YouTube: New HTML5 Video Player for Desktop

YouTube is testing a new HTML5 based video player for its browser based desktop application. Some of the changes looks like being inspired by its own mobile app.

In the new video player, the controller disappears once you take the focus out of the player or once you take out the mouse pointer out of the video player.

Old YouTube Video Player

New YouTube Video Player

In the new video player the toggle buttons, autoplay and the annotations are brighter and well designed.

How to preview YouTube’s new html5 video player?
Download, Install and open Google Chrome Browser.
Install editthiscookie browser extention/adon.
After editthiscookie is installed, refresh the browser. And you’ll see a cookie icon on the browser – to the right hand top corner. Click on it.
Now goto, VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE and change the value to Q06SngRDTGA.
Click on the green check mark to apply the changes.
Now refresh the browser and congrats, you can now make use of YouTubes new HTML5 based video player 🙂

Update: Some people asked me how it’s done in Firefox
If you are on Windows, open Firefox -> press F12 or open developer console
type the following without quotes “cookie set VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE Q06SngRDTGA” and hit Enter.

Official launch of Google Content Central Blog

We do every possible thing we can do, in order to get noticed in the online world. Webmasters keep digging deep into the SEO and keep researching for new things to standout.
In order to ensure your online work to be indexed, you need to submit your contents to search engines. Today Google(The Search Gaint), has comeup with an updated Submit Your Content site with more information about distributing your content through Google products such as Web Search, Maps, YouTube, and iGoogle. In addition, Google has launched Content Central blog, featuring tips and information from Googlers who work on different products. The goal of both of these resources is to help you grow your site’s visitors by taking advantage of promotion opportunities in new Google mediums.
So whats the better way then following Google in getting indexed!

To know more about Google Content Central Blog, visit GoogleBlog, ContentCentralBlog, AdsenseBlog.

Make sure to subscribe to Content Central Blog, if you own contents online.

Create your New Yahoo! profile

Yahoo! is popular for its email and IM services, so having a Yahoo! profile seems more interesting.

Some of the good features in Yahoo! profile are:
1. We can now invite our friends by importing our contacts from Yahoomail and messenger. This is a cool feature.

2. We can set the status message. — Since twitter has been so popular, this status message feature has also become a must feature in many social networking sites.

3. We can write about me section here too 🙂

4. There is a nice “Guest Book” in everybodies profile – Giving it some more touch, for social networking.

5. Drag and drop the “Guest Book”, “Connections, “Updates”, “About me” boxes in your profile and place it according to your wish.

6. You can share the Updates of “Yahoo! 360”, “Yahoo! Avatars”, “Yahoo! Buzz”, “Yahoo! Shine”, ”
Personal Info” with your contacts in Yahoo profile. You get the option to determine what to share and what not to.

7. People can now find you(search for your profile) and add you as friend. And you can opt to get an email notification when there is some activity in your profile. And you can opt it out too! .You can search for new/old friends by just searching for their Name or email address.

8. You can set the permission for, who can see your updates and who should not see your latest updates.

9. And there is an interesting feature called “Connection Suggestion”, which automatically suggests some of the contacts from our email. These are people you communicate with a lot in Yahoo! Mail, or who you added to Yahoo! Contacts or your Messenger List.

10. For security concern Yahoo! has also given the option to make our profile public or private.

You can add me to your Yahoo! profile contact —!

New ad formate in yahoomail homepage

As we all know, search engine giants have always found new ways to show ads in order to make money.Previously yahoo started showing rollover ads(flash ads which start playing once we rollover our mouse pointer over it).

Today moring as I was checking my emails I came accross this peel ad in my yahoomail homepage.

We know that peel ads are sometimes annoying, as it may automatically come inbetween when trying to click something.But yahoo is smart enough.Their peel ad works only when we click on the click to peel option(as you can see in the below screenshot).

Here is the screen shot….


After we click on the click to peel, we get to see some ad in action, and click on it to see more details(taking us to the advertisers website) or you can just close the ad by clicking Close option(as you can see in below screen shot).


I saw that these ads are not still available in all yahoomail accounts.And I think, as I have my domain registered ( ) at Yahoo, I am getting these new ad formate in my account.Hope Yahoo thinks me as a loyal Yahoo customer(and I am).

Another ad that I have seen is, a 200X200 ad in the leftside sidebar, inside yahoomail.

Take a look at it:-


Hope Yahoo! is working very hard these days, after Microsoft tried to takeover Yahoo.

We have recently seen Yahoo adding two more mail domain Ymail and Rocketmail to its basket, to provoid  email address that you always wanted and was unavailable.

And signing up a deal with Google to show adsense ads or Google Adword ads in Yahoo search result pages.

I think these are all some good sign of improvement to Yahoo.

I wish Yahoo! a great success in all its good efforts.

Have you also seen these peel ads in your yahoomail homepage or anyother new ads other than rollover ads(rolled over to all yahoomail accounts) in your yahoomail.If so, please share it with us in the comment section.