Facebook Browser Based Standalone Messenger

Recently Facebook started forcing its mobile app users to start using its standalone messaging app. Now it looks like the company is trying the same with its Desktop users. Facebook has a dedicated domain and web based messaging ready at messenger.com


3 layered messaging app
The main difference from the one we have integrated with Facebook is, this dedicated messaging app utilized full width of your browser. Shows list of people with whom you had conversation recently to the left. In the center, you have the facility to message the selected user – it comes with usual animated and static emoticons, stickers, option to select and upload image from your computer and a quick like button. To the right hand column, it has brief detail of the person you’re chatting to.

Previously some people use to make use of some browser extensions/adons to remove the news feed, so that they can get rid of the extra distraction – if it was you, then messenger.com is exactly what you might be looking for.

Group Chat – Call – Video Chat


We can add more people to the chat by clicking on the + icon.
Click on the Call button to make call, if the person is also online.
Click on video calling icon, to start video calling – again, if the person is online.

Messenger Settings


To the left side we have the settings gear icon. Click on it to open a model window where we can enable/disable the notification sound, turn on/off the desktop notification.


Mute individual user
To mute the individual user, select the user first. To the right hand side you’ll get a check box to mute the the user – below the users profile picture.

Hide Your ‘Last Seen’, Photo and Status: WhatsApp

Whatsapp had become stalking tool for many people. Simply add someones number into your phone contact and get to know their ‘last seen’ date/time, their status update and their profile photo(hmm this one is important!)

WhatsApp for iOS had this option to hide ‘last seen’ date/time, but android version lacked it for some unknown reason.

Whatsapp had become stalking tool for many people. Simply add someones number into your phone contact and get to know their ‘last seen’ date/time, their status update and their profile photo(hmm this one is important!)

WhatsApp for iOS had this option to hide ‘last seen’ date/time, but android version lacked it for some unknown reason.

Privacy On WhatsApp: android
Now WhatsApp users on android can set these privacy settings for ‘Last Seen’, ‘Profile Photo’ and ‘Status’. You can individually set all these to ‘Everyone’, ‘My Contacts’ only and ‘Nobody’ except me!

Download New WhatsApp: Since the latest version of WhatsApp for android isn’t yet available on Google Play Store, you can download it directly from WhatsApp website.
(It’s 13.65 MB in size)



Phone Settings: Go to your android phone’s settings -> Security -> and check ‘Unknown sources’.



Install New WhatsApp: Now click on the downloaded .apk file and install it.






WhatsApp Settings: Go to ‘settings’ -> Account -> Privacy -> Who can see my personal info








Do not forget to set back your security option on your phone after installing new WhatsApp apk file. Go to your phone settings -> Security -> and UNCHECK ‘Unknown sources’.

Looks like a good move as soon as Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $19 Billion.

Facebook Acquires WhatsApp for $19 Billion: Facts

$19 Billion for a messaging service? That’s lot expensive, isn’t it? Lets look what Facebook got out of the deal.


WhatsApp Facts
Jan Koum and Brian Acton are the co-founders of the company.
Jan and Brian were previously working at Yahoo.
Brian was Jan’s mentor at Yahoo.
Jan Koum, CEO of Whatsapp is now one of Facebook’s board member and partner with Mark to shape Facebook’s future as well as WhatsApp’s.
Whatsapp has 450 million active users. At least a million install and join Whatsapp each day.
Whatsapp has at least 72% of daily active users – which is a lot when compared to industry standards, which is 10% to 20%.
Whatsapp has only 32 engineers.
Whatsapp was free to download, install and use for 1 year. After that you had to pay $1 for a year.

$19 = $4 + $12 + $3
Whatsapp was acquired for $19 Billion – $4 billion in cash and approximately $12 billion worth of Facebook shares. And additional $3 billion in restricted stock units to be granted to WhatsApp’s founders and employees that will vest over four years subsequent to closing.

Do you think $19 Billion is Justifiable ?
I don’t think Whatsapp can be evaluated to $19 Billion in any ways. But Whatsapp sure helps in Facebook’s mission to make the web open and to connect as many people as possible. Whatsapp has the potential to connect Billions of people. In few years whatsapp can have 3 to 4 Billion active users – according to it’s growth rate. Throwing ads on 3 – 4 Billion people would be foolish, so they might come up with some innovative monetization strategies too. I only wish they don’t sell user data 😛 – Till now Whatsapp had no idea about users age, gender etc, except the mobile number. But now if you use same mobile number even on Facebook, imagine what all they can know about you 😉 I wish whatsapp, Facebook and all their users(including me) all the best for the future!

Facebook has said to continue to maintain Whatsapps principles: No Ads! No Games! No Gimmicks!

Funny thing is, Brian was looking for a job 4 years back:




Now he must be thanking all the people who said NO to him. Without them, this glorious day might not have come 😛

“It’s a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the BEST, you very often get it.” – William Somerset Maugham

Bored by Facebook?

This is a guest post by Daisy Atkinson. If you want to guest post on this blog, check out the guest post guidelines.

This is something I’ve been hearing a lot lately, and just mentioning the name to a friend while he was excitedly tapping away on Twitter, seemed to bring him up short. ‘Well, I never really use Facebook these days, there’s no need.’

Now this really shocked me. Throughout school and university we, like everyone else we knew, had communicated tirelessly through Facebook. The popularity of which caused some people to shut down their profiles during exam time just to avoid failing from ‘Facebook addiction’.

So why is interest for the network now waning? Facebook engulfed the popularity that Myspace once had, but now, with the advent of an entirely new generation of social networking tools, each with their own unique selling point, has Facebook had its day?


Survey and Statistics
A poll conducted by Ipsos, taken from a sample of 1,032 Americans, revealed that just over a third were using Facebook with less frequency than they did six months before. Those polled described the reason for this being that Facebook had, for them, become ‘boring’, ‘not relevant’, and even, ‘not useful’. This is a shocking report when, in a digital age, the importance of social networks
has never been so apparent for communication, marketing and research both at work and at home. What is even more surprising is the idea that the most prominent social network of this digital era is now losing clients.

According to another survey of 1000 Americans, an astonishing 80% also admitted to never having bought products as a result of advertising on Facebook. From a business perspective, this is an extremely worrying statistic, especially for the thousands of companies using Facebook for the purposes of e-commerce.

It is to be expected that Facebook’s most popular age bracket for users is 18-34, as this encompasses the generation in which it began, however, what is slightly surprising is that Facebook retains its popularity with this demographic when there are far more complex social networks available to what I would consider to be the age bracket most fluent in social networking.

Complaints about the network often concern the enormous catalogues of photos that stagnate on profiles, or vast amounts of spam from the variety of games available on a network that was never designed to be an interactive gaming site. I must admit that I recently fell victim to Tetris on Facebook one boring Tuesday evening, but with my attention now firmly turned towards the burgeoning social networks, neither has held my attention in recent months.

There are other options out there that are not necessarily bigger than Facebook, but a hell of a lot better in satisfying your specific needs.

Even one of Twitter’s directors recently stated that he still hadn’t figured out the basis of Twitter’s appeal, but in my opinion the key lies in its constant state of flux. The ability to post photos, videos, comments, links, and likes cover a lot of the popular aspects of Facebook but with much faster and simpler processes.


Instagram And Facebook
Instagram is the new and more interesting approach to photo media, as it allows the user to have a more interactive relationship with their product by altering the outlook of photos. Facebook has played a blinder by getting involved with this application, as it has revolutionised the users’ approach to storytelling through photos, and has enabled Facebook to adapt to its requirements through Timeline, making the photos more accessible according to date and event.

Before the arrival of Instagram, unless there had been a particularly interesting event in the last few days, Facebook didn’t produce anything more appealing, visually or textually, than any other social network.

Of course the simplicity and size of Facebook has attracted, and will continue to attract even older generations wishing to publicise their antics online, but the functionality and appearance leave a lot to be desired for the more discerning social networker.

Facebook chat for instance, while reaping the benefits of its new arrival during what I consider to be its most progressive stage, is still one of the most limited real time conversation applications around today.

Despite its relative drawbacks, the social network has successfully retained a global following for a number of years, and through some trial and error periods spent optimising layout, has stayed ahead of the social networking game since its
creation in 2004.

If Facebook continues to create connections with developing applications like Instagram it may survive a little longer, but my prediction is that this generation of more demanding social networkers will flock to something new and shiny for a piece of the action.

Author Bio
Daisy Atkinson is an English graduate from The University of Liverpool. She currently works as an online marketing intern at Quick Lingo, for whom she
writes articles, manages their news portal, The Daily Polyglot, and operates their various social media platforms. Daisy also writes for FE News and for a number of other online publications.

A Billion Users On Facebook!

Connecting a Billion people is not an easy job. Frequent outrages, law suites, drawbacks ..all part of the success, Facebook reaches more than a Billion active monthly user mark today.

Here is a message from its founder, Mark Zuckerberg:

This morning, there are more than one billion people using Facebook actively each month.

If you’re reading this: thank you for giving me and my little team the honor of serving you.

Helping a billion people connect is amazing, humbling and by far the thing I am most proud of in my life.

I am committed to working every day to make Facebook better for you, and hopefully together one day we will be able to connect the rest of the world too.

We have been hearing this for a while: If you ask people, what’s the highly populated place ? People would say, Facebook!

As Facebook hits 1 Billion monthly active users, they have also released their first official ad

And a story of an Indian, using Facebook to get back his memory:

We all know how much time we spend on Facebook wasting 🙂 but still can’t deny that it’s a place most of us enjoy watching our friends and share stuffs about yourselves.

Have Guts To Take Tough Decisions In Business ?

Some times tough decisions are needed in business.
Some can be proved as wrong steps. But still they will be right for your business!

Confused ?


Let me explain:

Facebook introduced Facebook feed feature, and millions protested against it all over the world back then. But the user engagement had increased, so facebook continued with the feature, later after 4 years, on January 25th, 90k people agreed to turnout for the protest in Egypt. And they organized using Facebook and the same feature helped them get out their messages to wider community of users.

Ruchi Sanghvi, ex-Facebooker

Our Own Application, TwitFever.com
Its a retweet club community application where there are many members who write and submit tweets in languages other than English. I love those members, as they are active in the community. Sometimes I use Google translater tool to convert the writing to English and read their tweets and articles.

But that may not be true with other members of the community. They might find it intrusive 🙁

They may find it difficult and sometimes annoying to navigate inorder to digg English content and then retweet them.

In situations like this, we’ll have to follow the guts. I know, non-English speaking members will be really angry on me when I inform them the new rules of allowing only English content. But when you’re clear about your target audience, you’ll have to make tough decisions even if you don’t like to be rude.

Possible Solution:
Branch out the application and make sub domains or host the same application on other domains for each languages!

Now that isn’t feasible for a application like TwitFever.com
This solution may apply for a business which has bigger audience.

With this situation what I learn’t is being tough in decision is a must in business and some times in life too.
You can’t please everyone with your action/decisions.

What to look at?
Some people may say bad things about your application or business. But don’t lose your focus and forget all the other people who din’t say anything! Posibilities are they are actually loving it, but are scared to face the few others.

Always measure based on reality, statistics and not just by looking at a small group of people who are against it.
Its “ok” to treat it as a feedback: check it, if valid, act, if not carry on with your good cause.

Bad News: you’re not going to fit in with everyone.
Good News: people with big destinies never do.

Accept the things you can’t change;
have the courage to change the things which you can;
and have the wisdom to know the difference!

5 Facebook Tips and Tricks You Don’t Know Yet

This is a guest post by Tom george. If you want to guest post on this blog, check out the guest post guidelines.

A lot of business owners use facebook as a way to reach targeted customers and to keep in touch with their current customers. If you use Facebook regularly, then you might be familiar with the basic things like creating an album, removing an album, creating a post, or linking a post, etc. But did you know that you can make more from your Facebook using these tips?


Here are some of the common facebook tips and tricks, that you, as a hardcore, or even casual facebook user should know, so you can save time and do less on repetitive Facebook tasks.

1. Access your Facebook chat without going to Facebook- If you need to talk with your Facebook friends and not have a look at what is new with them, you can do so by downloading a desktop client that will allow you to login to Facebook and use it only to chat.Popular Facebook chat desktop clients are Adium, ChitChat, and Social.IM.


2. Hide your online status from selected friends
If you don’t want to be seen by almost every Facebook friends you have you can selectively hide your status to them by doing the following:
1. Go to your facebook Chat, click on friend list.
2. Create a new list and name it BlockList or whatever creative name you have for the people you don’t want to see your status.
3. Add those friends that you want to appear offline most of the time.
4. When you sign in, hover your mouse to the green icon next to the list then click Go offline.

3. Schedule Your Facebook Message to Be Sent Later
Sendible is a great tool to send email in social media at a certain time. This is perfect for social media marketing. There are also other tools, which might help a social media business grow.

4. Bring out the pirate in you or turn your world upside down
If you want some wacky stuffs out of Facebook you can change the way messages are displayed by clicking the link next to the Facebook copyright. By default English(US) is displayed. There you’ll see some wacky English language like English(Pirate) and English(Upside Down).


5. Search in Facebook Like A Boss


Not everybody knows about the advanced searching option that most web search engine has. With these search function, you can sort out and filter what you actually need to see.
user: or users: or people: or name:
List the person’s name of your actual query
ex. user: Kelly Rowland
application: or applications:
List the specific application you desire.
ex. application: Farmville
group: or groups:
Lists a specific group you searched for.
ex. group: 9Gag
event: or events:
Displays only the events you searched for.
ex. event: party at LA
fbpage: or fbpages:
Displays only the Facebook page you need to see.
ex. fbpage: World of Warcraft
the pipe (|)
Use this along with the functions above, particularly when you want to search more than one term to further refine the result.
ex. users: Jhon Doe | Jane Doe
Means: Give me results for Jhon Doe and Jane Doe too.

Using such tricks will help you make more out of Facebook. You can also use these tricks either to impress anyone with your Facebook skills or further aid your social media marketing aim.

About author:- This article was written by Tom george, who is working as a .NET consultant. Tom helps people to choose the best web hosting companies for their business site.

Suggest A Profile Picture To Your Friend: FaceBook

How odd it looks if you don’t have a profile picture in Facebook ?
If I get a friend request from someone who never bothered to putup a profile picture, I would most likely never bother to check out who the person is ?


Facebook has this nice little feature, where in you could suggest your friend a profile pic, from the pics he or she has uploaded or in which he or she is tagged.

Well, this is not a new feature, but in the video I said it as new! my mistake.

I think it’s very important for Facebook to show it’s users face orelse it will also look like other spammy social networks around.