Earnings Not Shown For Your Hosted AdSense for Content?

It was April 01 and Google announced that YouTube was just a contest and is closing down and will stop taking entries further!

Well, we all knew it was a April Fool Prank 🙂 and then, Hosted AdSense for Content’s earnings stopped showing inside Adsense account, making people think YouTube shutdown might be a real thing.

To clear everything: YouTube shutdown was just a April Fool Prank.

Hosted AdSense for Content
You’re able to see the impressions, clicks but no earnings. Why?
That is because, all these stats and your earning details along with many more stats are now available inside YouTube Analytics.


If you still want to look at the earnings from inside your adsense account:
Goto Performance Reports tab.
In the left side sidebar, click on the Products link.
Now click on Hosted AdSense for Content.
Look at the top right corner, change the date and fetch the Hosted AdSense for Content stats and earning details.

YouTube Analytics
For details like, video impressions, time of video being watched, drop rate, earnings, subscription, unsubscription rates etc, look at YouTube Analytics.

Earnings information in AdSense reports
You can find finalized earnings within your AdSense account. A link with specific earnings details will be posted to your Payment History page if your account has reached your payment threshold.

To see your YouTube payments:
Sign in to your AdSense account.
Select Payments on the left sidebar.
Look for “Earnings – YouTube” in each month to see your YouTube earnings for that month. This will include YouTube AdSense earnings (formerly listed as “AdSense for Content host”).
Other reports in AdSense, such as the performance reports, will not include your YouTube earnings. To view your detailed YouTube financial performance, including daily estimated earnings, please visit YouTube Analytics.