Supercharge your brain with regular meditation


Meditation is a technique to bring our mind under full control.With controlled mind(not forcibly) we can concentrate on any work and get good results.Thus meditation is a must ingredient in everyone’s life.

Human brain is like a vast universe, but we use only some part of it in our entire lifetime.By this meditation you can feel the vastness, calmness, sharpness and power of your brain.
This meditation is best when practiced early mornings and in evenings.

Brain power-universe-morning hours

A place( kodchadri ) in India where we went for meditation last month.We were about 15km above sea level

And remember, place of meditation doesn’t matter, until you are comfortable with whatever place you have chosen for meditation(it may even be your home).

Daily practice of this meditation will improve the mind power.And has the power to transform our negative thoughts to positive.Peace of mind.Relief from stress and strain.Improves self confidence.

Like blogging, meditation should also be practiced for longer time, to experience more.

There are many types of meditations, but their goal is almost the same.

So today I want to tell about Jyotir dhyana(a meditation of Indian origin).This is the best and most simple meditation technique.

Jyothi means Light.Dhyana means Meditation.

Well we all know that Light is the ultimate source of energy.And this is our source of meditation too.

So get a clean lamp(as far as possible avoid candles).Put enough oil into the lamp before starting meditation.

Sit in a dark room.Sit comfortable.Lit the lamp.See that, the light does not emit more carbon.

Maintain 3 feet distance from the lamp.

Start staring at the lamp.Don’t blink your eyes.After 2 or 3 minutes, slowly close your eyes.


Now concentrate on your breathing.Breath normal.Stop thinking.Just concentrate on your breathing.Now feel that the light from the lamp is entering your body via your forehead(in between your eyebrows).Now start breathing deep, hold the breath for 3 to 4 seconds, and exhale slowly, continue this breathing rhythm.Now have strong feeling that, the light is replacing all the negative energy in you.Feel that all the bad elements in you(stress, strain, any disease, or anyother problem) as darkness and that this light entered your body is trashing your darkness out and filling you with brightness(all the good qualities).Now, let the light cover all over your face, eliminating all your problems from head part.Feel that your concentration power will increase now.And all the problems related to your eyes, ears, neck everything are gone.

Now let the light enter your chest, from chest to left hand and then to right hand, then abdomen though your stomach.Next, to your left leg and to the right leg.Feel strongly that, wherever the light is traveling, it is destroying the darkness in you and filling you with brightness.

Like this, let the light travel all over your body.Now observe yourself internally, your body is filled with light.You have no more darkness in you.Feel that you are all powerful, beautiful, kind, good hearted. Now concentrate inbetween your eye brows.Breath deeply, hold the breath for some seconds and then exhale slowly.Do this breath in-breath out exercise for 5 to 10 minutes and then, sit calmly for 5 or 10 minutes without thinking anything.Let there be no flow of thoughts.Now breath normally and observe your breathing.Feel that, light is emitting from you now.You have become the embodiments of good energy.

Now rub your both palms to eachother, so that some heat is produced.Now cover your closed eyes with the palms(middle of the palm).Do not press the eyes.Do not rub the eyes.Just hold it for 1 minute and then slowly open your eyes.

Do this meditation daily without fail.In the beginning you may even get sleepy, but still, have firm mind and try to practice it daily.After a month of practice, you will surly find some drastic improvements in you.This is sure to happen.

Again, consistency is the key.After you get into this meditation regularly, you will find your business or studies or any other works to be more joyful and you will turn more productive with almost no stress and strain.

Note:- Do not wash your face or go to shower soon after the meditation.Just avoid it for atleast 15 minutes.

Please read this post for atleast 2 or three times after starting this meditation, to understand each and everything thoroughly.

And please leave comments about how you feel after the meditation….

16 thoughts on “Supercharge your brain with regular meditation”

  1. I dugg you on digg and totally am printing this out as I speak. I am always excited to learn new methods of meditation. I went from guided meditations as a child [by a master] which got me into the astral realm later. Then as a younger adult I continued with the guided meditations from tapes and CD’s. Only in the past 5 yrs or so have I self-meditated but do admit that my brain is so on go all the time it’s quite difficult for it to not always be a challenge.

    So thank you for this.
    Thanks so much.

  2. @narendra, I would appreciate, if you start meditation again.Time is always there for everyone, if we manage our time properly.Anyway, best of luck with that.

    @Samsara, Thanks for Digging, this will really boost me up to write things like this.
    Practice the above mentioned meditation for atleast one month and you will surly see many improvements in yourself.

  3. I owe a lot to Brahma Kumaris – Raja Yoga which I practiced for almost a decade. Although not very regular now I still do some yoga-meditation to help me deal with stress and have focus.

  4. @peterahon, I have heard a lot about Brahma Kumaris – Raja Yoga, but I still stick on to Jyotir dhyana, because this meditation technique is simple and can be performed without the guidens of a guru.
    I would love to learn Raja Yoga when I get an expert to teach me.
    Anyway, thank you very mush for sharing.

    @William Anthony, Jyotir dhyana itself will help to cure many diseases and it also prevents many diseases, as it involves breathing exercise. It can keep diseases like cancer far.
    But we need to practice it daily, as we take medicines daily when we fall in any serious trouble(disease).As precausion is always better then cure, practice meditation and stay safe and happy.

  5. This was really cool. I like these things. Is there any audio tape for this meditation in English. If you have can you share it with us.

    Thanks, that was really cool. Post this type of articles and methods to sharpen mind.

    Happy Blogging

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