Withdrawing From FullScreen.net Partnership


Fullscreen.net was founded in January 2011 by George Strompolos. Previously, George helped create and develop YouTube’s Partnership Program.


Fullscreen: Creators
Grow your YouTube audience with our tools and support
Increase earnings with premium ads and sponsorships
Connect & collaborate with our global community

Fullscreen: Brands
Supercharge your YouTube presence
Scale your message across thousands of creators
Optimize your YouTube media buys

There are many form posts and videos talking about shifting monetization of their YouTube videos to FullScreen.net

My advice
If you’re already a YouTube partner, you could better stick with YouTube partnership for monetizing your videos.

Grant Permission: Authentication


FullScreen needs following permissions on your Google account.

Fullscreen, Inc. is requesting permission to:
Manage your YouTube account
View and manage your videos and playlists
View and manage your YouTube activity
View basic information about your account
View your name, public profile URL, and photo
View your gender and birthdate
View your country, language, and timezone
View your email address
View the email address associated with your account
View YouTube Analytics reports for your YouTube content
View YouTube Analytics reports for your YouTube channels and videos
Know who you are on Google
Associate you with your public Google profile
Manage your YouTube account
View and manage your videos and playlists
View and manage your YouTube activity
Perform these operations when I’m not using the application

Some people think that it’s impossible to come out of Fullscreen partnership once they’re in!
But there is a way.

Withdrawing procedure:


Log into your Google account.
Goto your account settings @ https://www.google.com/settings/account
Goto the Dashboard @ https://www.google.com/settings/dashboard
Goto “Authorize Account Access” -> Login again
Now revoke access to FullScreen from your Google account.

Author: Satish

Author of Technotip.com & Technotip.org Personal Blog ThinkWithSatish.com

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  1. Hi… this doesn’t seem to work anymore with the current google… Any idea how to revoke fukcing Fullscreen access at this stage of time? thx

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