YouTube’s New Feature: InVideo Programming


YouTube has launched InVideo Programming, wherein you could select one of your / or any video and showcase it on ALL your videos. Cool thing is, you can change this any time and it’ll apply to all your videos. Also insert a water mark like image in any corner of all your videos and help boost your branding.

It helps Drive viewership to a specific video and reinforce channel branding using InVideo Programming across all your videos.


With InVideo Program, there are lot of possibilities:
We could promote one particular important video and get more eye balls to it.
We could include a special promo video, entertaining, educating as well as calling the user to take action and subscribe or do something.
We could agree to help in any good cause and all youtubers could include 1 video in all their videos, that would significantly spread the message, than simply changing the DP in social networking sites.

Activate InVideo Program Feature:
You’ll see it under the menu shortly, once it’s publicly available to all (YouTube Partners)

Until then, you can find it hidden inside settings.
So goto Settings: Under the “Channel settings” you’ll find “InVideo Programming”.

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