Netizens take care of your health and increase productivity

Studies have shown that more and more people are getting addicted to internet now a days.Money making strategies and success stories have made more people to look around the web to see what made those rich and successful.So we can wildly guess that, these internet edicts are mainly educated and socially aware people.


Many people spend their time online by involving themself in playing online games, viewing pornography,  emailing, chatting and in social networking sites.

And we have also observed many bloggers, staring at the monitor from morning till evening and some times it will even continue to late nights.

Netizens spending unhealthy amounts of time online have more chances of forgetting to eat or forgetting that they have already eaten 2 to 3 times, sleeplessness, have more arguments(trying to stand by their opinion) and start feeling isolated from society at some point of time.

Fatigueness would always hont Netizens and bloggers, which is sure to reduce the performance.Bloggers can’t comeup with a killer post and students can’t concentrate on their studies.
Porn videos create stickiness to the web, until one decides to leave it.Middle age ( teen age ) guys and girls commonly get addicted to pron videos at some point of time.

So, almost all net edicts will have some of these problems in common:-

Eye strain, hair loss, backpain, neck pain, Fatigue, stress, isolation, and some sort of psycological disorders may also occur.

How to avoid these things?

Eye strain :- Don’t keep staring at the monitor for longer time.And don’t forget to blink your eyes.Keep blinking your eyes frequently.This will relax retina.

At regular intervals, do eye exercises.Rotate your eye bolls 360 degree.See to maximum left and maximum right.This will give a nice massage feeling to your eyes.

And after 1hr of internet use, just close your eyes with your hands(washed hands), such that no light rays fall on your eye lid.Make it fully dark, by covering your eyes entirely by your both hands.But don’t touch your palms to your eye lids.Just surround the eyes and don’t touch it or don’t press it.hold it for 2 to 3 minutes.This will give a full healing power to your eyes.This technique is called Relaxation technique.

And do not wash your eyes with water, as soon as you getup from long hour of internet use.First do the above mentioned exercise and then wash the eyes.

Avoid light rays falling on your eyes directly.Always see that there is sufficient light on the object which you are looking at.

Try to use anti-glare glasses (spectacles), it will avoid some extra glare on your eyes.

If possible invest in an LCD monitor.LCD monitors are less stressful on eyes.

Do not rub your eyes when you feel itching, just follow the relaxation technique and then wast your eyes with pure water.Use of eye drops(prescribed by your physician) is always good and recommended.

If you get pain in your eyes and/or some rashes start appearing inside your eyes means, immediately stop all your works and contact your doctor(preferably your family doctor).

Intake more vegetables and leafy(green) items in your diet.

A myth : – Looking at greenery( garden, forest etc) will improve the eye sight.

Remember that your eyes are more precious then you think.

Just think of a person who is suffering from eye sight problem or a person who is not able to see the 7 wonders on this earth(atleast in the photographs).Think of those who are by birth blind, who even can’t imagine about the surrounding they are leaving in.Remember those who lost their eye sights in accidents etc.They all regret about it.Now, why would you get to their situation even after reading this post.

Hair loss, stress, strain, sleeplessness all these are kind of brothers and sisters.They all belong to the same family.They are interdependent and interconnected.We all know that, Hairloss is mainly due to hereditary inheritance( ! ).But we are more pron to get bald faster(even faster then the hereditary problems start) if we get more stress, strain and if we have an unhealthy lifestyle( latenight blogging, day-and-night online gaming etc).Hair loss, stress, strain, sleeplessness may also cause headache and eye problems.

So take regular breaks from your internet works.Move yourself from your computer chair and do some stretching exercises.Take regular nap, and come back refreshed.This will increase your productivity and decreases the risk of getting into the trap of health hazards.

Backpain, Neck pain, Ankle pain are common, but neglecting it may increase the problem.So do regular execersis to keep yourself healthy and fit.

And to avoid isolation, there are plenty of ways.Infact the feeling of isolation is psychological.Get in contact with friends(hmm…not in IM or in Social Networking sites).Goto to party with them.Watch your favorite movie with your friends and family.Discuss about any matter, let it be about internet(if you don’t know anything else).Just interact with people more face to face.This will eventually kill the feeling of isolation.

Along with yoga, exercise..also try to practice regular meditation.This will increase your brain power and is an excellent solution for all sort of problems.

Click here to read an effective meditation technique that should be an ingredient of every persons life.

Caution:- In the way to get rid of isolation, don’t try to hang out with your IM buddies.Don’t try to meet them personally for dating or any other kind of stuffs.Because you never know who is the person, how is the person.In many cases, we take lot of time to know about our friends and after some days, we again feel, that we were wrong in knowing him properly.When such is the situation, then how can you trust an stranger ?

I urge you, I beg you all….please take care of your eyes and health.Because we all know that, health is wealth.In fact, health is more important then wealth.

And we all know a fact that, everyone on this earth will surly die one day, so you may ask- where is the point in maintaining health ?

But I feel that, we should even maintain our health inorder to die properly, orelse we need to die in a worst way.

Please share your opinion and experiences regarding any issues of health….

And also share with us, some of the tips that you may be knowing, to maintain good health.Mainly for the internet addicts.