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So isn’t it a good deal? You get a good quality hosting account and excellent free training program. is by far the most complete Internet Marketing and Online Business training program on the web. So do not miss this opportunity.

Yes, you read it right. Daniel Scocco run is now a Free training program.

So what’s the catch?
There is just one requirement: people will need to signup for a hosting account with one of their partners in order to get free membership. The partner hosting companies are Hostgator and Hostnine and the hosting costs $8 Per Month. You are supposed to keep the hosting account active for atleast 3 months inorder to get lifetime access to the membership program.

So isn’t it a good deal? You get a good quality hosting account and excellent free training program. is by far the most complete Internet Marketing and Online Business training program on the web. So do not miss this opportunity.

Also there is one more exciting change: Now there is a “Live Case Study” area, where you’ll be able to watch Daniel build a profitable website from scratch. This way you can learn and implement the strategies that Daniel implements to his websites.

What about old members who paid for the course?
Old members will keep their account for lifetime and they will be benefited as there will be more lessons, audio, videos added soon.

Mark On Your Calendar: will open its door on June 8th. And I am sure, you don’t want to miss it this time!

Now you can go and grab:
1. News Letter.
2. Free Report.
3. And read an excellent article – “How To Make Money Fast On The Internet: 4 Methods That Really Work!” (Go read this excellent article, you will surly love it – and probably make some money after reading it.)

Do you want Premium quality content for FREE ?

Being a student I know how tight our budgets will be! I was in the same position a year back, before starting blogging. So I love to share about good quality, free content from trusted sources.
Yesterday I read a very good ebook and I recommend it to all bloggers who are stuck at some point in blogging and can’t afford to pay for an online course.

The name of the ebook is Make Money Blogging, by Daniel Scocco. The book is well structured and is worth reading.


Daniel Scocco has been involved in entrepreneurial projects on the Internet since 2005 and he knows his stuffs. His famous blog was nominated under the “Best Web Development Blog” category in the 2007 Weblog Awards, and currently it is ranked among the 500 most popular blogs in the world (according to Technorati) and among the 100 most popular marketing blogs in the world (according to AdvertisingAge).
Daniel has also provided consulting services for many companies and organizations (including the United States federal government), and he is the founder of the online marketing and business training program Online Profits.

So Daniel and his works are really worth to be followed, if you want to be a successful online entrepreneur or blogger.

Daniel has worked for about two months and has packed this ebook with all his experience and has made a really valuable ebook.

Many people, including bloggers want answer for this question — How to make money blogging?
This book also concentrates and explains other aspects of money making, that is generating quality content inorder to get the traffic and to gain authority(over time), and then the money aspects, which is exact inline with how things have worked out to many bloggers.
It contains some real suggestions and tips, which most online courses teach.

The ebook contains:

Introduction (which also contains very valuable information’s)
1. The Content: Know the 3 important things that make good content. Good info about Headline and about finding idea’s or inspiration for content creation.
This is the most important aspect for any blogger to know. You can just download the ebook, to read this one chapter, if you don’t have enough time.

2. Design and usability: This chapter contains some list of Usability Mistakes, which are worth noting down and correct them one by one, if your blog is making those mistakes.
Other things like call for action and the action priorities.

3. Networking: Contains some short email templates, that you can use for your networking purpose!, but I suggest get your own. Templates provided by Daniel are just an example. You can make yours more personal and catchy!
Small excerpt from this chapter:

In most professional fields, who you know is at least as important as what you know. Blogging is no exception.

4. Promotion: This is the chapter which I liked the most. It contains some really good information. It tells the importance of guest blogging, social bookmarking sites, Twitter, Facebook and ways to promot your killer content.

5. Monetization: Which stresses about the creation of authority, before trying to make money. And gives 2 important tips for making money with Adsense. Also talks about direct advertising, CPM ads, Affiliate marketing, email marketing(“the money is in the list!”) etc.

In the introduction of the ebook, Daniel says – “If you already have a blog and know the basics, feel free to skip to chapter 1.” But out of curiosity, I read the introduction and I must say, Daniel has packed good info from the very beginning of the ebook.
Although the introduction was valuable, I feel that I had already read it on!

Introduction goes on with the inspiring revenue figures of TechCrunch, Mashable and Haffingtonpost etc, but at the same time warns not to get into “get rich quick” concept! Here is an excerpt from the ebook:

yes it is definitely possible to make money blogging. At this point many people ask: “but is it easy or quick?” Well, that is a completely different question, and unfortunately the answer here is a big “NO”.
Making money blogging is no different then making money with any other venture, be it online or offline. As such it will take time and require a heck lot of work.

Much like his News Letter(which is kind of personal, valuable and to the point), the ebook also doesn’t contain any fluff, you get the meat directly, so its time saving apart from being valuable.

Finally, if you are a blogger or somehow related to blogs, then you will find the ebook valuable. Do not miss to download, read and implement the tips in the ebook.
To download the ebook(which is Free), you will have to signup for his news letter here.

And also tweet about this ebook to all your friends, fans and followers, I am sure, many of them will find it helpful. And who knows you may even win a laptop! — yes, Daniel is holding a contest and is giving away two laptops to two lucky winners. Tweeting will get you one entry, and blogging about it will give you 5 entries. Nice trick to get the words out. Though I decided to write about the ebook, after reading it and finding some valuable info there. And more over, I always recommend Daniel’s work, as he is a brand built around trust.

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An Interview with the Master – “Daniel scocco” from

Daniel-Scocco-Daily-Blog-TipsDaniel Scocco has lived and studied in several places around the world, including Italy, Chile and Brazil. After receiving a degree in International Economics and working for a year within a multinational company, he decided to quit and pursue entrepreneurial projects on the Internet.
His experience completely changed the way he interacted with the Internet. Through out these years he launched several successful blogs, and Daily Blog Tips is the place where he shares what he learned along the way. The blog was nominated under the “Best Web Development Blog” category on the 2007 Weblog Awards, and currently it is ranked number 29 among the most popular blogs in the world (according to Technorati).
Daniel Scocco is an inspiration to start this blog and his blogs have helped us a lot in learning about blogging. I highly recommend every blogger to subscribe to DailyBlogTips. And I take this privilege to thank Daniel for giving this interview.

1. How long have you been blogging?

I started late in 2005.

2. Where did you first hear about blogging and making money through internet?


3. Are you a full time blogger?

Full time web publisher.

4. When did you quite your day job —  Was it before/after you started getting more money from your blogs than your regular salary?

I quit before I was making any money online. But I was sure in 6 months to 1 year I would already be earning enough to live. That was the case.

5. Did you start with the purpose of making money?

No, I started because the lifestyle was what I wanted (i.e. the possibility to work from home and have plenty of free time).

6. How many blogs do you have or write for currently(otherthan Daily Blog Tips, Daily Bits, Daily Writing Tips…and hope you don’t write in ).

Those are the main ones. I have some smaller websites, but they are all static.

7. How many hours do you dedicate to them every day? How much time do you spend for each of your blogs? Do you sleep at night
🙂 ? (kidding!)

I work around 8 hours every day. The time is spent reading new stuff, writing posts for Daily Blog Tips, managing the other 3 blogs, and on some consulting projects.

8. Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Delicious, Yahoo Buzz! — Order them with your priority ?

StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, Buzz.

9. How much do you make from your blogs, monthly?

Around $3000.

10. What is your main income source?

Direct ads and consulting projects.

11. Do you think Adsense makes a blog look unprofessional?

Depends how you integrate it. AdSense on the sidebar or below the posts are fine. Blended with the content they look spammy.

12. What were the 3 major mistakes you did on your blog?

On Daily Blog Tips I already had a good experience. On previous blogs I messed up pretty bad though.

My first web hosting was a Windows plan on GoDaddy…

My first blog was a hand coded HTML page.

My first WordPress install was not done on the root folder.

13. What would you suggest for a blogger, who have just started his blog.

i. Wait till they get direct advertisers or use ad networks?

Wait until you have 1000 uniques a day, then put ads. Direct or ad networks will depend on the niche.

ii. AdSense or anyother ad networks

Depends on the niche.

14. If you could give an advice for a novice blogger, what would it be?

Focus on the content.

15. If you could read only one blog, which one would you pick?


16. If you could read only one blog(related to blogging), which one would you pick?


17. How many RSS feeds do you track daily?

Some 200

18. Have you ever invested money in promotion of your blogs?


19. What are your 3 main strategies for blog promotion- In a line each?

1.valuable content
2. contact with other bloggers
3. social media

20. What are your other revenue source, other than blogging?

Consulting projects and niche websites.

21. What was the most difficult situation faced by you in all these years, regarding blogging(except Spam 🙂 )?

Content theft.

22. Which are the 3 major traffic sources for your DailyBlogTips?

1. repeat traffic
2. search engines
3. social media

23. What is the secret of your success?


24. How important is the design aspect? (0 to 10)


Some questions to which we expect some detailed answers.

1. How you spend your day?

Wake up at 6am more or less. Check email. Eat breakfast. work until 10:30. Hit the gym. Lunch. Work till 5pm. Train Jiu-Jitsu or Kick-boxing (depending on the day). Dinner. Go to sleep at 10pm or so.

2. Personal hobbies and interests?

Martial arts, swimming, weight lifting, saxophone, chess.

3. Life before blogging, blogging life, where you want to see your blog in next 5 or 10 years time?

Before working on the web I used to work for a multinational company. Boring.

Right now I love my life style.

Hopefully my blogs will still be going strong.

4. Some of your life’s ambitions?

I want to start my own Internet company some day.

5. What projects do you have in your to-do list for coming days(2008-2009 and even 2010, if any).

Buy a house, preferable at some nice beach location.

6. We see all over the internet that, people earning lot from Internet usually have cool life style, they will be going to holiday trips to  their favorite places frequently etc etc….Do you think its true and do you also have such life style.

This is true for people earning bit time. I am not there yet.

7. Do you also complain of not having time?

No. I love the flexibility I have working from home.

8. 3 things you do, which you consider waste of time….

I don’t waste that much time actually. Don’t watch TV, don’t play games, don’t have gadgets or anything.

Only thing I could say is watching DVD movies.

9. How about your contacts with the outside real world(other than blogging life)? Do you meet and talk to people often or will you be busy almost all the time infront of your computer?

I think I keep a good balance. I workout or train martial arts almost every day, so I meet people there. On weekends I always meet up with friends and with my girlfriend, so it’s good.
I wish I would have more time for that though, but one got work hard.

We feel that everybody had great time reading this interview article. Daniel is one of our blogging idol and we are very happy as we started this “Interview” section with Daniel. If you have some interesting questions to ask your blogging idol or your blogging inspiration, then Ask questions here and Celebrity Bloggers will answer it(an Interview).