and all youtubers could include 1 video in all their videos, that would significantly spread the message, than simply changing the DP in social networking sites.

Activate InVideo Program Feature:
You’ll see it under the menu shortly, once it’s publicly available to all (YouTube Partners)

Until then, you can find it hidden inside settings.
So goto Settings: Under the “Channel settings” you’ll find “InVideo Programming”.

How-to enable in-stream ads: YouTube

Were you earning good income from YouTube’s Instream ad options ?

But now, pre-roll ads, Mid-roll ads and post-roll ads options are missing from your account ?

Not really..

You can enable these ads only for videos with atleast 10 min of content.

Once you upload the video and the video is processed, goto Video Manager and click on the edit link beside your video.
Next, goto Monetization tab and then select pre-roll, Mid-roll and post-roll ads.


Another good news is, we need not enable Monetization individually for all the videos. Now you can set default setting, which will be pre-selected for all your future uploads.

To set your video’s default options goto: your youtube default settings

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