Interview with Dan Schawbel, The Master of Personal Branding

Dan Schawbel is a leading voice in the area of personal branding, and he is the author of Me 2.0 as well as the publisher of both the award winning Personal Branding Blog and Personal Branding Magazine.


I recommend Me 2.0 to anyone who wants to know and buildup their personal branding. I especially encourage students to pick a copy of the book, it will surely be valuable tool for your future.


Satish: Tell our readers about the idea of “Personal Branding”, and why one should care?

Dan: Personal branding is about uncovering what makes you special and then letting the world know about it. You should care because there is no job security anymore and because if you’re aren’t know for anything, then you won’t receive the same opportunities as others.

Satish: People helping us( evangelists ) brand ourselves start expecting the same help from us, while they don’t live upto the trust of their audience. How to deal with such situations?

Dan: You shouldn’t listen to people who aren’t proven experts in their field. Do some research on them first before asking for their help or trusting their content. There is an unlimited amount of people in the world, but only a select few that are trustworthy.

Satish: Some College students prefer to keep low profile, so that they do not get embraced when things go wrong. Your tips for students to fight their weakness?

Dan: You should always capitalize on your strengths and neutralize your weaknesses. The internet is now the global talent pool. If you aren’t active on it, then you have a lot of challenges in moving up in your career.

Satish: Your tips for students and employees to fight stage fear. Because we have observed that many people don’t get the confidence to face people and confidently tell about themselves. What would you suggest them?

Dan: I would recommend that students and employees really understand their subject matter before speaking in front of an audience. You can gain a lot of confidence when you’re an expert that will make you less nervous when in front of people. You should also get consensus among your audience before you speak, so that they are on the same page before you present. This makes it easier to get your message across.

Satish: How much important do you think the role of “Branding” in the success of a business/blog/service.

Branding is important for differentiating yourself from the competition, for recruiting new employees, for supporting your promotional program, and to charge a premium price.

Satish: With all the efforts to earn the Trust(for the sake of trust), when our blog readers/customers give bad personal
comments, how does it feel about the trust that we have built? And how to deal with such situations?

Dan: Trust takes years to build and you can’t force people to trust you. The higher quality of content you produce will attract more people and cause them to trust you.

Satish: Your effective tips for building personal branding.

Dan: You should understand how you want to be branded, then reserve your domain name and your vanity URL on the top social networks, and then invest time each day to connect with new people in your industry. You need your own personal mission statement, core values, and a unique design.

Satish: What have you learnt with the release of your book “Me 2.0”

Dan: I learned that if you promote other others and their books before yours come’s out, many will support the launch of your book. The lesson learned is that by helping others first, they will reciprocate.

Satish: What do you think are – some of the signs of Entrepreneurship.

Dan: If you are a control freak, have creative ideas and are very ambitious, then you’re an entrepreneur. Typically, if one of your family members is an entrepreneur, you have the gene!

Satish: Your Advice for job seekers(students who have just finished their college life and are applying for a job).

Dan: They should be networking every single day, both online and offline. They should also be specific with the type of career they want so they can target certain companies and positions. Use your current network too, including your family and friends, to make introductions to people that are employed.

Satish: Your advice to college students to fight the stress of studies, assignments, exams, seminars, projects and their little voice of “entrepreneurship”

Dan: You have to work hard no matter what the task is. If you’re an entrepreneur, then start a business in college. Don’t purposely flunk out!

Satish: If you have anything else to tell your fans/followers/readers, you can tell them.

Dan: I just launched my 3D corporate website for Millennial Branding, LLC. I also have a new blog called Student Branding Blog if you want to check that out.

We appreciate Dan for taking time to participate in the interview. Hope you all enjoyed it. You may also like to read my review of the book Me 2.0

10 Best Alternatives to the iPhone

This is a guest post by James Adams. If you want to guest post on this blog, check out the guidelines here.

Apple took the mobile world by storm with its release of the iPhone two years ago, causing a cult of fans who wanted to get their own sparkling phone. At this point, many other developers have jumped into the craze and, in some cases, even developing phones more worth looking at than the iPhone.


1. HTC Google Nexus One [$179]
Google and HTC joined forces to bring the Nexus One, which comes complete with a 480×800 touchscreen, a 5 MP camera and the noteworthy Android 2.1 operating system. Available with T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint, this phone has the iPhone beat six ways from Sunday.

2. Palm Pre [$149]
Surprisingly, a Palm device can successfully compete against the iPhone. Features include a 320×480 touchscreen with a slide-down QWERTY board – an effective alternative to the otherwise uncomfortable onscreen board Apple offers. The Palm Web OS-based phone comes available from Sprint.

3. Motorola Droid [$199]
This is another Android 2.1 phone that was built under Google’s supervision, and it comes with possibly one of the largest screens on a mobile phone, measuring at 3.7 inches and a resolution of 480×854. It comes with the ability to recognize 32 GB of SD storage and has an accelerometer built into it, allowing the screen orientation to change. This phone is available through Verizon.

4. Nokia N97 Mini Driver Edition [$479]
A 3.5 inch touchscreen and SD Card support of up to 16 GB have been built into this gem by Nokia, and it has the Symbian operating system. It is available from the Nokia Store.

5. Samsung Omnia II [$199]
This new release comes with the Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system installed onto it, proudly displayed across the full 480×800 touchscreen. Its long list of features include an astounding 6 MP camera, 16 GB internal memory and up to 32 GB external memory by way of an SD card. It is available through Verizon.

6. BlackBerry Bold [$199]
The BlackBerry still holds the reign among capabilities regarding email and instant messaging, complete with a comfortable QWERTY keyboard, the familiar BlackBerry operating system and a BlackBerry-specific app store with many different apps from which to choose. Popular all around the world, the BlackBerry Bold is available through AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile.

7. HTC Hero [$299]
Another HTC contender comes the Hero, which has many connectivity options, along with a 5 MP camera. While an iPhone cannot display YouTube videos due to the lack of Flash, the Hero is capable of all of this and much more, directly benefiting from Flash inclusion. The Android-based Hero can be purchased through Alltel, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint.

8. Nokia 5800 XpressMusic [$259]
Nokia finally gets the message about slim phones with this new release. Enjoy the new and improved Nokia OS, a 3.2 inch screen and up to 16 GB of external memory. It is available through the Nokia store.

9. New LG Chocolate [$269]
Always renovating the successful phones, LG has come up with their newest version of their popular Chocolate phone. It contains its own LG operating system, has Bluetooth connectivity and is a slide phone. It can be purchased through the LG store or through Verizon.

10. LG Vu [$249]
This phone is a great alternative to the iPhone, especially since it looks just like one. Also containing the LG operating system, the Vu comes with Mobile TV, a 2 MP camera and a large 3-inch responsive touchscreen. This phone can be purchased through the LG store or through AT&T.

James is a product analyst and writer at an online ink cartridges specialist offering a range of franking machine ink and other supplies to business.

New AdSense Ad format(s) – YouTube, Twitter Integration

We have seen Adsense ads with YouTube videos integrated, which play on the same page when clicked. But these are somewhat different in their looks, and do not play videos on the same page, instead takes the visitor to a YouTube URL which is formated like a nice landing page.

Here are some screen shots. We found these ads on our blog too and had taken screen shots a month back.


And recently we also heard of a ad format containing Twitter tweets extracted from rss feed of the advertisers twitter a/c. Here are the images:


“Google Twitter Ad” News Source(s): searchengineland and qualite.

The ad is interactive in that you can click the right and left arrows to see previous tweets from that account. You can also click on the Twitter avatar and name, plus the “Follow me on Twitter” link to be taken to that person’s Twitter URL.

The ad itself is connected to the advertiser´s Twitter account and rotates the latest tweets from this account. The only clickable parts of the ad are the logo, the Twitter-username, the text ”Follow me on Twitter” and the URL to the Twitter-profile. The goal with the ad format is to recruit more followers for the advertiser´s Twitter-profile.

Update: We found these ads ourselves on Google’s social networking site – Orkut. I have tried my best to capture the video.

Google has not officially said anything specifically about these ad formats, but it is said to have been testing some new ad formats to help advertisers get better exposure.

WordPress 3.0 is Out – Do Not Expect WordPress 3.1 Shortly!

WordPress 3.0 has been released and you can find it in your dashboard.

Some of the interesting new things in WordPress 3.0:

1. The most interesting thing for theme developers is, it has a new default theme called Twenty Ten.

2. Theme developers have new APIs that allow them to easily implement custom backgrounds, headers, shortlinks, menus (no more file editing).

3. Facility to merge MU and WordPress.

And some other bug fixes.

Watch this video:

Want to wait till WordPress 3.1 is released? Think again or read below:
This time WordPress team will be concentrating on things around, like showcase, Codex, forums, profiles, update and compatibility APIs, theme directory, plugin directory, mailing lists, core plugins, etc. So WordPress 3.1 may not be coming any time soon.

We have upgraded to WordPress 3.0 and I already love the lighter interface.

There is a Maintenance mode, which gets activated while you are doing any upgrades. See screenshot below.

And if the automatic update fails, it shows a message at the top of your dashboard..

HostGator New Discount Coupon: Valid For Any Hosting Plan

As always we try to bring discount coupons / offers / coupon code / promo code for valuable products and services.

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What I like the most about HostGator?

24×7 Live Chat with support team/Billing department.

Quick response to support tickets.

Their “Hatchling Plan” costs $4.95 per month.

And with “baby plan” which costs $7.95(if purchased for 3 years) you can host UNLIMITED Domains and have UNLIMITED databases– This is the number one reason for me to prefer HostGator.

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10 Tips for Finding the WordPress Theme That’s Right For You

Everybody knows that WordPress is extremely versatile. There are themes available for nearly every mood or whim and new ones are being added every day. When you’re ready to start blogging for yourself, how

This is a guest post by James Adams. If you want to guest post on this blog, check out the guidelines here.

Everybody knows that WordPress is extremely versatile. There are themes available for nearly every mood or whim and new ones are being added every day. When you’re ready to start blogging for yourself, how do you find a theme that will suit your needs? Here are some tips and questions to help you find the right WordPress theme for you.


1. Be aware of your purpose – To choose the best theme for your blog, you need to know what you are going to be using it for. Are you wanting to monetize it? Do you want to throw pay per click out the window and just write for fun?

2. Take a look at others, part 1 – Find the blogs that appeal to you and write the themes down. This first sweep looks specifically at form, rather than function. Write down the five styles that most appeal to you, then go to the next step.

3. Take a look at others, part 2 – There are two parts to any blog: form and function. Search around a little more to see if there are blogs that have the functionality that you want. Will the theme support the widgets that you want? Does it have the coding that you love already in place? Write down around five styles.

4. Do you need to learn a programming language? – Some WordPress styles are more technically intensive than others. Do you have the expertise to install the widgets, or would you prefer a ‘drag and drop’ sort of approach? Are you willing to learn new techniques? This is an important factor when selecting a WordPress theme.

5. Do you need to pay for it? – You might have found the theme of your dreams, but does it cost money? If you are plotting out a straight blog, do you need to have a custom theme available? Themes come in a variety of price ranges and you must be prepared to pay if you like one of the premium set ups.

6. Can you grow with your theme? – Are you satisfied with the WordPress theme enough that you’re itching to put all of your material into it? Can you grow with this theme? More importantly, are you willing to put a whole lot of work into the theme that you’ve chosen? If not, you may wish to choose something else.

7. Is there after sales support? – Does the company supplying the theme offer support in case something goes wrong? If they don’t, are you willing to search hither and yon for someone who can answer your questions? Adequate technical support is essential.

8. Does it upgrade regularly? – Are you going to be left in the dust at each new WordPress upgrade? Can your theme grow with you, or are you going to be left behind? Learn about this before you commit to the theme, because it will save some issues later on.

9. Read some reviews – Once you have answered your questions in terms of the theme that you wish to use, investigate to see if there are any reviews posted. If you can’t find any reviews, ask the people that have your potential theme on their site and see how they feel about it.

10. Give it a test run – All the preparation in the world is not a replacement for giving your theme a shot and seeing how it works. Kick the tires, put some comments in, play with the widgets. If you have to pay for your theme, see if the company will let you have a free trial.

Nothing can beat good content, but a great WordPress theme will make it easier on your readers and potentially attract new ones. It’s like finding the right partner, you’ll know it when you’ve found the right WordPress theme.
Image Source: flickr

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