Rich Media(video) Ad: Adsense

Adsense team has been innovative in providing it’s advertisers with various features to effectively present themselves in-front of their target audience.

Today we spotted a nice video ad on one of our blogs, and we were happy to see that the video/audio wasn’t set to auto-play. Video started playing after we hover over the ad for 3 seconds.

It’s an advertisement from SanDisk – Store Your World in ours*

I was also little bit surprised to see that there was no audio control for it. And it did not play more than once!

Not sure, if it’s a Pay Per Play ad or just a usual CPM or CPC ad from adsense.

I would have really felt bad, if it took time to load the video ad – luckily enough these ads do not take time for buffering. This instant loading may increase it’s view rate.