Withdrawing From FullScreen.net Partnership

Fullscreen.net was founded in January 2011 by George Strompolos. Previously, George helped create and develop YouTube’s Partnership Program.


Fullscreen: Creators
Grow your YouTube audience with our tools and support
Increase earnings with premium ads and sponsorships
Connect & collaborate with our global community

Fullscreen: Brands
Supercharge your YouTube presence
Scale your message across thousands of creators
Optimize your YouTube media buys

There are many form posts and videos talking about shifting monetization of their YouTube videos to FullScreen.net

My advice
If you’re already a YouTube partner, you could better stick with YouTube partnership for monetizing your videos.

Grant Permission: Authentication


FullScreen needs following permissions on your Google account.

Fullscreen, Inc. is requesting permission to:
Manage your YouTube account
View and manage your videos and playlists
View and manage your YouTube activity
View basic information about your account
View your name, public profile URL, and photo
View your gender and birthdate
View your country, language, and timezone
View your email address
View the email address associated with your account
View YouTube Analytics reports for your YouTube content
View YouTube Analytics reports for your YouTube channels and videos
Know who you are on Google
Associate you with your public Google profile
Manage your YouTube account
View and manage your videos and playlists
View and manage your YouTube activity
Perform these operations when I’m not using the application

Some people think that it’s impossible to come out of Fullscreen partnership once they’re in!
But there is a way.

Withdrawing procedure:


Log into your Google account.
Goto your account settings @ https://www.google.com/settings/account
Goto the Dashboard @ https://www.google.com/settings/dashboard
Goto “Authorize Account Access” -> Login again
Now revoke access to FullScreen from your Google account.

Does TRUST Play any Role in SEO ?

I don’t know, whether Trust is one of the factors in getting the results up in the Search Engine Results Page, but I certainly know that Trust will help you get more traffic even from Search Engines.

Benefits of building Trust
Building Trust helps in making people to act. The desired action might be:
1. To subscribe to your blog updates.
2. To subscribe to your News Letter.
3. To purchase your ebook or print book.
4. To make a sales (affiliate link or any other kind of sales).
5. To make them share the article link with their friends and family members.
6. To make them link to your article.
7. To make your brand name stick in their minds.
8. Build authority.
9. Show your passion.
10. Get their feedback and to get their opinion on any issues (make them comment on your blog and to learn from your visitors). Etc etc etc..

So with this Trust factor, you can build readership and you all probably know that, it brings in repeat visitors to our blog. Hence, increase in traffic.
But this Trust can boost Search Engine Traffic too. Its been working all these years, but most of us might not have noticed it. Here is how it works with me:
Google ranks websites based on its algorithm and no one outside Google probably know all about the algorithm.
Google is famous for its testing, like A/B split testing, change of background colour of Sponsored ads, change of width of Search result page and search box etc. And usually Google shares many of the test results with its users, in the form of reports.
And it is known to most of us that, the result shown in the first position of the result page gets more attention and click, than that present in 3rd, 4th, 5th and so on positions. And the results in the latter pages get least clicks.

But if you have seen a blog and Trust that blog, then you are more likely to click on it and go to that blog for information, then that ranking much higher.


Looking at the above image, you may be thinking Sony Ericsson is a bigger brand than fonearena. But if you have been reading fonearena for quite sometime, I bet you would click on it for reading the review before making a purchase.

So branding and Trust can increase the Search Engine visits too. You may be thinking it takes a lot of effort to get a small amount of traffic. Yes, it takes a lot of effort to build such Brand and Trust, but once done, you will get a lot of traffic. Its all about Trust, even if you are not a big brand yet, you can build the brand with the trust factor, which will have a long lasting effect on the minds of internet users.

Do you think, its late to join the bandwagon of building Trust? Might be a little late but better late than never 🙂