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About the blog:

Technotip.org is a blog for bloggers, started on 18th June 2008.


How I started with blogging:
I saw people helping each other for almost nothing in return. I felt it as a healthy environment and soon got attracted to online world.

I was already interested in website designing and had almost 5 to 6 static websites on geocities and blogger. But it was when I read some articles on labnol.org that I got inspired to start professional blogging. But had no idea of what/how to do, until I found DailyBlogTips.com. DBT is a great place to learn ins and outs of blogging and internet marketing, in a simple way.

Finally I started blogging
1. To get connected with like-minded people around the world.
2. To help people by sharing whatever I have learnt all these years.
3. To start a business that involves less investment of money.
4. To get the influence from the blog, when I launch a product or service someday.

(Recently launched a book and I’m very happy that I could help so many people with the knowledge I’m blessed to share in this book.)

About the Author:

This blog is constructed, maintained and modified by me(Satish). Am the only author of this blog and you could occasionally see guest articles too.

I live in a place called Davangere(200km away from Bangalore, India).
Academics – MCA(Master of Computer Applications)

I constantly learn things. Am a web developer, blogger and an entrepreneur.

Looking forward to take this blog to greater heights, with your support.

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I wish you all a MASSIVE success..

With Best Regards,