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Few years back I had interviewed Infolinks on this blog and it has maintained its reputation and has grown even strong in the past couple of years – Lets explore how in this blog post.

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Big advantage over Google Adsense – angular.js
We all agree that Google Adsense is the best ad network and is #1 in providing the best revenue share to its publishers and works best for most advertisers. But the biggest drawback and shame for Google is, Google Adsense doesn’t work on sites which are developed from Google’s own angular. Yes, I know we can write directives and make Adsense ads work on these sites, but read adsense policy carefully, it violets Adsense terms to make it work on ajax sites.

With Infolinks, there is no hacks, there is no directives – simply copy the javascript snippt into index file and you’re done. You can control the type of ad to show on your pages via Infolinks dashboard. Simple.


Note: We’ve a good competitor for Google Adsense, which I’ll mention in my upcoming post. Stay tuned. – You’ll love it. I’m serious.

Infolinks is the best adnetwork for websites built with Google’s angular.js

Infolinks Products / ad types

Simply turn ON and OFF the services(products) like – intext, infold, intag, inframe, inscreen, inarticle(beta) from inside your infolinks dashboard and it’ll reflect on your site(s).

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

intext: InText highlights keywords and every time a visitor hovers over them, a related ad appears.

infold: InFold displays ads relevant to what your users are searching for, while infusing another SEO layer to your site.

intag: It displays relevant keywords list at the bottom of the page and shows ads once the mouse is hovered upon the keyword. Looks somewhat similar to Adsense link ads.

inframe: Based on your website’s category, InFrame will display attractive banner ads in the margins of your website’s pages.

inscreen: InScreen, an interstitial ad, is driven both by user intent and website content, resulting in well-timed display ads for your website.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Infolinks and Adsense together?
I get this asked many times, so I want to clarify this in this blog post – yes, you can use Infolinks and adsense together on same blog / site and it does not violate either adsense nor Infolinks policy.

Customer Support
I’ve to tell this – Infolinks has one of the best customer support. You need not be their premium publisher or someone getting set number of earnings or traffic, they still treat you like their best publisher.

MobiSphere.in Top Earner
MobiSphere is a discounts / coupons website which is built using angular. I simply copied Infolinks ads to the index page and the ads started immediately on all my pages. No hacks, no directives.

Strong Adsense Alternative?
Even though Infolinks is a very good adnetwork, it is not an alternative to adsense yet. I can say its a complimentary ad network that you can use along with Google’s Adsense.

Infolinks takes some time to learn about your website content and the traffic segment your blog/website receives. You need to give some time before you can see better ads and revenue for your site via InfoLinks. You can always mail their support team to ask what you can do better to get good revenue.

Pro Tip:
If you’re using intag Infolinks ads, then make sure to turn on the ‘Revenue Booster’, it’ll increase the click-through-rates and hence your revenue.

SignUp for Infolinks.

Ads Turn ON / OFF
The Infolinks off tag

turns off the script. Place it just before the section of text in which you do not want InText ads. You should put the Infolinks on tag
when you want to turn the script on again (when you want ads to appear).

Facebook Acquires WhatsApp for $19 Billion: Facts

$19 Billion for a messaging service? That’s lot expensive, isn’t it? Lets look what Facebook got out of the deal.


WhatsApp Facts
Jan Koum and Brian Acton are the co-founders of the company.
Jan and Brian were previously working at Yahoo.
Brian was Jan’s mentor at Yahoo.
Jan Koum, CEO of Whatsapp is now one of Facebook’s board member and partner with Mark to shape Facebook’s future as well as WhatsApp’s.
Whatsapp has 450 million active users. At least a million install and join Whatsapp each day.
Whatsapp has at least 72% of daily active users – which is a lot when compared to industry standards, which is 10% to 20%.
Whatsapp has only 32 engineers.
Whatsapp was free to download, install and use for 1 year. After that you had to pay $1 for a year.

$19 = $4 + $12 + $3
Whatsapp was acquired for $19 Billion – $4 billion in cash and approximately $12 billion worth of Facebook shares. And additional $3 billion in restricted stock units to be granted to WhatsApp’s founders and employees that will vest over four years subsequent to closing.

Do you think $19 Billion is Justifiable ?
I don’t think Whatsapp can be evaluated to $19 Billion in any ways. But Whatsapp sure helps in Facebook’s mission to make the web open and to connect as many people as possible. Whatsapp has the potential to connect Billions of people. In few years whatsapp can have 3 to 4 Billion active users – according to it’s growth rate. Throwing ads on 3 – 4 Billion people would be foolish, so they might come up with some innovative monetization strategies too. I only wish they don’t sell user data 😛 – Till now Whatsapp had no idea about users age, gender etc, except the mobile number. But now if you use same mobile number even on Facebook, imagine what all they can know about you 😉 I wish whatsapp, Facebook and all their users(including me) all the best for the future!

Facebook has said to continue to maintain Whatsapps principles: No Ads! No Games! No Gimmicks!

Funny thing is, Brian was looking for a job 4 years back:




Now he must be thanking all the people who said NO to him. Without them, this glorious day might not have come 😛

“It’s a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the BEST, you very often get it.” – William Somerset Maugham

Interview with InfoLinks — InText Advertising Service

Infolinks, Inc. established in 2007, is a leading provider of In-Text Advertising services, working with online content publishers worldwide.
Infolinks enables website owners and publishers to benefit from In-Text advertising directly while earning the highest revenue share.

Infolinks, Inc. established in 2007, is a leading provider of In-Text Advertising services, working with online content publishers worldwide.

Infolinks mission and vision as mentioned on their website:

Infolinks enables website owners and publishers to benefit from In-Text advertising directly while earning the highest revenue share.

Infolinks will integrate In-Text advertisements into a growing number of websites, bridging the gap between online publishers and advertisers and bringing premium, relevant content to Internet visitors worldwide.

There is a long going debate in the internet about the usage of InText advertising. Today we have the industries leading Company in our interview and it has provided very good results to many publishers who we know personally. So here is the interview..if you have any questions regarding InfoLinks, you can ask in the comment section.

Interview with Infolinks

1. Please introduce yourself and about InfoLinks to our readers.

A: Infolinks presents the next generation of In-Text Advertising. In-Text advertising inserts text link advertisements within the content of your website, usually in the form of double-underline hyperlinks. Upon a hover of the mouse, a floating informational bubble opens with content from an advertiser. If clicked, the visitor is directed to the advertiser’s landing page and you earn advertising revenue; otherwise, when the mouse is moved away from the hyperlink, the bubble disappears. Each time your website visitors click on an Infolinks In-Text ad, you get paid!

2. How are you different from your competitors? And what do you do to standout of the crowd?

A: Infolinks leads the industry with the most relevant in-text advertising links, record high conversion rates, and the highest revenues. We are so confident that Infolinks will generate high revenues, that we actually guarantee the industry’s highest revenue share in your contract.
In addition, we welcome all legitimate websites – big and small – to experience the next generation of In-Text advertising. Unlike other in-text providers, joining Infolinks involves no sign up fees, hidden commitments or qualification minimums.
Finally, rather than paying only for clicks that are based in a limited number of countries, Infolinks will monetize all of your website’s traffic, including international.

3. Is InfoLinks affected by the “First mover advantage theory”. As I see that there were some other In-Text advertising networks already existing before InfoLink?

A: The “first mover advantage theory” has been disproved many times in several different IT fields . Since Infolinks joined the In-Text advertising market, we have proven again and again that our In-Text ads are superior and yield higher revenues than our competitors. If you look it up on any major search engine you will find that there are many articles and testimonials to support it. Infolinks provides the next generation of In-Text ads – our vast community of publishers and advertisers that is expanding everyday is the ultimate proof for that.

4. Did you ever got any complaint about “principles of web usability” due to Intext advertising? How do you defend it?

A: In-Text ads will enhance your published content with user triggered, less intrusive advertising that won’t distract from your site’s content. Every day, new publishers are discovering the benefits of generating an additional stream of revenues without taking up any real estate on their website. In fact, our in-text ads contribute to the experience of the viewer by linking the content to ads related to the text they are reading.

5. “I want to show InfoLinks ads only to my search engine traffic and not to my regular visitors”. How can I do this ?

A: Yes, of course you can, the Infolinks 1-minute integration is very easy, and then you can present it to search engine traffic only, just as you would do so to any other type of content.

6. What measures do you take to make the ads relevant to the content?

A: The Infolinks proprietary algorithm scans your pages and highlights words that will generate the highest possible revenues for you. The algorithm gives priority to words with ads that are related to your site’s category. You can set a general category for your account or even define specific categories for every page. If the algorithm can find valuable words in the text that are related to the category you chose – these words will be highlighted as In-text ads.

7. You claim to be the Industry’s best revenue sharing company. How much percentage do you actually share with your publishers? Do you pay for clicks from all around the world or are you targeting and paying for only specific country traffic clicks?

A: Infolinks leads the industry with the highest revenue share in the market. We are so confident that Infolinks will generate high revenues, that we actually guarantee the industry’s highest revenue share in your contract. The exact revenue share is set according to the sites characteristics and traffic data. Infolinks monetizes all of your traffic – Rather than paying only for clicks that are based in a limited number of countries, Infolinks will monetize all of your website’s traffic, including international.

9. We are very much curious about all the guys behind InfoLinks.com, and we want to have a look at your office. If you have any video and photographs(of your employees and office) then please share it with our readers.


10. How do you define success?

We aim to build a long and lasting successful partnership with each and every one of our publishers; A partnership that is based on trust and mutual benefits from In-text ads.
Our success is providing our publishers with high revenues along side with a great service, turning their success into our success.

11. What are the mistakes you see your publishers and advertisers are making, in using InfoLinks service properly?

A: The best advice we can give to our publishers is to take advantage of their customization options. Publishers can maximize their revenues by customizing Infolinks especially for their websites. Inside the publisher center, each publisher can control the look and feel of the links, including colors, number of links per page, and form of underlining.
Publishers should also be sure to integrate Infolinks onto the most content rich pages of their websites. The more text a page contains, the more opportunities there are for linking text to revenue.

12. Your advice for all those who are not yet using InfoLinks on their blog and are looking for a good Intext adnetwork.

A: We welcome any legitimate website with textual content to monetize text with Infolinks In-Text ads. With have no sign up fees or hidden commitments, come take advantage of the industry’s highest revenues for in-text ads. Just fill out our short online application and complete an effortless integration process to start linking your text to revenues now!

13. Please tell something, that you would like all your advertisers/publishers/ and others to know about InfoLinks.com

A: Infolinks is the highest paying in-text provider and can be a good source of revenues to every website. If you have a blog or website, it takes 1 minute and no commitments to start getting paid – so why not give it a try?

If you want to use InText advertising on your website, then why to use something then the industries leading InText advertisement provider. No minimum requirement needed. It just requires your website to be legitimate. You can fill the application to start using InfoLinks. Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

Adsense for Domain Now Available to all Publishers

Adsense for Domain is now Available to almost all Adsense Publishers..if not, then they are busy rolling it to you.

What is AdSense for domains?
AdSense for domains allows publishers with undeveloped domains to help users by providing relevant information including ads, links and search results rather than see empty pages or “page not found” errors.

If you have undeveloped domains, then AdSense for domains can help you make some income. To get started, visit your adsense account and click on “AdSense Setup” and then on “AdSense for Domains”, and follow the instruction.

Previously AdSense for domains was only available for people with huge portfolios(large number of domains, with high traffic). With the opening of adsense for domain to all adsense publishers, even if you have 1 or 2 domains laying around you will now be able to monetize it with adsense.

Never think that you can make a living out of monetizing your undeveloped domains, even if you are having hundreds of domains to monetize. Its good enough if it earns you some good income so that you pay the yearly domain registration charges.
But if you have a already popular domain with TLD (extension) .org or .net etc and if you park the same domain with .com extension, then chances are there that many of your visitors may landup at the .com domain by mistake and you may start seeing more earnings from the parked domain.
For example:
When Darren Rowse started blogging at problogger.net and established a great readership and a huge traffic to his blog, problogger.com had no content(it was an undeveloped domain), yet it ranked very high in Alexa and was receiving a lot of traffic. In such a case if the .com domain is monetized with adsense for domain, then it will yield more income! –> Just an example to clarify. Darren bought problogger.com domain and redirected it to problogger.net later.

Nevertheless, adsense for domains is by far the best way to monetize your undeveloped domains. We have tested with other ad network and they perform very poor and the ads delivered are also not contextual..now wondering how can adsense for domain deliver contextual ads when there is no content on the blog!
Google probably takes into consideration the name of the domain. If your domain is mp3zone.com then the ads served are mostly related to mp3. And if a user comes from search engine then the content matches to the search term.

For a detailed step by step procedure to setup your adsense for domain follow the link to support page.

To check whether AdSense for domains has been enabled for your account, log in and visit your AdSense Setup tab

Know This Before Using Google Custom Search Engine

There are many advantages of adding Google Custom Search Engine to your wordpress blog.
Some are listed below..
1. People are used to search in Google.com and they will not find it difficult to do the same in your blog.
2. You can monetize the search results using Google Ads. [Optional]
3. Ability to give options for users, to search only our blog or the entire web.
4. We can know exactly what people are searching in our blog using the search engine.
5. Looks more professional. SERP can be hosted on our own site or Google.
6. Easy to integrate and use.
7. More features. We can include Refinements/Labels at the top of the result page.
8. Highly Customizable. We can customize the look and feel of the result page. We can put our logo instead of Google logo and link it back to our main site/blog. Font colour and the placement of ads can be controlled by ourselves.
9. We can control the type of ads appearing on our search result page, by including Search engine keywords, Site description etc. The ads will match to the keyword of search as well as to the keywords that we have included. We can even block competitors advertisements.
10. Can include the results from multiple sites/blogs.

We have seen many bloggers using CSE(Custom Search Engine) and their SERP(Search Engine Result Page) is violating the Adsense policy, by showing additional ads on the SERP.
Here is what Google has to say about it..

Can I show ads on AdSense for search results pages in my own site?

We ask that you don’t place any additional ads on pages with framed search results. However, you’re welcome to place an AdSense for search box on the page so your users can continue to search if they haven’t found what they’re looking for.


Now without wasting much of time, Create a CSE and put it on to your blog, if you haven’t done yet.
There are two ways to do this.
1. Login to your adsense account and goto “AdSense Setup” tab and click on “AdSense for Search”. Further instruction are self explanatory.
2. Goto Google Custom Search Engine and click on “Create a Custom Search Engine”.

The advantage of using the 2nd option is, we get “Advance setup features” and more customization options. So we recommend using CSE.

To connect your Custom Search Engine account with Google AdSense, visit the Make money tab in your search engine’s control panel.

Fill in the form with the email address that you use with your AdSense account, your zip code, and the last 5 digits of your phone number. Google will use this information to connect your Custom Search Engine account to your AdSense account and you can start making money immediately.

Now you make money by monetizing the search result page and your readers will be comfortable searching what they are looking for. So its a win-win situation 🙂