Relaunching + An exciting onetime offer

We are very grateful to all members who made our previous launch a grand success. We had to stop as Twitter decided to upgrade/change its API and set some strict rules and access limitations. Many popular tech blogs called it anti-developer move from Twitter.

With new Twitter API, most of so-called popular Twitter applications had to shut down its services – due to its high maintenance cost and the need to redo the entire app with new set of APIs. So we took some time and rewrote the entire application from scratch with new Twitter API.

Twitter API Changes
Adapting to change is usually hard for developers, as we need to rewrite the entire application from scratch once again. But if we take a closer look – Twitter set these limitations to avoid wrong usage of their service. Ofcourse these limitations would mean a lot of pain for developers using it for good purpose – but then, we need to bear it and do our best with the resources available.

Relaunch of
We are very excited to announce the relaunch of
With this launch we are eliminating a lot of drawbacks we previously had.

Now TwitFever is a full-fledged Twitter Client.
Mobile app for android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows coming soon ..
It has Retweet Club integrated into it.
Now you only get tweets from your niche – from Club.
You also get a lot of targeted, real followers.
Smart auto-follow feature – opt in/opt out option available to the user.
No auto-tweeting on behalf of members.
Everything is under control of the user.
Bots are blocked – 100%.
As always, we do not store your personal information.
We never store your Twitter username and password.
We do not sell or rent any of our members data what-so-ever. will instantly boost traffic to your content and add viral touch to it. Most importantly, your message/content will reach to highly targeted audience automatically. The followers you get from are 100% real and are highly targeted too – similar niche.

Since it involves very high cost of maintenance, we are compelled to charge $9 per month. But if you sign up in this early release, you’ll be a member free of cost for lifetime. But you need to sign up soon and submit at least 1 of your best content/tweet to the club before we start charging for the service.

Participate actively in the community and get the most out of it.
I wish everyone a MASSIVE success with their ventures/business/blogs.
..your success is our success

Bored by Facebook?

This is a guest post by Daisy Atkinson. If you want to guest post on this blog, check out the guest post guidelines.

This is something I’ve been hearing a lot lately, and just mentioning the name to a friend while he was excitedly tapping away on Twitter, seemed to bring him up short. ‘Well, I never really use Facebook these days, there’s no need.’

Now this really shocked me. Throughout school and university we, like everyone else we knew, had communicated tirelessly through Facebook. The popularity of which caused some people to shut down their profiles during exam time just to avoid failing from ‘Facebook addiction’.

So why is interest for the network now waning? Facebook engulfed the popularity that Myspace once had, but now, with the advent of an entirely new generation of social networking tools, each with their own unique selling point, has Facebook had its day?


Survey and Statistics
A poll conducted by Ipsos, taken from a sample of 1,032 Americans, revealed that just over a third were using Facebook with less frequency than they did six months before. Those polled described the reason for this being that Facebook had, for them, become ‘boring’, ‘not relevant’, and even, ‘not useful’. This is a shocking report when, in a digital age, the importance of social networks
has never been so apparent for communication, marketing and research both at work and at home. What is even more surprising is the idea that the most prominent social network of this digital era is now losing clients.

According to another survey of 1000 Americans, an astonishing 80% also admitted to never having bought products as a result of advertising on Facebook. From a business perspective, this is an extremely worrying statistic, especially for the thousands of companies using Facebook for the purposes of e-commerce.

It is to be expected that Facebook’s most popular age bracket for users is 18-34, as this encompasses the generation in which it began, however, what is slightly surprising is that Facebook retains its popularity with this demographic when there are far more complex social networks available to what I would consider to be the age bracket most fluent in social networking.

Complaints about the network often concern the enormous catalogues of photos that stagnate on profiles, or vast amounts of spam from the variety of games available on a network that was never designed to be an interactive gaming site. I must admit that I recently fell victim to Tetris on Facebook one boring Tuesday evening, but with my attention now firmly turned towards the burgeoning social networks, neither has held my attention in recent months.

There are other options out there that are not necessarily bigger than Facebook, but a hell of a lot better in satisfying your specific needs.

Even one of Twitter’s directors recently stated that he still hadn’t figured out the basis of Twitter’s appeal, but in my opinion the key lies in its constant state of flux. The ability to post photos, videos, comments, links, and likes cover a lot of the popular aspects of Facebook but with much faster and simpler processes.


Instagram And Facebook
Instagram is the new and more interesting approach to photo media, as it allows the user to have a more interactive relationship with their product by altering the outlook of photos. Facebook has played a blinder by getting involved with this application, as it has revolutionised the users’ approach to storytelling through photos, and has enabled Facebook to adapt to its requirements through Timeline, making the photos more accessible according to date and event.

Before the arrival of Instagram, unless there had been a particularly interesting event in the last few days, Facebook didn’t produce anything more appealing, visually or textually, than any other social network.

Of course the simplicity and size of Facebook has attracted, and will continue to attract even older generations wishing to publicise their antics online, but the functionality and appearance leave a lot to be desired for the more discerning social networker.

Facebook chat for instance, while reaping the benefits of its new arrival during what I consider to be its most progressive stage, is still one of the most limited real time conversation applications around today.

Despite its relative drawbacks, the social network has successfully retained a global following for a number of years, and through some trial and error periods spent optimising layout, has stayed ahead of the social networking game since its
creation in 2004.

If Facebook continues to create connections with developing applications like Instagram it may survive a little longer, but my prediction is that this generation of more demanding social networkers will flock to something new and shiny for a piece of the action.

Author Bio
Daisy Atkinson is an English graduate from The University of Liverpool. She currently works as an online marketing intern at Quick Lingo, for whom she
writes articles, manages their news portal, The Daily Polyglot, and operates their various social media platforms. Daisy also writes for FE News and for a number of other online publications.

Get Free ReTweets: TwitFever!

We all know how important it is as a blogger or a business owner to connect with people in the right way on social networking sites these days. These social sites are easy tools to get out messages to your customers..and also to listen to their feedback.

The Problem:
To reach out to as many people, in as less time as possible.

Our Solution
To help you spread your message to a wider audience, we have built a tool called TwitFever, which lets you help each other(members).

How it works?
We accept people who have atleast 1000 followers.
If you get at the least 10 tweets, then there is a minimum chance of your message reaching to
10 x 1000 = 10, 000 people minimum.
The chances are almost endless.

Update: You must have atleast 199 followers to become eligible.
[ Changed this after a lot of requests. ]

1. Do not tweet about sales pages and affiliate links.
2. Make sure to submit those tweets which contain informative and interesting content.
3. DO NOT retweet the tweets which contains promotional stuffs, and affiliate links in it.
4. Please make sure to visit on a regular basis and be a active member.
5. You must have atleast 1000 followers. ( Can’t help it. It is in place to help you get maximum value out of the tool. )

YOU Are Special is still in its early beta, but I’m inviting YOU( blog readers ), as you are special and a priority.

Some Insider Story
I’m making use of Twitter API for this app, so the loading may take some time, if enough people start using it. But I’ll be upgrading the servers soon, so that will not be a problem.

If you find any errors, bugs, please take a screenshot and post about it on our official forum at under TwitFever Section. Your suggestions and queries are highly appreciated. Our forum is open and waiting for you!

I’m passionate about building these kind of web applications that help solve problems. Along with that I also need to consider the reality that I will have to pay the bills, of server, domain, coding cost, my time. ( My Mom will be really angry if I don’t take care of all these bills / expenses myself. )

As a matter of fact, I can get a lot of businesses which could be interested in sponsorship. But honestly, I want to concentrate only on coding and other stuffs that I absolutely love. Finding sponsors, negotiating, getting paid and recursively doing this month after month..will take considerable amount of time and energy.

So I’ve decided to have 1 adsense ad inside the app, which I hope could compensate a bit. And a big thanks to you all for understanding.

1. You can retweet others tweets.
2. Submit your own tweets.
3. See the number of retweets.
4. See who retweeted the tweets.
5. See a separate list of tweets submitted by you so far and its retweet count and the people who retweeted it.
..lot more features coming soon, stay tuned, stay active and participate regularly.

Spend some time ReTweeting others tweets, use the pagination to browse through more tweets.

I would love to see people take maximum advantage of this smart marketing tool, which will save you a lot of time.

Being Smart in your marketing approach, is always better.
Invest your time more on the things you really love and on things that matters the most.

5 Tips to Finally Start with Social Media Marketing

This is a guest post by Amanda. If you want to guest post on this blog, check out the guidelines here.

The newest addition to any Internet marketer’s arsenal is social media marketing. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn connect people to people and people to brands continuously while allowing constant interaction. Many are weary of Social Media; if worked with unfocused campaigns, it can eat up your time and take you away from other necessary projects. The key to Social Media is to connect your company to consumers, and this can be done in just 10 minutes a day.

Getting Started With Social Media Marketing

1. Take It One Step at a Time
If you only have 10 minutes to spend on your Social Media campaigns you should choose which platform to start with. To have an exceptional social media presence you will eventually need a solid presence on both Twitter and Facebook, but that does not mean that you need to get bogged down with both at once. You should pick one platform and run with it; master either Facebook or Twitter before moving on to the other. If you try to divide your 10 minutes between the two, you will fail at both.

If you start with Facebook, you’ll need to have proper branding and bio. The most important part of your Facebook page is the wall where you can interact with your fans. If you already have both your Facebook and Twitter pages started, rather than dividing your time between the two each day you should spend one day on Facebook and the next on Twitter. Make sure to spend the full 10 minutes each day on one platform in order to get your desired results.

2. Respond to Your Fans
Most people following your Facebook or Twitter pages are not listening to you. You should respond to your fans rather than talking at them or advertising to them. Your social media involvement is an opportunity for you to create an experience for your customer base and add to your company’s narrative.

Responding to your customer base means spending most of your time responding to @’s, messages, & wall posts. You can also utilize your social media position to respond to any negative PR or responses from your customers. To respond effectively, you must listen to your customers and embrace detractors; you do not want your naysayers to have any ammunition.

You should also spend your social media time getting to know your fans and followers. This attention can turn these fans and followers into customers and customers into prospects. You have the power to turn anyone into a brand evangelist if you treat them well by responding and listening to them.

3. Reach Out To People
Find people through searches on your social media network; look for those who have a question about your industry and niche market, or people who just need a little bit of help. Give them the information they’re looking for without asking them to follow you or linking them to a product.

This may lead to an invitation to join you on Facebook, Twitter, or your blog but that should never be your goal. Your goal is get on people’s radar and get them to talk about you. By doing this you will show them who you are and how to find you without being pushy.

4. Choose Your Actions
With limited time, you’ll want to focus on one or two actions per day. You do not need to spend your entire day putting out fires or replying to everything that comes up. Sometimes it’s better to just spend time on your social media sites without sending marketing messages; they usually go unnoticed anyway. Tell the story through your actions and send your message through your interactions.

5. Organize Your Efforts
Although you may think that it is a waste of time to reflect on your social media marketing, you might find some very useful information that can help you improve your marketing efforts. Look back to what efforts were the most successful and try to continue following those. It seems like such an easy task, but you might be amazed by how much time you can spend studying this. However, it can pay off if you can find better, more efficient ways to handle your social medial marketing.

Follow these internet marketing tips and you will rock the social media universe.

Author Bio:
Amanda is a writer and blogger living in San Diego, CA (USA). Visit her internet marketing website for more information.

Twitter @earlybird to lay Golden Eggs!

Twitter has created @earlybird account to tweet about valuable offers from their partner advertisers. This is good for twitter as it can support its bandwidth costs and save us from seeing #failWhales.


Twitter @earlybird Exclusive Offers are special time-bound deals, sneak-peeks, and events that are promoted by the official Twitter @earlybird account. We partner with select advertisers and retweet offers that they have crafted only for the Twitter community. Our advertising partners determine the terms of the offer, including availability, amount, and price. As with other forms of advertising from Twitter, we are focused on bringing value to our users and will keep your interests in mind as we develop this program.

@EarlyBird is like any other twitter a/c, so its upto you to follow or not to follow. You will see earlybird tweets in your timeline, only when you follow earlybird account or someone in your following list retweets the tweets of earlybird.

Source: Twitter EarlyBird

I just wish, we don’t see those big failwhales often from now.

If you have a better idea for advertising, you can share it with @earlybird.

( But excuse me, doesn’t it sound like Amazon acquired, daily deals site Woot‘s business model ? )

Good Reason(s) To Use Socialize Feature Of Feedburner – and a Caution!

There is a option, in the “Item Selection” called Item limit. If you are posting multiple posts(8 posts) at once, then there is no problem. But if you post one or two (or less than 7) article(s) per day, then you must select the Item limit accordingly. We can use keywords to filter some of the tweets. i.e., Depending on keywords specified, feedburner decides whether to tweet or not to tweet about a particular post.

Feedburner announced socialize feature some days back – i.e., Tweet Your New Blog Posts from Feedburner, automatically.

If you have not yet activated this feature, and you are using some plugin to do this for you – then take 20 seconds off and enable this little handy feature.

Plugin’s consume bandwidth and need to be updated whenever there is an update available. If you don’t take time to update, then you are at some security threat.

So do not think of doing it some day, do it now itself and save lot more time later.

How to enable socialize feature
Click on Publicize tab. On the left side, you can see list of features, and you can also see “Socialize Publish to the social web” option. Click on it and the rest is self explanatory


The interesting thing here is, Google has started using its own URL shortner. And this may be the only disadvantage, as you might already have your favorite URL shortner or built one for your custom use across all your network’s of sites.

Google may soon start showing stats for the click through rate and the performance of the shortened URL. You can get the clue about this on


Some benefits would be
1. Google will surly start displaying the click through rates of shortened URLs.
2. It may soon integrate into its analytics and hence we can get a detailed report of the performance of the shortened URLs.
3. Reliability and Speed matters: We have seen some of the popular URL shortners being unreliable due to its downtime, so we can expect reliable service from Google.
4. Socialize feature comes with lot of option to customize the tweets according to our needs.

  • Select Account
  • Formatting Options
  • Post Content
  • Hash Tags
  • Additional Text
  • Item Limit
  • Keyword Filter
  • Preview

Interesting option
We can use keywords to filter some of the tweets. i.e., Depending on keywords specified, feedburner decides whether to tweet or not to tweet about a particular post.
This feature will come in handy for those, who hesitate to promote their own content frequently and who do not want to tweet irrelevant tweets.



Duplicate tweets — be aware! and avoid before embarrassment
There is a option, in the “Item Selection” called Item limit. If you are posting multiple posts(8 posts) at once, then there is no problem. But if you post one or two (or less than 7) article(s) per day, then you must select the Item limit accordingly.
If you post only one article per day and you select the Item limit as 8, then the previously published articles will be tweeted again. i.e., you will be tweeting 7 articles published on your blog recently, other than the one you published on that day. This may annoy your followers. So be careful not to ignore this option.

Sunday Series for Newbie Bloggers and nOobs

Being a blog concentrating on social media, blogging, it would be good to have some resources for newbie bloggers or people who are interested in knowing more about blogging, social media and online money making(basics).

Two years ago, I never knew the difference between a domain and hosting. Twitter and FaceBook were far from my thinking. Blogging was far from imagination. Never knew there will be so many people reading blogs more regularly than News Paper, and Tweet more often than they send a text message(SMS – texting) or Call to anyone!

Looking back those days, feels like great memories of ignorance 🙂 Unfortunately, I have many many and many friends who don’t know about blogs, Twitter, Facebook, web-publishing etc. They still think having a live website requires a great deal of knowledge, money and influence. Actually, a friend of mine asked me – how to get permission from BSNL to launch a website. hmm..I got confused for a while, so as to what he was asking. But soon realized, BSNL being a well known Internet service provider in India, many people think that the whole internet and all the websites and everything is controlled by them. Not a bad logic though. And some still think internet is owned by Google.
When I try to tell about the advantages of Twitter and tell them to start using it to their good – the last question they would ask me is, Is Twitter your website? lol…. how good, if it was 😉
Some years back, most news papers, tv News and some online publications tought us how internet is being used to scam people and for betrayal. It has so stuck in the minds of people that, they never dare to do an online transaction. And some people think Google too as a scam, because of various Google Cash Cow like scams. So I think writing about what to trust and what not to, would surly help many people in making right decision.

Not that I know many things. I am still learning and would love to share whatever I learn with like minded nOob friends!

So without hurting the regular readers, I have thought of writing about very basics of internet tools, blogging, Content Management System, how and why etc on this blog on Sundays.

So you got it — most of you may skip reading on Sunday and Saturday.

This post will be used as a document for later reference. Because I am sure, many people will ask what the hell I am writing on the blog. So I can point to this and can tell them that they can skip reading on Saturday and Sunday.

But it would be great, if you can come and help everyone with your valuable comments. Hope you remember your student days, where we learn a lot of complex things and we will be asked some questions related to basics of the subjects and we sometimes giggle to answer it. No one knows everything. So everyone’s comment will add value, even though its a basic thing.

And feel free to(actually I will be privileged) send any of your nOob friends to our blog.

Guide To Make Money Via Twitter: We Hate Spam Too!

First of all, let me make it clear – I am not here to suggest you or convince you to start using your Twitter account to scatter some sponsored ads and make loads of money from it.
A single rule of thumb be – “Provide Value to Your Followers.”

First of all, let me make it clear – I am not here to suggest you or convince you to start using your Twitter account to scatter some sponsored ads and make loads of money from it.

I am here to suggest some of the ways you can make money without annoying/hurting your followers.

My simple excuse for trying this service!
If you have used a product/service and satisfied with it, and if you get to tweet about the same product/service, then why not?

With so much of buzz about Making Money using Twitter, many people will be eager to know whether its just a hype or something worth while.

With this in mind, I started researching and testing some of the sponsored tweet services.

My official Twitter ID is @technotip and I tested sponsored tweets with my brand new Twitter a/c @thinkwithsatish

I got 2000+ followers in matter of days using This is an online tool designed by Daniel Scocco of
I suggest you to visit the website(even if you don’t want), and signup for the newsletter there. You will get a valuable Twitter course for Free.


Sponsored Tweet Service:
There are lot of websites which promise to make you rich, but never show up with a sponsored tweet again! I personally tested many of these websites(with my unofficial Twitter a/c @thinkwithsatish ) and here are some of the websites, from where you will get maximum value for your tweets(will add more websites to the list, after testing and retesting).

1. Adly: Calculates and shows how much you can expect to earn from 1 tweet.
2. SponsoredTweets
3. My Likes: This one is for most of us. You get a list of sponsored tweets, you can select the one you like, and tweet it or post on your blog. And you will receive money when someone clicks on those sponsored ads. Simple. The advantage is, even people will small number of followers can also participate and make money. Now the exciting thing! Payouts are fixed to as low as $2. Yes, you read it right. And the payment will be made once in a week i.e., on each Friday. You can almost get paid each week.

There are many more such services, but I suggest not to get distracted with any low paying services. Use only those services which you think will satisfy your followers and your pocket! ( I mean, provide best value to your tweets. )

All these websites have a market place where advertisers will select a particular group of twitterers to spread their message. In order to get more sponsors you need to maintain a good conversion rate stats, otherwise you will not get more sponsors. If you think of long term, then engage your followers and make sure that your tweets get some attention(in the distracting busy timeline of your followers).

And make sure to enter the interest area of the sponsored tweets(using keywords), so that only those tweet requests which you think would be a best suit for your target audience/followers will show up to you.

Caution: At times, when you start getting more sponsors, hence more money out of your Tweets, don’t be tempted to go the spammers way to make money. Stick on to your policies and make sure that you don’t annoy your followers by endorsing crap product/service.

A single rule of thumb be – “Provide Value to Your Followers.

Disclaimer: I am not using my official Twitter a/c( @technotip ) for tweeting sponsored ads, thinking that it may disappoint my followers. As I said above, I used a brand new Twitter a/c( @thinkwithsatish ) to test all these. So using the above services is solely at your discreet.