WebSite Building Service

Yes I call it WebSite building because many people who are new to this will not be knowing more about CMS(Content Management System), and hence they may not understand if I say – WordPress Installation.

First thing first – What is WordPress ?
It’s an open source software originally designed for blogging but is so powerful and popular that it is being used by many business websites. It uses mySQL database as the back end and PHP.
This is the best Content Management System available, so I highly recommend WordPress for your blogging, business website, college website or anyother kind of site.

Using WordPress, you can log into admin area and control your website. For publishing articles, you can make use of the visual or HTML editor – just type in the article and hit publish, and the article will be live on your blog/website.

Here is a screenshot of the editor


Hosting and Domain
We recommend you to purchase hosting and domain from Doreo host, but if you feel Doreo host as costly for your early days of online life, then you can choose Yahoo Small Business hosting.

Anyway, you are free to use any hosting and domain registrar, we will be happy to install WordPress and provide all the other services as mentioned in the below package.

Please Note
Before contacting make sure below package is what you are looking for. If you think it does not fit your requirement, then please do not try this package. And if you want to clarify something, you can always write to me from contact page.

Service Package
1. WordPress Installation.
2. Helping in theme(design) selection.
3. Minor customization of the theme.
4. Installing plugins.
5. SEO optimize the theme for better visibility in the search engines.
6. Submitting your website to major search engines.
7. Making sure your website is crawled by search engine.
8. Setting up Google Analytics and other stats plugin’s to track and analyze your website visitors.
9. Setting up of Feed Subscription and email notification – so that your subscribers can get automatically notified when there is a new article on your blog.
10. Setting up Google language translation, so that your non-english readers can translate your article and read.
11. Installing social sharing icons.
12. Integration of Twitter – to show your latest tweets on your blog and the number of followers badge.
13. Helping with widget.
14. Setting up FTP(File Transfer Protocol – to transfer files to your server) and tips about security.
15. Adsense placements for better usability and maximum earning.
16. Free traffic upto 1000 unique visits(not recurring) – Social Media Exposure – Stumbles, Tweets, FaceBook posting.
17. Techniques to get linkbacks.
18. Will provide discount coupons for various things
like – hosting, domain registration, theme purchasing etc.

19. Free Consultation: Some basic lessons about blogging like – html tags and its uses, handling images, server load, user experience, usability, monetization.
20. Exclusive support for 60 days!, from the date of purchase of service.

All these for $100 only. This is just a introductory price and may raise at any time.

Payment option

Note: Payment should be made upfront, because often times we forget to invoice the bill to our clients. So its a must to pay when you order for the service.

To purchase the package, write to us with the subject line – “WordPress Service Package”.

Update: We are already getting too many requests, so the price may go up shortly.