How To Double Your YouTube Partnership Earnings: Instantly


If you are a YouTube partner, you might have read a lot of advice articles in those early days of your vlogging(as it is called!) to increase your earnings. Some of them are:
1. Produce and upload videos consistently.
2. Get more subscribers.
3. Treat your YouTube page as landing page.
4. Get more and more traffic.
5. Have your own website.
6. Build your list etc etc..

and yes all these are still true. But how much time will it take to do all these things?

To Increase YouTube Partnership Earnings: just enable Instream ads on all your videos. After this, start with those website building, list building, body building etc!


Steps To Enable Instream Ads:
Step 1: Log into your YouTube account.
Step 2: Click on Videos under My Account.
Step 3: Now click on “Edit Info” under the video for which you want this Instream ads to be enabled.
Step 4: Under “Info and Settings” tab, broadcasting and sharing options -> Click on “Advertising Option”.
Now Enable:
Allow InVideo advertising for this video.
Allow AdSense overlay advertising for this video.
Allow Instream advertising for this video.
Instream Formats:
Enable Standard Instream for ads
Enable TrueView Instream for ads

Step 5: Now follow the same procedure for all the videos, individually.

For lengthy videos we can even enable: Pre-roll ads and Post-roll ads and can specify the time of appearance of these ads on our video. And this is treated as allocating the ad slot on our video time line.


Ad Slot:

Please enter the times at which natural breaks occur in the content of your video. Mid-roll ads will be shown at these times, subject to YouTube policy which limits their frequency. Ads must be spaced by at least 7 minutes, including the pre-roll.
Show pre-roll ads
Natural breaks in mm:ss OR hh:mm:ss (do NOT use mm:ss:ff):
Mid-roll ads will be shown at these breaks:
Show post-roll ads

CPC or CPM ads?
There are lot of confusion among YouTube partners about their earnings. I have seen people asking about the ad type and the match between their YouTube views and the number of impressions and earnings in their adsense account!

But I find it quite simple. The number of views in your YouTube account and the number of impressions in your adsense account need not be same. As most of the text based ads which are shown on your videos are not counted towards impressions. So these numbers usually vary a lot.

Instream ads and pre-roll, post-roll ads are basically CPM ads and you can expect very good returns if you have viral video or valuable videos that people are already watching.

Ads or No Ads
It depends on what kind of stuffs you are sharing. If you are uploading shit load of crap, then ofcourse the viewers will get even more pissed off by these Standard Instream ads, TrueView Instream ads, Pre-roll ads, post-roll ads and whatever. But if you are providing valuable content for free, then your viewers would surely be happy for you, as you earn while they learn from you.

And these ads may not be suitable if you are producing short videos. Imagine how it feels to watch ads for 15 seconds for a video of 30 to 50 seconds. Doesn’t quite look good, right?

Listen too much or too little, you would fail. Do your research, apply your mind:
People who usually say NO ADS are the once who have full ad in their video i.e., they might have a product and the video may be a pitch to it. So these people usually get on to YouTube trying to sell their shit, so they resist other ads and advice others also stay away from those silly looking cheap ads.
Having our own product is nice for income. But I still find ads as a good source of income. And I love the idea of sponsorship, wherein we give everything for free, help people, and these sponsors or advertisers pay us for our hard work, our viewers get value, advertisers get exposure, we get to make some money for our effort: and it helps us keep the service free. Win-Win-Win.

Haven’t seen Instream ads ?
These Instream ads won’t run in all countries all the time. My guess is, it does run most of the times in United States, United Kingdom, Australia etc. But when there are high paying advertisers in any country these Instream ads start showing up(geo-targeting), hence your earnings go up.

For Example, in India, Bollywood is a big industry. When there is big banner movie coming up, they highly invest in YouTube ads and hence we see these Instream ads show up often. We just have to enable this and watch for the increase in revenue $$

Even before I got into YouTube partnership program, I use to really enjoy watching these instream video ads. They are so creative and high definition ads which will surly catch your viewers attention and try to entertain them.

Over To You:
To enable Instream ads or not is left to individual choice. I’m just informing: How you can Double or even Triple Your YouTube Partnership Earnings….instantly, without almost doing anything.

4 thoughts on “How To Double Your YouTube Partnership Earnings: Instantly”

  1. @Harsh Agrawal, Nice to know that it helped. Hope Instream ads bring some more $$ to you.

    Only problem is, we need to enable these ads individually to each video and it takes time if we have a lot of video uploaded.

    Let us know how it’s affecting your revenue, after you make the observations..

  2. hey man i dont have thouse as an option below my videos,i only have True View In Streams Ads and the AdSence one.Im really confused becouse i want to make money from CPM ads but when i enebly the True View it my “Analysis” option tells me “Data is not available for the selected report, content, and date range. If possible, try selecting a broader date range, different content, or come back in 1–2 days after the most recent data has been processed.”

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