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We keep updating this page, as and when we have any video post on our blog. The videos are served from 3rd party, so watch the above videos at your own risk. Our purpose is to provoid refreshment and entertainment to our visitors through these videos.

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Interactive AdSense Ad — Take a look at this short video

Get FREE download links of 10 videos of Yaro Starak– Hurry!

AdSense Video Unit goes Live in INDIA

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We keep updating this page, as and when we have any video post on our blog. The videos are served from 3rd party, so watch the above videos at your own risk. Our purpose is to provoid refreshment and entertainment to our visitors through these videos. So quite watching, if some inappropriate videos start playing. And make use of the scrollers, to change the video thumb nails. And click on the video to play.

AdSense Video Unit goes Live in INDIA

AdSense Video units are now live in India.


Enhance your site with high quality, relevant video content from select YouTube partners, and earn extra revenue along the way.

Relevant, Premium Content

Deliver high quality video content to your site. Choose categories, individual YouTube partners, or have Google target your site’s content.

Targeted, Non-Intrusive Ads

Earn revenue from relevant, user-friendly ads targeted to your site and to the videos being played.

Enhanced User Experience

Attract and retain users with highly relevant, frequently refreshed video from popular content providers.

Customizable Players

Customize the color theme and layout of the player to best fit your site.

Now you may have a question in your mind. How will Google share the revenue?

The answer is, the revenue will be shared between the Content owner(who has uploaded the video–the owner of the video), the publisher and Google.

Here is an example of Google AdSense Video Unit…

The maximum number of each type of Ad unit that AdSense
program policies allow:
1. you can display:ONE video unit (currently only available in specific countries and
2. TWO…- AdSense for search boxes
3. THREE…- standard AdSense for content ad units,
4. THREE link units.
You can place all of these on one page. But keep user experience in mind.
Hope Indian’s will surly make use of this opportunity appropriately and earn maximum, by showing their creativity in creating video content. Lets see in the coming days, what will this revolution mean to Indian publishers.

Interactive AdSense Ad — Take a look at this short video

Recently we spotted many types of special AdSense Ads.

Without taking much of your time, here is a quick link to all those old posts

1.New AdSense Ad format — Widget Ads

2. AdSense Ad feature — Google Checkout symbol

3. AdSense image ads spotted on Orkut

And we were ready with some more screen shots of AdSense Ads with different fonts. But before that, we spotted yet another interactive AdSense Ad on our blog. This is not any new ad format. This is the common Advertisement made of Flash, but more interactive and looks more interesting. Take a look at the small video below.

You can also download above video, to see it clearly.
The Advertisement is of 300 x 250 dimension and is static until we rollover our mouse pointer over the Ad. And if we keep the mouse pointer over the ad for more than 5 seconds the final Ad with the link to its website comes. Here is a screen shot of the final Ad..


These Ads open in new window when someone clicks on it. And there will be no Ads by Google label on it.This type of ads will surly get more value to advertisers, as the ad shows many details before someone clicks on the ad. And after getting the needed, basic information from the animated ad, the user clicks on it only, if he is interested in knowing more about it.

AdSense image ads spotted on Orkut

Orkut shows AdSense Ads in certain selective pages. Actually, its in very rare cases, we can see Ads in Orkut.
And all these days we had seen only text ads that were blent so nicely to the Orkut theme. And all the ads open in new window when some one clicks on it.

Today morning, as I was checking my Orkut account, I spotted an image ad in my Orkut homepage.

Here is the screen shot…


Recently, we had spoted New AdSense Ad format — Widget Ads in our blog. And we had also written an article about AdSense Ad feature — Google Checkout symbol.

And we are also ready with some more screen shots of AdSense Ads shown on our blog, with many different fonts. So please stay tuned, we shall be publishing it shortly.

New AdSense Ad format — Widget Ads

Yesterday I had written about a small feature available in AdSense Ads, that is, having a Google Checkout symbol in the Ad. And today as I published “Google Guide for Bloggers” article, I could see some widgets like ads in my AdSense Ad units. And when I placed my mouse pointer over the link of the Ad, I got the following URL in my status bar..


Here are some screen shots of the Ad…


When we take our mouse over the arrow mark, a message “Next item” comes. This can be seen in below screen shots.




Above are the screen shots showing all the 6 Ads present in that single Ad Unit.
Loading time of this page is more, as I have put .png files without optimizing it. I wanted to keep up the quality of those image.

These ads are similar to those of ebay ads. But the scrolling of ads brings more interactiveness for the Advertisements. And these ads look more clean and interesting and more importantly, they load faster, unlike ebay, widgetbucks, amazon etc ads.
I had heard of Google testing this Ad format, but had not seen it live before. It was nice to see this kind of new ad format on my own blog today. Anyway, I wish Best-of-luck to Google, with its testing.

AdSense Ad feature — Google Checkout symbol

Google AdSense is improving all the time. And you might have observed some of the improvements recently. Today I just wanted to show some screen shots of the ads which shows that, the advertisers website has the option of payment as Google Checkout, even before we click on the Advertisement. Below are the self explanatory screen shots…


Observe the symbol inside the circled area. This actually indicated that, the the site accepts Google Checkout. This helps the user to know the option of payment before he clicks on the link(Advertisement).

Google Checkout is a Google service used to buy and sell things. It is a secure place for all type of transactions. We can connect our Credit card to our Google Checkout account and carry on the business transaction more securely.

Now, when we rollover our mouse pointer over the circled area, we get the following message “This site accepts Google Checkout”. Below is a screen shot…


You may say, this as a small feature. But I think all such small features will really help Google to get more Advertisers.

Google Goodies and Goodness

On Thurs, Mar 20 2008 I had got an email from Inside-AdSense group.Pretty old story right? Still just wanted to share some of the things with you guys.
The email said that- they would send 1 or 2 oz of sticker goodness to all adsense publishers from their office in California via standard U.S. mail.

The email also said that- “The stickers are designed for laptops, but they’ll work just as well for placement on mugs, skateboards, or temporarily on a shirt. (Note: turning a pal into a walking Google ad without their knowledge is not recommended.)”

Google-Adsense-StickersI was excited(who wouldn’t be), because we were to get something original, something from Google which we can touch and feel(not just the html/java code badge to place it in our website/blog).
So I went on reading further… said that we need to send them a self-addressed, stamped envelope with enough postage.ok now thats not a great deal.I just spent less then an hour and 0.25$ to send it to them.Not a big amount, atleast for those who are adsense publishers.

And the email also said that – “Send your envelope, along with
a note if you’d like”.Now it wouldn’t cost anything extra to send the note.It would still cost me only 0.25$ to send the post.So why not give it a try?
I desided and wrote these notes to Google:-

Thanks Google for provoiding such an opportunity to earn by doing what we love.
Here are some of my suggestions:-

1.Allow adsense publishers to transfer the money they have earned to their adword account.This will help those with no credit cards to have adword account, hence there will be drastic increase in number of adword customers.

2.Allow adsense publishers to transfer the money to the Google Checkout account(Another service of Google that provoids service similar to paypal ).

3.And integrate a shopping mall into our account from where we can buy things using our adsense earnings.This lets Google to start a Shopping mall service with millions and millions of ready made customers.

4.And also create a service using which adsense publishers can invest the money earned from adsense to Google or some other Shares.Here Google will invest our money, and we will not invest it directly, so there will be no problem.
But at that time I didn’t know that Investing for other country share will be an hinderence to our countries economy growth.So please invest in your country itself.Ofcourse there will be many foreign companies shares in each country.But they will pay the tax to your country.

5.Also send one Adsense sticker to each adsense publisher while sending his first check, to keep him cheered.

6.And please invite me to use these services, if you implement it as a Beta service in the future!

Now I can remember only 6 points which I sent them…..
After sending it to google I was waiting with excitement…and the post with those stickers came to my door steps on April 09 2008.Guess what…I had 5 Google Adsense stickers and a Google business card and a note stapled on the postcover(leave it, it was to inform the post office people that the post already had Indian stamps on it, which I had sent to Google.).


On the business card it was written – ” Hi Satish, Thanks for your note and your ideas! .I will pass themon to our product teams here.Enjoy your stickers 🙂 –Arlene”.

If you have not know about these and still want to get those stickers, then you can just try your luck.Here is the link to official announcement about Google Adsense stickers.

Now we should really thank Google, because they sent Stickers to everyone who requested it.They did’nt send it to selected publishers(Joke!).

I had thought to conduct a seminar about adsense.In my place people (Dads and mom) have never heard anything like adsense.When teenagers ask — Dad, I want to earn from home, through adsense using my internet.

Dad: Shut up! and read for the exams.

When such is the situation, I just used these stickers in a good way.I had put them on walls, in the lift, near entrance door etc.By now people have read the name Google Adsense.Now it would be nice to start a seminar about it.

After my seminar, almost all elder people at my place know about Adsense.It has went from mouth to  mouth and now almost all people know it.I made proper use of those stickers.

Another important and inspiring thing to note is, Google printed all those Adsense stickers and business card using recycled papers.Google is also involved in donating huge money whenever there is a need Ex:- cyclone relief efforts in Myanmar (Burma) and in China.

Google does lot of good things along with its business, but still there are many people who just say that Google is a evil.And they try to pinch the money from Google whenever possible, by some law suits.And there are many people climing that they have broke the security of Google adsense.I would like to tell one thing, “Breaking things isn’t a great thing.Constructing is a great thing.Let those people build another service like adsense(which is bread and butter for many people arround the world), and let them build the reputation that Google has earned in this short term.”

So lets support Google by using all their good services..My Cheers to Google.

Do you also think the same way about Google or do you have a separate story to tell? please share it in the comment section.