Welcome Google Affiliate Network

Bye bye adsense for Referrals and a hearty Welcome Google Affiliate Network.

Google-Affiliate-Network-logoGoogle will be retiring the AdSense Referrals program during the last week of August.And if a user completes the advertiser’s required action (Adsense Refferal program) within 30 days of clicking on your ad, earnings will accrue to your account through the end of September. After that time, you will no longer be able to earn money from referral ads. Your payments won’t be affected; you’ll continue to be paid once you’ve reached the payment threshold.

From August, any remaining referral ads on your site will no longer work, and will appear as blank space on your website. In order to prevent a decrease in your AdSense earnings remove all those referral adsense codes.

At the end of October, you will no longer be able to generate reports for your historical performance for referrals. If you wish to retain performance data, please run the appropriate report on your Advanced Reports page before the end of October. You can download and save a copy of your report by clicking the CSV link above the report.

The worrying part is….we need to again apply separatly for Google Affiliate Network and all adsense publishers/advertiser is not inside Google Affiliate Network.

Google Affiliate Network can help you discover new advertiser referral programs and generate more revenue.

    Google Affiliate Network will be:

  • Easy to use:

    Save time with an intuitive user interface, fast-loading pages, and creative trafficking tools.

  • Tracking and reporting:

    Track conversions and member IDs for loyalty marketing. Schedule and save reports.

  • Automated payments:

    Receive electronic payments, consolidated across advertisers, twice a month. Choose from a variety of commission structures.

  • Support and development:

    Contact experts for technical support or to help you find new revenue opportunities.

  • Publisher recognition:

    Earn AffiliateVIP status and enjoy exclusive marketing opportunities and greater visibility in the network.

  • Network depth and breadth:

    Advertisers can now choose from a wide variety of high-quality publishers based on detailed profiles and metrics.

  • Tracking and reporting:

    Track conversions, evaluate performance, and optimize program with actionable data.

  • Network quality:

    Work only with qualified publishers who are continually screened, reviewed, and advised by a quality team at performics.

  • Performance-based pricing:

    Rest assured that cost-per-action pricing means both advertisers and publishers will have a win-win situation….and Google will always be a winner!

And you would be interested to know that, Google affiliate network is just DoubleClick owned performics.

DoubleClick was acquired by Google recently.

Here is the email I recieved from Google AdSense team this morning:-

Skip this, if you have read it.


Thank you for participating in the AdSense Referrals program.
We’re writing to let you know that we will be retiring the AdSense
Referrals program during the last week of August. We appreciate
your patience during this transition and here are some alternative
options to consider:

* Google Affiliate Network: As part of the integration of
DoubleClick, the DoubleClick Performics Affiliate Network will now
operate as the Google Affiliate Network for advertisers targeting
users located in the United States. Similar to the AdSense
Referrals program, the Google Affiliate Network enables publishers
to apply for advertiser programs and get paid based on
advertiser-defined actions instead of clicks or impressions. For
further details, please visit:
* AdSense for content ads: If you have less than three AdSense
for content ad units on a page, you may wish to replace the
referral ad units with standard AFC ad units.

If you currently use referral ads, either to promote Google
products or offerings from AdWords advertisers, AdSense Referrals
code will no longer display ads beginning the last week of August.
We encourage you to take the following steps before the product is

* Remove the referral code from your site(s): Please take a
moment to remove all referral code from your sites before the last
week of August, so you can continue to effectively monetize your
ad space.
* Run and save all referrals reports on your desktop: Create
and save all reports related to the referrals program on your
desktop, so you continue to have access to your valuable campaign

Why is this happening?
We’re constantly looking for ways to improve AdSense by developing
and supporting features which drive the best monetization results
for our publishers. Sometimes, this requires retiring existing
features so we can focus our efforts on the ones that will be most
effective in the long term.  For this reason, we will be retiring
the AdSense Referrals program. If you have any additional
questions, please visit our Help Center:


The Google AdSense Team

Google Affiliate Network provides a dedicated publisher support team. You can email the team at affiliatesupport@google.com for any clarification.

Click here to apply to Google Affiliate Network.

What do you think about Google Affiliate Network.Do you feel that, it will increase/decrease your earnings? Please share your thoughts in the below comment section.

New ad formate in yahoomail homepage

As we all know, search engine giants have always found new ways to show ads in order to make money.Previously yahoo started showing rollover ads(flash ads which start playing once we rollover our mouse pointer over it).

Today moring as I was checking my emails I came accross this peel ad in my yahoomail homepage.

We know that peel ads are sometimes annoying, as it may automatically come inbetween when trying to click something.But yahoo is smart enough.Their peel ad works only when we click on the click to peel option(as you can see in the below screenshot).

Here is the screen shot….


After we click on the click to peel, we get to see some ad in action, and click on it to see more details(taking us to the advertisers website) or you can just close the ad by clicking Close option(as you can see in below screen shot).


I saw that these ads are not still available in all yahoomail accounts.And I think, as I have my domain registered ( http://technotip.org ) at Yahoo, I am getting these new ad formate in my account.Hope Yahoo thinks me as a loyal Yahoo customer(and I am).

Another ad that I have seen is, a 200X200 ad in the leftside sidebar, inside yahoomail.

Take a look at it:-


Hope Yahoo! is working very hard these days, after Microsoft tried to takeover Yahoo.

We have recently seen Yahoo adding two more mail domain Ymail and Rocketmail to its basket, to provoid  email address that you always wanted and was unavailable.

And signing up a deal with Google to show adsense ads or Google Adword ads in Yahoo search result pages.

I think these are all some good sign of improvement to Yahoo.

I wish Yahoo! a great success in all its good efforts.

Have you also seen these peel ads in your yahoomail homepage or anyother new ads other than rollover ads(rolled over to all yahoomail accounts) in your yahoomail.If so, please share it with us in the comment section.

Tips to write “about me” section in Orkut.

I am much used to Orkut, then any other social networking sites and I have reasons for that.

Its nice design, less intrusive ads, useful communities etc.

I always wondered, why people would leave their profile page empty, when they have come to a social networking site. Usually they must be interested in knowing people, to introduce themselves, to interact with others. Now for all these a well written profile will be a compliment.

So I figured out some of the points to write a good profile. I am writing by keeping Orkut in my mind, but it applies to other social networking sites like FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, Perfspot, Hi5, Bebo, Friendster,  minglebox etc.

1. Write what you feel.

2. Write about how you are(Caution: Care to be taken, because people may use this information to harm you). Write only those things which you don’t mind others knowing about you.

3. Don’t try to pretend over smart.

4 .Don’t try to write something more complex then what you actually are.

5. Don’t just copy and paste some poetry or sayings, unless it relates about you or your character, behavior etc.

6. Make it simple, make it straight forward.

7. Express yourself completely.

8. Don’t use bad words, it will surly harm your reputation. If it is inevitable, then use it like F*CK O*F. This simply shows that, you are forced to use it and are not actually willing to use such words. Use this at extreme cases. And it would be better to completely avoid such things.

9. Use similes, font formatting etc wherever required, to present things more lively.

10. Do not include many external links in About me section. It is better, if no links are placed. Because there is always an option called Webpage and wishlist in your Orkut profile for such things.

It is a very bad and spammy practice to put all your refferal links, affiliate links in your “About me” section.

11. Friends and friends of friends who visit your profile are more tend to read the complete profile, if it contains something real, unique to yourself and something more about what you feel.

12. Using bit of humor is always good.

13. And don’t use more humor, if you are a bit of serious guy/girl. Because it makes your profile look like fake.

15. Professional and personal things sharing in Profile pages depends upon individuals depending upon their purpose of signing up for that particular social networking site.

16. Choose the theme which you feel the best.Because, this also shows about what kind of stuffs(design) you like. And some people can guess about your psychology by seeing your choice of theme.

I personally love the default, clean, classic theme itself.

A month ego I had written “About me” in Orkut using all the above mentioned points in my mind. And I could see drastic changes in my friends(who use Orkut more and who had read my profile) behavior with me.

I could see that, they were more polite and more friendly. Now all of my friends know what makes me happy and what disappoints me. Now a days, life with my friends have become more easy, because by now they know everything about me, that I could never tell them directly. Many things will hurt friends, when told directly.

My profile content is displayed below. If you want to skip, then directly scroll down and continue reading. Lines have been put, to separate my profile content.

Here it goes:-


about me:

My Parents call me SATISH.
And I am registered in my death certificate as..oh sorry,
in my birth certificate as SATISH.B

And I don’t know what people think of me..So what I can say is only “I DON’T CARE”, would you mind it? ..Again, I Don’t Care! smily

“I am a harmless Creature, until all my harmones work properly”.

I hate people who act over smart..

I take lot of time to adjust with anybody..might be a drawback of me.
I don’t underestimate anyone.
Misunderstanding has played appreciably great strocks in my life and I am crazier than that, because I enjoy it.smily.
And I can forgive the person who kills me, but not the one who misused mesmily.Now I know, you are thinking, what the hell this person might be of use??
The answer is, I also don’t know.But still I hate people who misuse me..now leave it.

I love to live with my friends and for friendship I don’t consider their any previous achievements. I love all those who feel comfortable with me and who make me feel comfortable with them…
And I never ever go behind any person(irrespective of their SEX) who don’t like my attitude and don’t want to be my friend..
I believe in GOD..I am optimistic.I am Moody.
I always think positive–> Which have never helped me to achieve anything, but still it has become a habit.
I forgive people soon, as I feel this life as too short and have no time to keep on proving others as wrong and we the only perfect!

I love innovative things.
I love to be Honest.

And one thing I have observed about myself is,I don’t go behind famous people, as it would be an extra burden to them. **I don’t like to disturb anybody**
I enjoy the company of people who are FREE.I too love to live freely!

I believe that people wont understand the importance of the other person until that person is found dead.
And I am not an important person,

can you guess Y ?


because……………I am still alive.

I respect each and every person on this earth.

I Love each and every person on this earth..and in very rare cases people get confused about the colour of my love Love, Love, Love, Love,Love, Love…owfff I never knew that there are soo many colours to Love, when I was studying in Like(Like -> A place near Manglore,where I studied from 6th to 10th).What..what are you thinking?? — All these lines about Love is just a contribution or just a dedication from me to the upcoming Valentines Day and nothing serious in my life.

For those who doesn’t like me, I don’t have any comments, because its their life and I am no one to poke my nose..
And for those who hate me….hope I am not soooo bad(Anyway, its left to you).
I never think bad for anyone….etc!

One thing which I always want to tell all those people who want to hear from me is…please be original..Be how you are and never try to act as someone else.
Be proud of who you are and try to be yourself in most of the times.Don’t copy things from others.

Write about yourself 4m ur heart 2 ur profile.

I guess, you are my friend..because you read until here, soooo long.Do you know….Friendship isn’t about…whom you have known the Longest….who came 1st or who Cares the Best…Its all about Who came and Never Left.

And I have crises of such friends….but still as I said earlier, I am very much optimistic, and I am still in a hope that I will also get friends who will stay till the end, even when there is no use from me.

Hope this is the 1st time in my life after my 10th standard final exam, I am writing something sooo long.

Some times I feel that I have the ability to change every thing in this world, but luckily soon I realize that I wasn’t able to change myself since past 6 years!

I love animals a lot…..in zoo.But some of my friends prefer to live in Home.hahah..Oops,Sorry.I know, its a bad joke!

For my Orkut profile link click here.


Please use below comment section to share some of the interesting points that we need to consider to write a good About me page, in any social networking site.

And Don’t forget to write a testimonial to me and increase my fan numbers, in Orkut! 🙂

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Google Goodies and Goodness

On Thurs, Mar 20 2008 I had got an email from Inside-AdSense group.Pretty old story right? Still just wanted to share some of the things with you guys.
The email said that- they would send 1 or 2 oz of sticker goodness to all adsense publishers from their office in California via standard U.S. mail.

The email also said that- “The stickers are designed for laptops, but they’ll work just as well for placement on mugs, skateboards, or temporarily on a shirt. (Note: turning a pal into a walking Google ad without their knowledge is not recommended.)”

Google-Adsense-StickersI was excited(who wouldn’t be), because we were to get something original, something from Google which we can touch and feel(not just the html/java code badge to place it in our website/blog).
So I went on reading further…..it said that we need to send them a self-addressed, stamped envelope with enough postage.ok now thats not a great deal.I just spent less then an hour and 0.25$ to send it to them.Not a big amount, atleast for those who are adsense publishers.

And the email also said that – “Send your envelope, along with
a note if you’d like”.Now it wouldn’t cost anything extra to send the note.It would still cost me only 0.25$ to send the post.So why not give it a try?
I desided and wrote these notes to Google:-

Thanks Google for provoiding such an opportunity to earn by doing what we love.
Here are some of my suggestions:-

1.Allow adsense publishers to transfer the money they have earned to their adword account.This will help those with no credit cards to have adword account, hence there will be drastic increase in number of adword customers.

2.Allow adsense publishers to transfer the money to the Google Checkout account(Another service of Google that provoids service similar to paypal ).

3.And integrate a shopping mall into our account from where we can buy things using our adsense earnings.This lets Google to start a Shopping mall service with millions and millions of ready made customers.

4.And also create a service using which adsense publishers can invest the money earned from adsense to Google or some other Shares.Here Google will invest our money, and we will not invest it directly, so there will be no problem.
But at that time I didn’t know that Investing for other country share will be an hinderence to our countries economy growth.So please invest in your country itself.Ofcourse there will be many foreign companies shares in each country.But they will pay the tax to your country.

5.Also send one Adsense sticker to each adsense publisher while sending his first check, to keep him cheered.

6.And please invite me to use these services, if you implement it as a Beta service in the future!

Now I can remember only 6 points which I sent them…..
After sending it to google I was waiting with excitement…and the post with those stickers came to my door steps on April 09 2008.Guess what…I had 5 Google Adsense stickers and a Google business card and a note stapled on the postcover(leave it, it was to inform the post office people that the post already had Indian stamps on it, which I had sent to Google.).


On the business card it was written – ” Hi Satish, Thanks for your note and your ideas! .I will pass themon to our product teams here.Enjoy your stickers 🙂 –Arlene”.

If you have not know about these and still want to get those stickers, then you can just try your luck.Here is the link to official announcement about Google Adsense stickers.

Now we should really thank Google, because they sent Stickers to everyone who requested it.They did’nt send it to selected publishers(Joke!).

I had thought to conduct a seminar about adsense.In my place people (Dads and mom) have never heard anything like adsense.When teenagers ask — Dad, I want to earn from home, through adsense using my internet.

Dad: Shut up! and read for the exams.

When such is the situation, I just used these stickers in a good way.I had put them on walls, in the lift, near entrance door etc.By now people have read the name Google Adsense.Now it would be nice to start a seminar about it.

After my seminar, almost all elder people at my place know about Adsense.It has went from mouth to  mouth and now almost all people know it.I made proper use of those stickers.

Another important and inspiring thing to note is, Google printed all those Adsense stickers and business card using recycled papers.Google is also involved in donating huge money whenever there is a need Ex:- cyclone relief efforts in Myanmar (Burma) and in China.

Google does lot of good things along with its business, but still there are many people who just say that Google is a evil.And they try to pinch the money from Google whenever possible, by some law suits.And there are many people climing that they have broke the security of Google adsense.I would like to tell one thing, “Breaking things isn’t a great thing.Constructing is a great thing.Let those people build another service like adsense(which is bread and butter for many people arround the world), and let them build the reputation that Google has earned in this short term.”

So lets support Google by using all their good services..My Cheers to Google.

Do you also think the same way about Google or do you have a separate story to tell? please share it in the comment section.

Netizens take care of your health and increase productivity

Studies have shown that more and more people are getting addicted to internet now a days.Money making strategies and success stories have made more people to look around the web to see what made those rich and successful.So we can wildly guess that, these internet edicts are mainly educated and socially aware people.


Many people spend their time online by involving themself in playing online games, viewing pornography,  emailing, chatting and in social networking sites.

And we have also observed many bloggers, staring at the monitor from morning till evening and some times it will even continue to late nights.

Netizens spending unhealthy amounts of time online have more chances of forgetting to eat or forgetting that they have already eaten 2 to 3 times, sleeplessness, have more arguments(trying to stand by their opinion) and start feeling isolated from society at some point of time.

Fatigueness would always hont Netizens and bloggers, which is sure to reduce the performance.Bloggers can’t comeup with a killer post and students can’t concentrate on their studies.
Porn videos create stickiness to the web, until one decides to leave it.Middle age ( teen age ) guys and girls commonly get addicted to pron videos at some point of time.

So, almost all net edicts will have some of these problems in common:-

Eye strain, hair loss, backpain, neck pain, Fatigue, stress, isolation, and some sort of psycological disorders may also occur.

How to avoid these things?

Eye strain :- Don’t keep staring at the monitor for longer time.And don’t forget to blink your eyes.Keep blinking your eyes frequently.This will relax retina.

At regular intervals, do eye exercises.Rotate your eye bolls 360 degree.See to maximum left and maximum right.This will give a nice massage feeling to your eyes.

And after 1hr of internet use, just close your eyes with your hands(washed hands), such that no light rays fall on your eye lid.Make it fully dark, by covering your eyes entirely by your both hands.But don’t touch your palms to your eye lids.Just surround the eyes and don’t touch it or don’t press it.hold it for 2 to 3 minutes.This will give a full healing power to your eyes.This technique is called Relaxation technique.

And do not wash your eyes with water, as soon as you getup from long hour of internet use.First do the above mentioned exercise and then wash the eyes.

Avoid light rays falling on your eyes directly.Always see that there is sufficient light on the object which you are looking at.

Try to use anti-glare glasses (spectacles), it will avoid some extra glare on your eyes.

If possible invest in an LCD monitor.LCD monitors are less stressful on eyes.

Do not rub your eyes when you feel itching, just follow the relaxation technique and then wast your eyes with pure water.Use of eye drops(prescribed by your physician) is always good and recommended.

If you get pain in your eyes and/or some rashes start appearing inside your eyes means, immediately stop all your works and contact your doctor(preferably your family doctor).

Intake more vegetables and leafy(green) items in your diet.

A myth : – Looking at greenery( garden, forest etc) will improve the eye sight.

Remember that your eyes are more precious then you think.

Just think of a person who is suffering from eye sight problem or a person who is not able to see the 7 wonders on this earth(atleast in the photographs).Think of those who are by birth blind, who even can’t imagine about the surrounding they are leaving in.Remember those who lost their eye sights in accidents etc.They all regret about it.Now, why would you get to their situation even after reading this post.

Hair loss, stress, strain, sleeplessness all these are kind of brothers and sisters.They all belong to the same family.They are interdependent and interconnected.We all know that, Hairloss is mainly due to hereditary inheritance( ! ).But we are more pron to get bald faster(even faster then the hereditary problems start) if we get more stress, strain and if we have an unhealthy lifestyle( latenight blogging, day-and-night online gaming etc).Hair loss, stress, strain, sleeplessness may also cause headache and eye problems.

So take regular breaks from your internet works.Move yourself from your computer chair and do some stretching exercises.Take regular nap, and come back refreshed.This will increase your productivity and decreases the risk of getting into the trap of health hazards.

Backpain, Neck pain, Ankle pain are common, but neglecting it may increase the problem.So do regular execersis to keep yourself healthy and fit.

And to avoid isolation, there are plenty of ways.Infact the feeling of isolation is psychological.Get in contact with friends(hmm…not in IM or in Social Networking sites).Goto to party with them.Watch your favorite movie with your friends and family.Discuss about any matter, let it be about internet(if you don’t know anything else).Just interact with people more face to face.This will eventually kill the feeling of isolation.

Along with yoga, exercise..also try to practice regular meditation.This will increase your brain power and is an excellent solution for all sort of problems.

Click here to read an effective meditation technique that should be an ingredient of every persons life.

Caution:- In the way to get rid of isolation, don’t try to hang out with your IM buddies.Don’t try to meet them personally for dating or any other kind of stuffs.Because you never know who is the person, how is the person.In many cases, we take lot of time to know about our friends and after some days, we again feel, that we were wrong in knowing him properly.When such is the situation, then how can you trust an stranger ?

I urge you, I beg you all….please take care of your eyes and health.Because we all know that, health is wealth.In fact, health is more important then wealth.

And we all know a fact that, everyone on this earth will surly die one day, so you may ask- where is the point in maintaining health ?

But I feel that, we should even maintain our health inorder to die properly, orelse we need to die in a worst way.

Please share your opinion and experiences regarding any issues of health….

And also share with us, some of the tips that you may be knowing, to maintain good health.Mainly for the internet addicts.

New email domains for Yahoo! – Ymail and Rocketmail

Yahoo! Inc.Today is a celebration day…..atleast at Yahoo Inc.As they have just announced their two new email domains Ymail.com and Rocketmail.com.

Launched in October 1997, Yahoo! mail claims more than 260 million users worldwide, as a result of which many desirable e-mail addresses have already been taken for the yahoo.com( and yahoo.co.in or yahoo.co.uk or yahoo.co.au etc) domain.With the introduction of two new email domain choices, Yahoo! is will make millions of new email addresses available to the online community.

Ymail is expected to compete directly with Gmail of Google.
Rocketmail is rather a old email domain, and at one time was one of the most widely used and a fast webmail services which was regarded as an rival for Hotmail. Yahoo acquired Rocketmail.com in 1997 and used its technology as the foundation of its Yahoo Mail. After the Yahoo! acquisition of rocketmail , no new Rocketmail.com email addresses could be registered.But the earlier users were left to use and retain their email addresses.

Now we can register for any/all these 3 mail domains with our favorite ID names.

Many have tried to register for ymail or rocketmail by going to ymail.com and/or rocketmail.com(but it redirects to the same old yahoo login page.

Then how to register ?

Relax, just goto the same login.yahoo.com page and click on the signup now link.You will then be taken to the regular registration page.There you can select your email ID as well as the email domain.


A common Yahoo! ID will work for everything across the Yahoo! network, from checking email to checking out Messenger, Flickr, groups, finance, MyBlogLog and the rest hundreds of yahoo acquired sites and services.

The new mail domain comes with:-

  • Easily transition contacts and emails from other mail accounts with a handy wizard.
  • The @ymail.com and @rocketmail.com addresses deliver all the great features you love about Yahoo!
  • Find the @ymail.com or @rocketmail.com email address that’s you always wanted and was unavailable.

However you cannot change your current email address to the new ymail.com or rocketmail.com email address.

“A happy user is one that stays around and is a Yahoo! user for life,” Kremer Vice President, Yahoo! Mail, said.

NOTE: To login using your ymail or rocketmail ID’s, just open yahoomail.com and then type your full email ID( Ex:- technotip@ymail.com) and then enter your password(in password field) and then hit Signin, this will take you to the new ymail or rocketmail.

“If you have an email address that is your name at ymail, that becomes part of your identity.”

We already grabbed out technotip@ymail.com. What about you guys ?

MyBlogLog – Some tricky uses

We have seen many cases where people try to hack and crack some popular sites and damage the reputation of it.It has been true in case of MyBloglog too.

But lets concentrate on the things by which we can get advantage of.

MyBlogLog is owned by Yahoo Inc.

Now I will show you how to track the recent 127 visitors(Who are also members of MyBlogLog).

Login to your MyBlogLog account using your yahoo username and password.

Click on add a website/blog link.Fill the small form and get your blog listed under your
My Sites and Services option.Now click on the widgets link below the website/blog listed.

It will look like the one shown in below image…


Your code will also look similar, except the ID number i.e., 200711051214522 in above case.

Just look for your code and copy the ID number(Just the number) and past it in one notepad or any other text editors.

Now look at the below code…

<script type="text/javascript"

Now replace the ID number(i.e., 200711051214522 ) from your ID number.

That’s it….now copy and past the entire code wherever you want to show your recent 127 visitors who are also members of MyBlogLog.
Optional: In the above code we have made the color of widget texts Powered by MyBlogLog into white, you can change it to the color of your blogs background.

One more use of MyBlogLog is, we can encourage people to comment on our blog.

i.e., we can get the logo of members who are currently viewing your blog(if he/she is logged into their MyBlogLog account).

Here goes the code…

<img src="http://ipub.mybloglog.com/i/v2005051600562336_req.jpg"
 alt="" width="48" height="180" />

Just copy and past the above code(without any modification), anywhere in your blog to get the profile pic.

Below is one such use, to ask the visitors to share their opinion/knowledge by commenting about the article.(make sure you are logged into MyBlogLog to see the effect in this page).

Please share your opinion/knowledge by commenting about this article..

Privacy Policy — Visitors please read

Here are the list of things which we expect to be followed by all our visitors, to maintain a healthy environment.

* Google, as a third party vendor, uses cookies to serve ads on our site.
* Google’s use of the DART cookie enables it to serve ads to users based on their visit to our sites and other sites on the Internet.
* Users may opt out of the use of the DART cookie by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy.

1. Please use comment section to get involved in a particular discussion.

2. Don’t use abusing language. This will hurt your online reputation. Please respect other commentators and have a good interaction.

Comment mainly for exchange of ideas and to gain knowledge. Don’t just comment to get link back.
Read the post before commenting.

3. We have purposefully not placed any advertisements inside the post, as we consider good user experience  as our primary goal, than making money through advertising.

4. Most of the popular sites have placed CPM(Cost Per 1000 Impression) ads below the comment section, which gets a very little visitors attention. But still the ad generates good revenue, as it is a CPM ad.

But we have not placed such ads also, just to make sure that our website loads faster (again, to make our visitors experience great).

This does not mean that we are not bothered about the advertisers. We are also concerned about the advertisers. All the advertisers advertising on this blog should get value. Think yourself as an advertiser. And your ad is an CPM ad. Now will you be happy to pay for showing your ad in some corner ( which draws no/less user attention) ?

Such an ad campaign would be a loss at the end of the day, with no conversion.

So we have placed limited number of ads and are placed in places which are hard to go unnoticed, but still does not interrupt reading the post.

5. I do not, I have not and I will not link to anyone in my posts in exchange for money or other incentives.

6. I enjoy this blog. I enjoy writing in this blog. And I would love to help all my readers. Actually this is the main purpose behind this blog.

7. We have implemented language translation tool in this blog, so utilize it, if you are not comfortable with English.

8. If you want to quote from Technotip.org, then quote only excerpts ( as it is in our article ), and give a credit link to the exact article above or below your post(Don’t just link to the homepage).

9. Print media’ s must contact me before reprinting the article. Point number 9 also holds good for print media.

10. We consider plagiarism very seriously. And we know all the measures to handle with such issues.

*. And please do not block the advertisements in this blog, using any softwares, scripts etc. Just read the contents you like. Blocking ads will not give value to advertisers and advertisements are the primary source of income to maintain this blog, to host this blog, to take care of all the expenses in the way of blogging.

Note: This policy is subject to change/update at any time, and changes made will be effective immediately.

We have left the comment section even to this page….Just because to get your opinion/feedback about our policies.

And please tell us for any other good policy, which must be added or which must be removed from our list..