All About ‘Matched Content Unit’: Google Adsense

In 2015, Google launched Matched Content Unit to help increase user engagement and time spent on the site by promoting relevant content present within the site. According to Googles own research based on the real-time data this matched content unit increased number of pages viewed by 9% and the time spent on site by 10%.

1. You can’t cross promote your articles/contents from 2 different sites. Matched content recommendations that are generated for each site will be internal to that site.
2. Matched Content units generate recommendations from pages that have Google ads or Matched content units on them.

Matched content units work on mobile, tablet, and desktop and are mostly responsive(the images and text within the unit content) in nature. If your articles do not contain images then text only format will be displayed.

Eligibility for Matched content unit

Eligibility What it means
Not currently eligible to use Matched content Your site doesn’t yet meet minimum requirements for traffic volume and number of unique pages.
Eligible to use Matched content Your site meets minimum requirements for traffic volume and number of unique pages.
Eligible to use Matched content and show ads in between recommendations Your site meets minimum requirements for traffic volume and number of unique pages, and it can be well monetized.

It has 2 criteria, minimum requirements for traffic volume and number of unique pages. The exact number for traffic is not known but we believe a site with as low as 400-500 unique visits per day is eligible provided it has enough unique pages – because these matched content units must show relevant related content without which it is of not much use to the visitors.

Check eligibility


Log into your adsense account. Go to Settings -> My Sites -> Matched Content.

Here it shows the domains which work well with Matched Content. You can create a Matched Content unit in My Ads section and use this list to see which domains will show good recommendations from pages on that domain.

Add Matched Content To Your Site
Go to MyAds, click on New ad unit button.


Select ‘Matched Content‘. To your right hand site you get options to customize the look and feel of your matched content unit. Here you can also opt-in or opt-out of ‘Monetize with Ads’, under Ad options settings.

Next you can also set its font family, title and background color. You can also set the width and height of the matched content unit or else select responsive unit. Save & Get Code. Paste the code inside your website / blog wherever you want this ‘Matched Content Unit’ to appear.


Responsive Matched Content Unit
Matched content units are optimized based on the container size. You can use the preview tool available inside your adsense account to see how the unit changes across different sizes.

Tips on Matched Content Unit Placement

At the end of article matched content

For best results, place your matched content unit directly below your article or in the sidebar.

Earn with Matched Content Unit
You can also show ads, so you earn money while promoting your content. Simply opt-in to show ads and Google will start showing relevant ads to your users whenever it’s appropriate.

We’re already seeing 3 ads along with our own content recommended in Matched Content Unit on one of our blog.

Matched Content Unit on
We got approved for using Matched Content Unit on one of our sites You can check the unit below each article. We’ll update this post after going through the performance report of this Matched Content Unit on our blog.

Let us know if you need to know anything about these units ..I’ll be happy to assist you with whatever I know.

Promote Your Business/Blog/Service on Orkut: FREE!

After status update, suggested friends, chat, SMS, widgets etc features, here comes one more important and most awaited feature orkut ‘promote’: a free tool to help you spread the news to all your orkut friends…and beyond!

Now marketers, bloggers can invest their time in tweaking the ad copy to impress Orkut users, to drive traffic, leads and sales.

When you first create a promotion, only your friends will be able to see it. Once they click on “promote it!”, their friends can see it.. and so on.

To see the number of clicks, views, Promotions, Trashes, goto “promote”, then click on “my promotions” tab.

Source: Orkut Blog

Ad format support:
For content creation, it supports Text, Image or YouTube Video. Text also supports the regular scrap markup, and is limited to 200 characters.
Only images that you have uploaded to Orkut and which is set to public viewing can be used. You can stop or delete a promotion that you’ve created at any time.

How to make your promotional content VIRAL ?
It is obvious that, the content that you are showcasing must be interesting. Along with that, you have to have friends who you actually know. If you just add every friend request and have no idea of who it is, then you most probably will not receive vote for your content(ad).

On the other hand, if you have 1000 active, and known friends your content will go VIRAL very soon.

1. If you are a blogger, you can find 1000 blog readers in Orkut and send them friend request.
After they have accepted the friend request, you can use your blog logo and good ad copy to promote your blog/product/service/business.
2. Publish your “Orkut Promotion ads” on your blog, so that your readers are familiar with the ad copy, and can vote for you when they see it in Orkut.
3. Remember, there are more Indian and Brazilian citizens using Orkut, so language also counts. It depends on who you are targeting and more importantly who your friends are.


New things to be expected from Orkut:
1. Algorithm to track people who are trying to game the system.
2. Ability to create a Vanity URL for our profile.
3. Indexable by search engines(except the data which is set private)

Down side:
Also expect
1. More spammers.
2. More scammers, telling that they will make your ad to be shown to millions of Orkut users.
3. More and more people wasting their time trying to game the system.

Do not ignore the potential of promoting your business on Orkut. For more details of Orkut users, you can have a look at their advertise page.

If you are presently seeing adsense ads, then remember, Orkut Promote is used by both advertisers and orkut users. You can advertise on Orkut using AdWord also(which costs money).

Do you already have a strategy to make your content(ad) go viral on Orkut?

AdSense for Mobile Content — for New high-end devices!

According to Google AdSense program policies publishers are allowed to place only one ad unit on any mobile webpage.

Google added a new feature, according to which, you can choose to show adsense ads only to high-end devices(like iPhone)or to “All phones”.

According to Google AdSense program policies publishers are allowed to place only one ad unit on any mobile webpage.
Google added a new feature, according to which, you can choose to show adsense ads only to high-end devices(like iPhone)or to “All phones”.
By default ads are set to show only on iPhone and other high-end devices. If you like to show ads for all devices, then you have to choose “All phones” option from the drop down menu.
As always, we can show: “Text Only Ads”, “Image Only Ads”, or “Text and Image Ads(default)”.

Supported Ad formates(size):
320 x 50 Leaderboard
250 x 250 Square
200 x 200 Small Square
300 x 250 Medium Rectangle

We are waiting for more info on this, from the official website. And we guess that, all the mobile webpages, which have adsense ads will automatically be set to show ads only to high-end devices. If you want to make sure, to show ads on all the phones, then goto your adsense account and use the new code. Guest Post Guidelines

After a year of blogging, I feel that it would be great idea to allow guest blogging on this blog. To learn from you guys. I have learnt a lot with the comment section, now its time to give you the main platform to share your knowledge. And to have a lot more conversation and build a great community around, helping each other.
We know the frustration of getting a first link to a new blog. To show others that you exist. And it’s a great boost for search engine ranking, if you can get a link from a trusted website.

Guest articles will mostly be published on Wednesday and Thursday. All other days(most of the days) we will be writing on this blog, as always.

Guest blogging is a great tool to show your presence, skills and to kick start your online business or to boost your already existing one.


What kind of content do we accept?
Write things that provide value. Solve some problems.
1. How-to articles.
2. WordPress and designing.
3. Strategies.
4. Web2.0
5. System related.
6. Mobile tips and tricks.
7. Social Media.
8. Own blogging experiences.
9. List posts
10. Tutorials etc.

Must follow, strict policy:
The article must be original. It must not be published anywhere else….online or offline(news paper, magazine etc). You will be held responsible for any dispute that may rise later.

What type of content is a No NO?
1. Hate stuffs – Abusing some company or product.
2. Product reviews.
3. Article with irrelevant links!
A link with in the article must support the article that is published on the blog and should not be another post that you are referring to readers to go and read.

Some personal guidelines:
Guest blogging is an opportunity to show your authority over a topic to a wider audience or new audience. So you need to make it as professional as possible, and not to include as many links as possible to drive the traffic. Its about spreading your brand recognition, showing your ability and willingness to be one among the community. Before submitting a guest article, make sure you do proper research about the topic, so that you can satisfy the readers and their comments.
Don’t view guest blogging as purely an opportunity for you to get new readers and promote yourself. Try to add value to the blog where you are writing the guest post. Take the opportunity to build the authority. People reading the article will surly visit you and be your loyal readers if they like the content and find that you are genuine, then they are more likely to stay with you, following your blog. Create good impression, leave with a positive impact.

For more info or for any further clarification, contact us.

Note: A small bio will be added at the end of the article with a link to your blog and a link to your Twitter profile (optional).

About Related Articles plugin

We have been using Related Entries plugin from the day we started blogging. And we had observed that many people use to click on the related entries articles more, as they were interested in reading more of the stuffs that they were previously interested in(obviously, right?).
We had seen many bloggers using and recommending this plugin(If you are not using any Related Entries plugin, then we highly recommend it). But to our disappointment some irrelevant articles from our blog started to appear on the Related article section. And when we use to see the preview of our article in wordpress, we could see no related articles.

But from the day we had 85+ articles on our blog, this plugin started working like a charm. Now the related articles are matching more accurately and related articles are shown even when we see the preview of our article.
Related Entries(or any such plugins) plugin should get more articles to match, so that it can match more accurate articles and present it. We know that, this is a common sense, but still we see many people talking about the efficiency of such(related entry) plugin’s without having atleast 20 articles on their blog. So we just thought that, this article would be a good thing to flush the commonsense and to re-direct the beginner bloggers to concentrate more on the content development.

There are someplugins which are more advanced and has more things(related to article match) under our control. But these plugin’s are little bit difficult to configure. For people who want simple and yet powerful plugin, use Related Entries plugin.