‘YOU’ Are A Big Deal

If you’re working on your own i.e., if you are your own boss, then you will have the risk of getting distracted or interrupted easily.

This new year, my resolution would be to focus on myself. i.e., You should start focusing on yourselves.

You: Person of the year!

You are the highest leverage thing in your business/life.

If you are happy, healthy, strong and in good mood, you can perform better and you will have a better result; and at the end of the day you would feel satisfied and thus feel more happy, healthy and strong. Yes, it’s a recursive process. If things don’t work properly, you would feel sad, unhealthy and weak; and there is more chances of getting bad results inturn.

In order to balance our life, we need to take care of 2 things: Profession and Personal Life.

Measure Your Work:
If you are not digging ditches or manufacturing tires or any physical goods for that matter, you will be able to measure the exact amount of work you accomplished at the end of the day.
For example: If you are into information business or if you are into some work which is directly related to information and there is no physical product involved; Like a software: it’s not a physical product.

Tip: Fix the amount of work that you want to accomplish for the day.

Fixing a goal and working daily in chunks of fixed blocks of time to achieve the goal. Ex: If you decide to do Yoga, to help yourself with maintaining your health, then do it daily on a fixed time, for a fixed block of time.

Kill Multitasking
All these days I was efficient with multitasking..now also I’m! But if I focus on one specific task alone, I will get better results and finish tasks soon, one at a time.

Do not keep sms’ing, emailing, Facebooking, Tweeting all day or whenever you get distracted by it’s thought. Fix time for most of these things. Yes being in touch with friends is as important, but it’s not the only thing on earth. You dint start your business to end it this way, right ?

Kill unwanted distractions. I’m going to kill most of it. I’ll sms, email, Facebook, Tweet only once in a day, and not more than 20min for all these things.

And I would make sure, I WILL NOT INTERRUPT OTHERS.

Stop Unhealthy Habit
I’ll not drink caffeine, beer, wine etc. Will stick to healthy diet.

Good Emotional Habits
Yoga, Meditation brings good health to body and mind. It would surly help in the long run to maintain health and good state of mind. With good health and good state of mind, we have more chances of succeeding at whatever that we are doing.
Imagine, if you have some illness and your mental status is out of focus and you are attending a meeting to decide about the future of your company :p How worst the situation can be?

Do’s and Dont:
From now on, we have to do things which brings us closer to our goal. We need to eliminate the useless things which we regularly do, which neither creates value to us nor to others.

Enjoy Life
Regularly Take Break’s. Yes I get satisfied while working. I enjoy my work. But there is a life outside it. We have people who love us. and there are people whom we love.
We need to spend as much time as possible with them. These are the only things that will remain in our heart till the end.
Spend time with your parents, children, wife, girlfriend, friends etc. Remember the last time you had spent time with them, how happy you were.

We need to take time and regularly spend time with loved ones and never ignore them for the sake of business and money.

Reading Books:
If you fall asleep while trying to read books, then, try doing it at the end of the day.
Try to finish reading one book, … two books, .. three books. Take interesting books; things you like to know about.

Slowly you’ll fall in love with books. I’ll end my day reading atleast one chapter from my favorite authors.

1. Wake up early in the morning.
2. Start the day with Yoga, Meditation.
3. Eliminate doing things which do not bring any progress in what you want to achieve.
4. Focus on things you want to do: one at a time.
5. Kill multitasking.
6. Take care of yourself. You are the most important thing in your business/life, nothing else. If you stay fit/healthy, you could achieve anything.
7. Your priorities matter. Don’t prioritize wrong things; and don’t ignore the right things.
8. Life has it’s up and down: Know this in advance and continue focusing on your values and do not get distracted.
“Don’t swell when you are happy, don’t dwell when you are sad”

I wish you all the success. Happy New Year. Remember, for all the reasons quoted about and more, ‘YOU’ Are A Big Deal.

Super Charge Your Mind and Soul

We have been getting lot of emails about the article Supercharge your brain with regular meditation, so we thought to write about it again. Please read that article, if you had not read it before.

We have seen and/or experienced ourselves that, many times we can’t work to our full potential. We have the ability to do certain things, but are usually not able to do it. All these things happen due to indiscipline in our lifestyle. We getup late with lazy feeling and we think bad about our office or college(if we have gotup early to attend our office or college). Feeling Good, enhances our ability to work, and feeling bad will surly get us some more bad things, as we are passionate in feeling bad!
We are not the human beings experiencing the spirituality, but we are the spiritual beings experiencing the humanity.

To meditate is to turn inwards, to concentrate on the inner self. Meditation is not about doing something, rather it is all about doing nothing; just being in silence, experiencing sheer emptiness and enjoying it.

Yes its all about enjoying..joy. If you feel joy while you are hearing a music, do it. If you feel that state of joy while you do swimming, then do it. We should start enjoying all our works, then only we can say that meditation has made our life better. We can feel the joy in every work we do.
So meditation, is a must thing for every human being. We can attain this state of mind(of feeling joy) by regularly practicing the meditation. I feel joy while I am blogging, so I think I need to blog more, to feel that joy. We should never consider attending work place or our college as pain(strain or stress), this will bring us more of pain, as our mind will already be set to feel that pain when we attend the office or college. Just try to enjoy, until your mind is set to enjoy it automatically.
You need not try to find time to do meditation, just enjoy every activity you do, and it will have the meditation effect.
Do you know, 1hr meditation is equal to 4hrs of deep(sound) sleep. Hope you remember the benefits of good sleep.

Regular meditation, sleeping well and eating well will bring peace of mind, good health, and will supercharge your mind and soul. And you can stay happy longer. You can enjoy the bliss, within yourselves. Mind has enormous powers, using it, we can achieve almost anything in this universe. So do not neglect, do not under estimate yourself and do not postpone things, just start following this meditation technique and observe the changes within you and the enhancement in your work.

Please share some of the things that you do, inorder to keep your mind and soul supercharged.

How to get Good Night Sleep?

1. Drink a cup of hot milk(without adding sugar).SleepMatters_baby_sm

2. Take hot bath 3 to 4 hrs before going to bed.

3. Stop thinking and worrying about anything. Just feel comfortable and forget all your problems. Do not have any fear while sleeping.

4. Goto bed early and getup early in the morning(not before 3AM. Getting up at 4AM is recommended).

5. Do prayer or breathing exercise for 5 minutes. Regular meditation and Yoga or exercise can solve all type of problems like sleeplessness etc, and surly ensures a Good night sleep. This will really have a big impact on your quality of sleep.

6. Do not hold your body tight for any reason, while on the bed. Leave it free, feel relaxed.

7. Avoid alcohol, Caffeine consumption at night.

8. Goto bed and getup in the morning regularly at the same time. This will be a healthy practice and will help in maintaining the health in older age.

9. Avoid sleeping in the afternoon as far as possible. If you want to powerup yourselves, then a sleep of not more than 20 mints is recommended(just a nap).

10. Plugin some cotton into your earns to avoid noise and chill.

11. Avoid light while sleeping. Let your bedroom be as dark as possible. Wear an eye mask to block out light.This would provide more relaxation feel and its also good for eyes.

12. Use mosquito nets and avoid sprays, coils and mosquito repellent creams on your body.

13. Do not have mobiles, radio, Television(turned on) inside your sleeping room. These devices will be attracting elector Magnetic Rays and may harm you a lot over time and you may never get to know the reason for your ailment.

14. Do not ware tight cloths while going to bed.

15. Do not use laud and harsh alarm. This will make you get up in a bad mood. Instead use an alarm with good music to wake you up like a close friend. If you have a regular sleeping and wakeup time, then alarm is of no use, but still having a good music to wake you up early in the morning will not hurt. And do not place the alarm clock in front of you while sleeping. Keep it out of sight, as it might be a kind of distraction in some case.

16. Have a balanced food 1 or 2 hr before going to bed. Do not eat grains and other things which contains high glucose(energy) content, also avoid intake of suger. And avoid taking more spicy content in your diet. Eating some fruits after the regular meals is recommended. And avoid those food, to which you are allergic.
And many people advice not to take food at night or to take very little food at night, but I don’t think its good for teenagers. I feel that, we should eat sufficiently every time we sit to eat, just see that you don’t eat more than you want!

17. Make sure you are comfortable with the pillows and bedding that you have, if not change it. Take a smooth pillow, if its too hard.

18. Don’t drink any fluids within 2 hours of going to bed. This will reduce the likelihood of needing to get up and go to the bathroom or at least minimize the frequency. Go to the bathroom right before bed. This will reduce the chances that you’ll wake up to go in the middle of the night.

19. Keep your bed only for sleeping purpose. If you use it to watch TV or doing other work, you may find it hard to relax and to think of the bed as a place to sleep. Use your bed only for taking rest and nothing else. This practice is really healthy.
Practice it for some months and you will fall sleep as soon as you lay on the bed.

20. After following all these, still if you are not able to get a Good night sleep, then also don’t worry. Just getup early in the morning and thus you will feel sleepy the next night soon.
Human body takes time to adjust to the changes that we incorporate. So, just practice it for a week and see for the results.

Even then, if you are not getting sleep, then its better to consult a Doctor.

Taking sleeping tablets are not recommended. It may cause some psychological problems over time and if you get addicted to those tablets, then it becomes a disease more harmful than, sleeplessness.

Food, water ratio for good health

Welcome to Saturday health tip, on Technotip.org..

Our health condition mainly depends on what kind of food we intake. Many may suggest to have less food, to be active and to perform better, but I think this is OK for people of age more than 50 – 60. I feel that, we should eat sufficiently. And teenagers mainly need to eat sufficiently, orelse you may have to face some problems in your older age.

Now to remain active even after having sufficient food, you need to drink more water. But this should be scientifically handled. Drinking more water while having food is not recommended, as the acids generated in your digestive system get diluted by water and the digestion process will not go smoothly.

In between having food, you may drink some quantity of water, this will not have any effect, but avoid drinking more water. Do not drink more water before 30 minutes of your food time.

After 1 or 2 hr gap, after your food, drink more water without fail, even if you are not feeling thirsty. People think that, they should drink water only when they feel thirsty, but its not true always. In busy lifestyle of many people, they just forget to drink water or avoid it just to save some time.

Water is like a natural medicine. It helps remove toxic content from our blood, it helps remove excess heat from our body, it helps us maintain our health and beauty, drinking more water can cure pimples and rashes, its a best medicine for inactive people. And people who are taking lot of so called English Medicines should drink more water orelse you will be a permanent guest to your Doctor.

Its ironical that, people now a days have started drinking cool drinks( Pepsi, coco cola, Mirinda, 7Up, Fanta ), hot drinks(alcoholic), wine more than water, by paying money. I think we would have drunk water more, if it had cost us some bucks!
Having junk food along with these cool/hot drinks would be like punishing our health. But who can avoid it? Seriously speaking, do not have this type of food habit regularly. Once in a while having such food can be an excuse for weekends!

Anyway, I am not opposing these artificially stored and manipulated natural drinks(cool/hot drinks) and junk food, I just feel that, it should not exceed the limit. And it should be completely avoided, if its not good for health.

“Be Good to those who drink excess alcohol, as they may not be with us longer!”

Thats it for this Saturday, Sunday health tip. Have a great weekend, and please take care of your and your loved ones health. Drink water, drink fruit juice, drink milk(a complete food) be healthy. Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

Netizens take care of your health and increase productivity

Studies have shown that more and more people are getting addicted to internet now a days.Money making strategies and success stories have made more people to look around the web to see what made those rich and successful.So we can wildly guess that, these internet edicts are mainly educated and socially aware people.


Many people spend their time online by involving themself in playing online games, viewing pornography,  emailing, chatting and in social networking sites.

And we have also observed many bloggers, staring at the monitor from morning till evening and some times it will even continue to late nights.

Netizens spending unhealthy amounts of time online have more chances of forgetting to eat or forgetting that they have already eaten 2 to 3 times, sleeplessness, have more arguments(trying to stand by their opinion) and start feeling isolated from society at some point of time.

Fatigueness would always hont Netizens and bloggers, which is sure to reduce the performance.Bloggers can’t comeup with a killer post and students can’t concentrate on their studies.
Porn videos create stickiness to the web, until one decides to leave it.Middle age ( teen age ) guys and girls commonly get addicted to pron videos at some point of time.

So, almost all net edicts will have some of these problems in common:-

Eye strain, hair loss, backpain, neck pain, Fatigue, stress, isolation, and some sort of psycological disorders may also occur.

How to avoid these things?

Eye strain :- Don’t keep staring at the monitor for longer time.And don’t forget to blink your eyes.Keep blinking your eyes frequently.This will relax retina.

At regular intervals, do eye exercises.Rotate your eye bolls 360 degree.See to maximum left and maximum right.This will give a nice massage feeling to your eyes.

And after 1hr of internet use, just close your eyes with your hands(washed hands), such that no light rays fall on your eye lid.Make it fully dark, by covering your eyes entirely by your both hands.But don’t touch your palms to your eye lids.Just surround the eyes and don’t touch it or don’t press it.hold it for 2 to 3 minutes.This will give a full healing power to your eyes.This technique is called Relaxation technique.

And do not wash your eyes with water, as soon as you getup from long hour of internet use.First do the above mentioned exercise and then wash the eyes.

Avoid light rays falling on your eyes directly.Always see that there is sufficient light on the object which you are looking at.

Try to use anti-glare glasses (spectacles), it will avoid some extra glare on your eyes.

If possible invest in an LCD monitor.LCD monitors are less stressful on eyes.

Do not rub your eyes when you feel itching, just follow the relaxation technique and then wast your eyes with pure water.Use of eye drops(prescribed by your physician) is always good and recommended.

If you get pain in your eyes and/or some rashes start appearing inside your eyes means, immediately stop all your works and contact your doctor(preferably your family doctor).

Intake more vegetables and leafy(green) items in your diet.

A myth : – Looking at greenery( garden, forest etc) will improve the eye sight.

Remember that your eyes are more precious then you think.

Just think of a person who is suffering from eye sight problem or a person who is not able to see the 7 wonders on this earth(atleast in the photographs).Think of those who are by birth blind, who even can’t imagine about the surrounding they are leaving in.Remember those who lost their eye sights in accidents etc.They all regret about it.Now, why would you get to their situation even after reading this post.

Hair loss, stress, strain, sleeplessness all these are kind of brothers and sisters.They all belong to the same family.They are interdependent and interconnected.We all know that, Hairloss is mainly due to hereditary inheritance( ! ).But we are more pron to get bald faster(even faster then the hereditary problems start) if we get more stress, strain and if we have an unhealthy lifestyle( latenight blogging, day-and-night online gaming etc).Hair loss, stress, strain, sleeplessness may also cause headache and eye problems.

So take regular breaks from your internet works.Move yourself from your computer chair and do some stretching exercises.Take regular nap, and come back refreshed.This will increase your productivity and decreases the risk of getting into the trap of health hazards.

Backpain, Neck pain, Ankle pain are common, but neglecting it may increase the problem.So do regular execersis to keep yourself healthy and fit.

And to avoid isolation, there are plenty of ways.Infact the feeling of isolation is psychological.Get in contact with friends(hmm…not in IM or in Social Networking sites).Goto to party with them.Watch your favorite movie with your friends and family.Discuss about any matter, let it be about internet(if you don’t know anything else).Just interact with people more face to face.This will eventually kill the feeling of isolation.

Along with yoga, exercise..also try to practice regular meditation.This will increase your brain power and is an excellent solution for all sort of problems.

Click here to read an effective meditation technique that should be an ingredient of every persons life.

Caution:- In the way to get rid of isolation, don’t try to hang out with your IM buddies.Don’t try to meet them personally for dating or any other kind of stuffs.Because you never know who is the person, how is the person.In many cases, we take lot of time to know about our friends and after some days, we again feel, that we were wrong in knowing him properly.When such is the situation, then how can you trust an stranger ?

I urge you, I beg you all….please take care of your eyes and health.Because we all know that, health is wealth.In fact, health is more important then wealth.

And we all know a fact that, everyone on this earth will surly die one day, so you may ask- where is the point in maintaining health ?

But I feel that, we should even maintain our health inorder to die properly, orelse we need to die in a worst way.

Please share your opinion and experiences regarding any issues of health….

And also share with us, some of the tips that you may be knowing, to maintain good health.Mainly for the internet addicts.