New email domains for Yahoo! – Ymail and Rocketmail

Yahoo! Inc.Today is a celebration day…..atleast at Yahoo Inc.As they have just announced their two new email domains and

Launched in October 1997, Yahoo! mail claims more than 260 million users worldwide, as a result of which many desirable e-mail addresses have already been taken for the and or or etc) domain.With the introduction of two new email domain choices, Yahoo! is will make millions of new email addresses available to the online community.

Ymail is expected to compete directly with Gmail of Google.
Rocketmail is rather a old email domain, and at one time was one of the most widely used and a fast webmail services which was regarded as an rival for Hotmail. Yahoo acquired in 1997 and used its technology as the foundation of its Yahoo Mail. After the Yahoo! acquisition of rocketmail , no new email addresses could be registered.But the earlier users were left to use and retain their email addresses.

Now we can register for any/all these 3 mail domains with our favorite ID names.

Many have tried to register for ymail or rocketmail by going to and/or it redirects to the same old yahoo login page.

Then how to register ?

Relax, just goto the same page and click on the signup now link.You will then be taken to the regular registration page.There you can select your email ID as well as the email domain.


A common Yahoo! ID will work for everything across the Yahoo! network, from checking email to checking out Messenger, Flickr, groups, finance, MyBlogLog and the rest hundreds of yahoo acquired sites and services.

The new mail domain comes with:-

  • Easily transition contacts and emails from other mail accounts with a handy wizard.
  • The and addresses deliver all the great features you love about Yahoo!
  • Find the or email address that’s you always wanted and was unavailable.

However you cannot change your current email address to the new or email address.

“A happy user is one that stays around and is a Yahoo! user for life,” Kremer Vice President, Yahoo! Mail, said.

NOTE: To login using your ymail or rocketmail ID’s, just open and then type your full email ID( Ex:- and then enter your password(in password field) and then hit Signin, this will take you to the new ymail or rocketmail.

“If you have an email address that is your name at ymail, that becomes part of your identity.”

We already grabbed out What about you guys ?