All Your Affiliate and Ad Network Report At One Place: Android App

As bloggers and online markers we keep checking our affiliate and ad network earnings report on a daily basis (or atleast once every 3-4 days). I use 3 ad networks and 2 affiliate sites. These sites, sometimes, tend to take a lot of time to load. Then I need to log into my account and then retrieve my earnings (and other data) after digging deep into their User Interface.

Report App on Google Play

Now imagine how much time you would spend on these sites in a year. In 10 years? What if I told you you’ll spend significantly less time in all these hassles but still get to see your earnings report daily. Yes that’s right. That’s what this ‘Report‘ android app does.


Save Time
With this app you configure ones and then keep accessing it automatically each time you open the app – no login needed, no complex UI. You open the app and you can see your earning report of all ad networks and affiliate sites within few seconds.


Graphs and Charts
You can get to retrieve earning report of any date and you also get to see your data in the form of beautiful graphs. This makes it easy to consume the data, with just a glimpse.


Supported Networks
1. Audience Network
2. Flipkart
3. VigLink
4. NativeAds
5. VCommission
6. Payoom
7. Icubeswire
8. adspaymedia
9. digitalsamadhan
10. opicle
.. any network which uses HasOffers software

Going Forward We’ll Add
1. Adsense Report
2. YouTube Earnings Report
3. InMobi Earning Report
4. AdMob Earning Report, to name some ..

Download Report App on Google Play

Your data is stored inside your mobile device and is not transmitted to any server. When you access any affiliate or ad network via API key, those keys will be saved on your device and won’t be saved on any remote server. All your data is yours. We do not access it, nor do we sell it. Your privacy is our priority. Your data is yours and we never access it. We can’t even look at it, as its on your device.

Hope this app saves you a lot of time and effort over time, and helps you do more of what you love – your work.


“I am very impressed with the app( ), I think its a great idea and since publishers work with multiple networks they can save time by accessing and managing all their account details via one app. As a network this would be a good value addition we can offer to our publishers for free. I would recommend publishers to use this useful app and take advantage of the many benefits it offers. And yes the developers have taken care of all security aspect and assured me personally that ‘It is 100% safe and no one else can access user information from it except the user himself’.” – Irfan Danawala, Co-Founder DigitalSamadhan


The Best RSS Reader App

We all loved Google Reader to add, read and keep track of our favorite sites / blogs online. Consuming our favorite content was easy and clutter free all those years we had Google Reader with us. But unfortunately Google stopped the service and many went on to the extent of filing online petition for Google to reopen it.

Our RSS Reader on Google Play

What is a Google Reader?
Google Reader was an RSS/Atom feed aggregator operated by Google. It was created in early 2005 by Google engineer Chris Wetherell and launched on October 7, 2005, through Google Labs. Google Reader grew in popularity to support a number of apps which used it as a platform for serving news and information to people.

What is RSS feed?
RSS (Rich Site Summary; originally RDF Site Summary; often called Really Simple Syndication) uses a family of standard web feed formats to publish frequently updated information: blog entries, news headlines, audio, video. … RSS feeds enable publishers to syndicate data automatically.

rss feed reader

Over years I’ve used many different feed readers and many of them do a decent job. But so many are using web page scrapers to fetch the content and display inside the app, which I do not feel as ethical way of doing things. If an author is providing the feed, that means he would like to share his content that way. But no one actually likes scrapping of their pages and stealing the content.

I always feel minimalistic reading apps bring sanity to the already cluttered world of information. I mean, there is an overwhelming amount of information out in the web and it gets distractive very quickly. We start by reading some quotes, we end up on Facebook, spend some hours liking commenting on photos and end up on YouTube watching few dozen videos and then we realize we did not get much of our works done. Spent precious hours browsing the web carelessly.

With minimalistic approach, we can concentrate only on one thing at a time and there will be less clutter and hence we can consume the content with sanity and without getting distracted by the bells and whistles.

Our RSS Reader app
Finally I decided to develop a simple minimalistic rss feed reading application – specially for WordPress(though works with any other sites) sites. I use it for consuming my favorite sites content online. Today I decided to make it public via Google Playstore, hoping it would help some of you too.

RSS Reader on Google Play

How does it work?

YouTube link: RSS Reader Mobile Application

Feed Page
Add your favorite websites feed directly using RSS feed address or Search and add. You can even collectively subscribe to certain topics.

Home Page
We show 4 articles each from your favorite sites on the home page. If you need more you can visit Feed Page and get more.

You also get Bookmarking facility and settings where you can take backup of your bookmarks and feed list and also change device using options present there.

Hope you enjoy using the app. And if you like it, please give 5 star rating and comment on RSS Reader ( Google Playstore ) page.

Jio4GVoice App Crashing Issue: Solved

Many people started reporting that their Jio 4G Voice app keeps closing / crashing. I’ve seen so many complicated solutions explained online – but its a simple device access permission issue and can be solved in some seconds.


Reliance Jio4GVoice App
It is used to make VoLTE and Rich Communication with a Jio SIM – either in the phone or in a LYF powered JioFi connected to your 2G, 3G phone. Enriched calling, Unified Messaging, Chat and more ..

YouTube link: Jio4GVoice App Crashing Issue: Solved

In your android phone, go to settings -> apps -> Jio4GVoice -> permissions. Now grant all the permissions it needs. Congrats you fixed the issue!

Now open the app and it should start working normally. Android App + App Service

Going forward I’ll be more active with blogging and will concentrate on writing about business ideas, entrepreneurship and startups. Will also continue writing about tools to run business and online marketing and online sales.

Today we’re excited to announce the release of our android application. It has a clean look and feel and has minimalist and straightforward options.

A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it’s not that good.


We had built this app some months back and had distributed it privately to some of our readers/friends and checked with them constantly for their feedback. After using the app for 10 days they said they are more likely to read the articles via the app than directly from the website. Mobile app display felt more comfortable for most of the users and hence we made some minor changes after getting real users feedback and today we are excited to release the app for everyone to download and take maximum advantage of it.

You can download our app from Google Play Store.



1. Has a list of 8 recent articles on the homepage and user can navigate to older blog posts.
2. Clear reading experience with bigger fonts on article page.
3. Facility to bookmark the article and read later from bookmarks section.
4. Cache the recently viewed article for offline reading.
5. List of pages.
6. Search facility.
7. List posts based on Category.
8. List posts by author/contributor.
9. Invite others to our app via WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, SMS, Email.
Option to rate the app.
10. Facility to directly share the posts and pages with others from inside the app via – WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Email etc.

I’ll build your WordPress sites android application for you. You can see more about it at Android App Service For Your Blog

While on the service page, read how you’ll be earning a lot more than you invest for the development of your blogs android app. Also you can do your research and know for yourself how many active mobile users are using their mobiles to read content online.

Here is the link to Google Play Store once again for Android App

The Best Internet Radio App: Free

There are so many internet radio applications online, but I was looking for something minimalistic and straightforward, thus developed one for myself!

The Journey
I developed it for my own use and never intended to release it to the general public, but whenever people saw me playing songs using my app, they asked me about the app and they got it from me. After using it for 2 days they uninstalled other radio apps and started using our radio app. I intentionally had not revealed that it was developed by me. I wanted some honest feedback – just for fun. After seeing them use it as their default internet radio app and hearing their good feedback, I felt like it would be useful for others as well. So today I’m releasing the internet radio app to android users via Google Play Store.


Internet radio (also known as web radio, net radio, streaming radio, e-radio, online radio, webcasting) is an audio service transmitted via the Internet. Broadcasting on the Internet is usually referred to as webcasting since it is not transmitted broadly through wireless means.

Internet radio involves streaming media, presenting listeners with a continuous stream of audio that typically cannot be paused or replayed, much like traditional broadcast media; in this respect, it is distinct from on-demand file serving. Internet radio is also distinct from podcasting, which involves downloading rather than streaming.

Premium Internet Radio App: Free

1. Free
2. Works in 2G network too. Works best in 3G, 4G(LTE) and WiFi.
3. Multi-tasking enabled. You can play a song in our app and keep moving around to your play list, settings etc or even let the app play your music in the background and you can continue using other apps like photo album, check your appointments, calendar app etc.
4. Automatic play and pause: Whenever you get a phone call, the audio stops by itself and resumes once you end the call.
5. Our app recommend radio stations near you.
6. Search for radio stations via keywords like – artist, radio station city or country name, music genre etc.
7. You can add your favorite radio station to your favorites list and access them any time.
8. Swipe and remove favorite radio stations from your favorites list.
9. Additionally play a small game inside the app while listening to radio.
10. You can post your game score online and also see top 50 scores on our score board.
11. Play the game at different levels – different levels of difficulty.
12. This game we have inside the internet radio app increases your mental ability to add and subtract numbers.
13. Over 30.000 stations to listen to. Supports all music genre.
14. Online Score board for Internet Radio Game.

Added Sathya Sai Baba Bhajans, Discourse, ‘Mann Ki Baat‘ radio show from Prime Minister of India Sri Narendra Modi etc.. and many more radio channels. And option for adding your own radio station and/or podcast made super easy.
Add your own radio channels – with IP address.

How to use?
Home Screen: You can search for the radio station using keywords, your language, city, country or genre etc.
Play Station: You can play the radio by clicking on individual stations displayed.
Games inside app: You can keep hearing the radio and play the game simultaneously.
The simple numeric game present inside the radio app will improve your numerical abilities.
Submit Score: You can go to settings tab and submit your score to online score board.

No Registration/sign up Required
Listen to your favorite radio stations any time, anywhere using our Internet Radio App.

Help us reach more people by rating us on Google Play Store. Also let your friends/family know about the app, so that you can all together take maximum advantage of the application.

Get The Best Deal: Scan IT App

Ever purchased something from the mall only to know that the same thing is available for much cheaper online?

You can look at popular items from different countries at SCAN IT! International

How To Use Scan IT ?
1. Install it to your phone, take it to malls or any local shops while going for shopping. When you see any branded items, simply scan the barcode of those branded items using Scan IT! Scan IT searches online and brings you the best price/offer for the product.
2. When you run out of any products like toilet soap, shampoo, hair oil, cooking oil, paste etc, simply take out your phone, scan the barcode present on those empty product boxes and order the items instantly.

Why use Scan IT ?
Usually local show rooms or malls charge higher price for the products, so before making any purchase decisions it is wise to check the cost of the products online. This way, there are more chances of saving your hard earned money, which you can invest in something more productive.

Usually books will be charged at MRP rates(or maybe they give you 10% discount) in local stores. But in most of the cases books will be available for lot cheaper than at local store. What’s wrong in checking before buying, right?

Branded cloths cost more in malls and showrooms as they levy additional charges so that they can pay for AC charges, showroom rent charges, employee charges etc. All those add up to the percentage of cost you pay for the cloth.

Scan IT works on all barcodes?
No. Scan IT works on most barcodes. But not on barcodes printed by local shops – as they do not allow their product information online, there is no chance for the application to fetch such data. And there are so many fake barcodes available on products, on which Scan IT doesn’t work.

Barcodes printed directly on the product(example, barcode present on backside of the books) or the rate tags attached on branded cloths etc works best.

1. Automatically detects most barcode types. Faster detection, less use of phone memory.
2. History of all the successfully scanned products – for later use.

3. You can delete your scan history by pressing and holding on the individual result.
4. Aadhar card QR Code scanning supported.
5. You can view whats popular in your country – by looking at the scan results of others(user identity not revealed).
6. Doesn’t access your contacts or email or any personal data. 100% Safe and secure – we respect your privacy.
7. Helps get the best deal for a product – scan items like popular books, branded cloths, kitchen items, beauty products, grooming products etc.

8. Countries supported:
You can use this app from anywhere, but the product/store results are accessed from –
i. United States
ii. United Kingdom
iii. India
iv. Canada
v. Spain
( ..more countries will be added very soon)

9. You can copy the decoded barcode info by pressing and holding on the result.
10. You can optionally share the result page with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, SMS and via email.
11. If you can’t find the product via its barcode, then you can directly enter the product name or its brand and get its information with the click of a button.
12. Supports following barcode types:

Google Play Store link: SCAN IT!
iOS app coming soon ..

Help us reach more people by rating us on Google Play Store. Also let your friends/family know about the app, so that you can all together take maximum advantage of the application.

Premium HD Wallpapers App: Free

Happy to announce the launch of The Best / Premium HD Wallpapers App for android. It has millions of High quality images from world-class professional photographers – you’ll never be disappointed.

wallpaper-app-menu wallpaper-app-search

Key Features:
1. View popular images by select date.
2. View images in real-time, as and when uploaded.
3. Download High-Quality images with a click of a button.
4. Easy navigation.
5. View collections/uploads of a particular user / photographer.
6. Click on tags to get list of relevant images.
7. Search images by search query.
8. Search images based on the device it’s clicked from.
Ex: Nexus 5, Nikon D5200, iPhone 6 etc
9. All images are filtered to show the most popular ones. Saving your time to surf through all the photos.
10. Important: You can directly send images to your friends via WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook with the click of a single button.

wallpaper-app-image-gallery wallpaper-app-popular-images

wallpaper-app-child-image wallpaper-app-share-image-option

Google Play Store link: HD Wallpapers App

Help us reach more people by rating and reviewing the app on Google Play Store. Also let your friends know about the app ..thank you

Get Your Phone IMEI Number From The Web

IMEI(International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) is a 15 digit unique number, using which law enforcement authorities can track your phone with the help of network service providers. If you loose your phone and do not have access to your phone bill or the box, there is still a way to recover the IMEI number.


How to get IMEI number?
If you still have your phone, you can dial *#06# to get the 15 digit number. If you have already lost the phone, you can get it by logging into your google account – which you used in your phone to access Google Play Store. Now go to Google Settings. Click on Expand All or the android icon and you’ll get the IMEI number and other details of your phone.

Watch on YouTube.

What to do with IMEI number?
You can register an FIR(First Information Report) and ask service providers to either track the phone or block it, so that no one else can use their service on your phone.