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After a year of blogging, I feel that it would be great idea to allow guest blogging on this blog. To learn from you guys. I have learnt a lot with the comment section, now its time to give you the main platform to share your knowledge. And to have a lot more conversation and build a great community around, helping each other.
We know the frustration of getting a first link to a new blog. To show others that you exist. And it’s a great boost for search engine ranking, if you can get a link from a trusted website.

Guest articles will mostly be published on Wednesday and Thursday. All other days(most of the days) we will be writing on this blog, as always.

Guest blogging is a great tool to show your presence, skills and to kick start your online business or to boost your already existing one.


What kind of content do we accept?
Write things that provide value. Solve some problems.
1. How-to articles.
2. WordPress and designing.
3. Strategies.
4. Web2.0
5. System related.
6. Mobile tips and tricks.
7. Social Media.
8. Own blogging experiences.
9. List posts
10. Tutorials etc.

Must follow, strict policy:
The article must be original. It must not be published anywhere else….online or offline(news paper, magazine etc). You will be held responsible for any dispute that may rise later.

What type of content is a No NO?
1. Hate stuffs – Abusing some company or product.
2. Product reviews.
3. Article with irrelevant links!
A link with in the article must support the article that is published on the blog and should not be another post that you are referring to readers to go and read.

Some personal guidelines:
Guest blogging is an opportunity to show your authority over a topic to a wider audience or new audience. So you need to make it as professional as possible, and not to include as many links as possible to drive the traffic. Its about spreading your brand recognition, showing your ability and willingness to be one among the community. Before submitting a guest article, make sure you do proper research about the topic, so that you can satisfy the readers and their comments.
Don’t view guest blogging as purely an opportunity for you to get new readers and promote yourself. Try to add value to the blog where you are writing the guest post. Take the opportunity to build the authority. People reading the article will surly visit you and be your loyal readers if they like the content and find that you are genuine, then they are more likely to stay with you, following your blog. Create good impression, leave with a positive impact.

For more info or for any further clarification, contact us.

Note: A small bio will be added at the end of the article with a link to your blog and a link to your Twitter profile (optional).


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