How To Show A WordPress Post As Featured Article

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Do you want to highlight something on your blog homepage as “Featured Article” ?
It may be some of your best content that is popular and you wish to highlight it. In some case you can show your blog contests or Your email Newsletter Service just above your latest articles(above the Fold).

A featured Section is basically an area where you want your readers to focus and “Call to Action”. uses a “Featured Article” section on the Homepage that showcases some of the best content published recently.

If you want to design a similar feature in your Theme then read on. I have described two Methods to Create the featured section for your theme.

Procedure A : This Method Is Simpler. It shows a particular(selected) article in your Featured section of the Homepage. But In future if you want to change and show another article, you have to manually edit your index.php file and change the ID of the post being called. This technique can be used, if you are planning to have an article permanently or for a long time in the featured section.

Procedure B : This Method is a Bit Geeky. But its actually worthwhile. This procedure is used, if you want to show a latest post from a Particular category (or tag) in your Featured section automatically. You just need to Tag your post and the postlist plugin does rest of the job for you!

Procedure A
Step 1: Create a Back Up Copy of your Template : Always create a back up copy of your original theme. If things go wrong, you can restore your Theme using the backup. Use any FTP client ( I recommend using FileZilla ) and download the current theme of your Blog to your computer. Create a copy of that Theme and work on the customizations that we are going to discuss in this article.

Step 2: Upload the WordPress plugin and activate it Download the get-a-post WordPress plugin and upload it to your wp-content/plugins directory. Activate the plugin. No customizations are required.

Step 3 : Write a new post that you want to show in Featured Section If you want to show something static in your featured section, then you need to create a new post and publish it in a back date. This will prevent your article from appearing in the homepage as a repetition[duplicate copy]. Note down the ID of the post. You will need it later on.

Hover your mouse pointer on the published post(in the wp-dashboard) and see at the bottom(status bar) for the article ID.

For example :
You may wish to show a Newsletter Service or Some Freebies In your Featured section. In that case create your new article and publish it in a back date.

Step 4: Customize your index.php The index.php file is responsible for showing your Homepage. Open Index.php file in any HTML editor or Notepad and find the following code

<?php if (have_posts()) : ?>

Add The following code just Before it..

<!-- The Intro section.Start editing -->
<div class="intro">
<?php get_a_post(ID); ?> 
<!-- Replace with the Post ID that you want to show -->
<h1><?php the_title(); ?></h1>
<?php the_content(); ?>
<!--The Intro section ENDS.STOP editing here -->

See this Screenshot for Better Understanding :
Remember to replace ID, with the ID of the post that you wish to see in your featured section.

What we are doing here : We are creating a separate class called intro, that would contain your Featured section’s styling(CSS). And we are using the get_a_post plugin to call a particular post in that section. This Section will be called just before the array of posts that appear in your homepage. Its placed ahead of the Loop.

A word of caution:
Here we are using the class as “intro”. Check Your template, if you are using the same class name already, then it may mess things Up. In that case Simply use a different class name.

5. Style Your Featured Section: Ok All Set. Now you Need to Style your featured section and add Width and Height parameters.
Open your Style.css file and add the following code:

margin:0px 0px 30px 20px;
border:1px solid #CCCCCC;
width:570px; /* EDIT THIS WIDTH */
height:200px; /* EDIT THIS HEIGHT */
background:#F4F7FC; /* background color of the box */

You have to customize the CSS of your Featured Section according to your template. It involves modifying the width and background colors, padding borders etc. Make sure to adjust the width and height of the box or else your featured section may break up.

6. Upload the New theme In Your Themes Directory and Activate it You are ready to shoot. Upload your theme and See the Difference.Your Homepage will show your featured section. Test your featured section. Change the heights, width or other parameters and make sure your featured section looks clean and neat. You may want to use Firebug(addon), its Brilliant for testing Designs.

Procedure B
Back up your Template: Please create a back up copy of your original theme, so if things go wrong you can restore your theme to its previous state.

Step 1: Download the postlists WordPress plugin and activate it.
Step 2: Log in to your WordPress admin panel and Create a unique Tag (say “Feature”). You will be Using this particular tag to show a post in the featured section. So use them only on those posts that you want it to appear in the “Featured Section”.
Step 3: Select Postlists Under The Posts Menu and Create a New List.Name It “Feature”.
Step 4: Start Editing Your List. At First Define a placeholder for your list. You will call this placeholder from your Index.php file.
Step 5: After that, you will see two boxes each for html codes before and after the list. Keep both of them blank.
Step 6: Next you will See “HTML code for each entry”. Paste the following code in the Box Provided. A typical HTML entry that shows one of your article:

<div class="post" id="post-<?php the_ID(); ?>">
<p><h2><a href="%posturl%">%posttitle%</a></h2></p>
<?php the_content(''); ?>%content%

Step 7: Select the minimum and maximum number of posts to show in your Featured section. If you want to show only 1 post then select one in both the cases.
Step 8: Select The rule “Show Only Posts of this Category”. Keep it Blank.

Step 9: Select The rule ” Show Only Posts of this Tag”. Select the Tag that you created in step 2.( In this example its Feature.)

Step 10: Select the Rule “Show only Posts With this status”. Use “published” as the option.

Step 11: Select the rule “Show only Posts With this type”. Use “Posts” as the option.

Step 12: Leave All other rules as Blank. See the screenshot below and study it carefully.
Save your list. You are done Configuring your list. Whenever your list is called, it will show a latest post of the tag that you have specified in step 2.
Step 13: Now you need to call your list in the desired area from the Homepage. Open your Index.php file and look for the Following code:

<?php if (have_posts()) : ?>

Add the following code just before it:

<div class="intro"><?php if( function_exists("pl_postlist") ) pl_postlist("Feature");?></div>

Please note that, we are calling the placeholder that we had created in Step 2. (In this example its “Feature”)

Step 14: You have to Style your Featured Section. Note that we have Kept the Featured section under a Unique Class “Intro”. Add The following code in your Style.css

margin:0px 0px 30px 20px; 
border:1px solid #CCCCCC;
width:570px; /* EDIT THIS WIDTH */
height:200px; /* EDIT THIS HEIGHT */
background:#F4F7FC; /* background color of the box */

Modify the Intro Style as per your need so that it blends with your theme. Please be careful: If your Template already Uses the Class “Intro” then this would override the already described class. In that case simply replace the name Intro in step 13 and 14 with some other Unique name.
Step 15: All done. Upload the new theme and activate It. Select a post from your archives and Tag it with “Feature” tag. Now browse your new theme. You will have your new featured Section ready.

Some rapid questions[FAQ]:

Q : I want some of my Best Content In the featured Intro section. How do I change the Posts ?
A : If you are Using method A Open index.php and Find < ?php get_a_post(ID); ?>.Change the ID of the post as per your need.

If you are Using Method B Tag The Post as “Feature” (or your own Customized tag).

Q : How do I show My latest post or a list of post automatically in the featured section ?
A : If you want to show your latest Post or a list of posts in the Featured section automatically, then follow procedure B.

Q : Can I Use the “Read More” excerpt in that Section ? Can I Use images or Videos ?
A : Of course you can. Treat the article just as you treat any other article of your blog.

Q: Can i show any of my pages in that section ?
A: Yes you can . But it needs Some customizations. If you are Using Method A Visit the plugin page for more Information. If you are Using Method B then Select the rule : “Show posts of this Type ” and Select “pages”

Q: My Theme has broken since i installed your code. What should I do now ?
A: You can restore your theme if you had already backed it in step 1. If not leave a comment in this article. I will help you in sorting it out.

Q: I Know very little about Coding WordPress themes. Can You help me out ?
A: Why Not. I can help you code the featured section (provided I get fewer requests). Please feel free to leave your comments in this article if you need any kind of support. I love to help fellow Bloggers and I have learnt this from the Host :

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Interview with Vanae

Today we have Vanae from on our blog for the interview..
The purpose of is to empower yourself and nurture your soul, in order to succeed in your dating life! A splash of hip. A splash of personalness.Much more..
If you are having problem with your love life, confidence level or any other personal problems or if you want to expand the joy in your life, then is for you.
I personally know Vanae from many days. She is a nice person, she gives the feeling of a good, close friend while you are talking to her. And more importantly, she know well about what she talk on her blog. So give her blog a try, I am sure you will be glad after visiting her blog and watching some of her videos. And you will surly tell me, hey man, why didn’t you interview her before.
So here is a small interaction we had some time ago:

1. Where did you first hear about blogging?

Live journal (community built on personal web journals) a few years back.

2. Who is your blogging idol?

I definitely have favorite blogs but not quite blog idols.

3. Whats the inspiration behind your blog?

To share positivity, change lives by empowering people.

4. What are the long term goals of your blog?

Developing into a coaching business and perhaps have a TV show. 😉

5. Do you think, being a woman you have any positive/negative influence on your blogging?

Being able to share the female perspective sets my advice apart from i’d say, it had a positive influence.

6. Are you a full time blogger?

Not yet, working on it =)

7. Devices that you use for blogging[we see that all your videos are of high quality]

I have a macbook pro, Sanyo Xacti HD camera

8. Biggest opportunity that you have got from having

Being able to do what I’m passionate about- coaching and helping people, networking with super interesting people and solidify my branding.

9. Whats your main source of income?

One on One coaching and pretty soon, my workshops

Personal Questions:(Just for Fun)

10. Whats your favorite food?

Oh SUSHI, vietnamese food and ramen (healthy foods)

11. What are your favorite Pass time?

Going to a lounge or see live shows, have great conversations with my girlfriends over wine.

12. What are the “things to do” for a person, to be happy?

Carpe diem! Take charge and take balance. Do everything you want to, that makes you happy. Do good – through volunteering and charity. Take time to get in tuned with yourself and be in a place where you feel that you dont have to date to feel happy.

13. 5 things which you want others to learn, by seeing you?

1) You control your life. 2) Being happy is in you so choose to be happy 3) You impact others lives, more than you realize 4) You are your best investment 5) It always start internally, so work your way inside ..out.

Vanae enjoys blogging and helping people with her valuable suggestions. We need to develop such a passion towards our work or start working on something that we are really passionate about!

Hope you all enjoyed this short interview.

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Setting Up Adsense for Domain

With the launch of Adsense for Domain, people with a lot of domain have stared making some money out of their undeveloped websites!

People with 1 or 2 domains may not see any significant earnings. But there are people with almost 300 to 500 domains and they will surly make some good money, if not a living out of it!

Many people having spare domains mailed me asking for the procedure to add their domain to adsense for domain. Google itself provides a very good general step-by-step instruction to setup Adsense for Domain and instructions for some famous registrars. If you have registered your domain with any of the below registrars, then its best to read Google’s guide. Here is the list:
1. GoDaddy
2. Enom
3. Moniker
5. 1and1
6. Network Solutions
7. Yahoo! Small Business
8. My Domain
9. Domain Direct

If you have registered your domain with Dream Host, then here are some steps you need to follow:

1. Log into your DreamHost account.
2. In the leftside side bar, look for the Main Menu. Click on the Domains option and then on Manage Domains.
3. Now you can see these things.. “Domain”, “Registration”, “Web Hosting”, “Secure Hosting”, “Email”, “Actions”. You need to click on the Delete button present in the 3rd column i.e., below “Web Hosting” option. This is a mandatory step and you are not allowed to modify/edit the CNAME of your present domain without deleting this.
4. Now click on the DNS option in the first column, under Domain.
5. By default, Name Servers will be pointing to Do not alter this.
6. In the “Add a custom DNS record to”. Enter www in the Name field, select CNAME in the Type field and put (where pub-xxxxxxxxx is your unique ID listed on the AdSense setup page) in the Value field. Click on Add Record Now.

7. After successfully adding the CNAME, we need to add four A records, which is similar to that of adding CNAME.
Under “Add a custom DNS record to” Leave the Name field blank. In the Type field select “A” and in the Value field put

8. Follow step 7 and in the Value field put
9. Follow step 7 and in the Value field put
10. Follow step 7 and in the Value field put

11. Now log into your adsense account Click on AdSense Setup –> AdSense for Domains –> Add New Domains. In “Add Individual Domains” Enter your domain name(s), separated by commas, or each domain on a new line (max 100 domains allowed). Select English(recommended) as Language for your domain(s). Click on Add Domain button.

12. Select the domain you added and in the Action drop down menu select Re-check Domain.

That’s it, if you have done all these simple steps and if Adsense team wants to approve your domain, your adsense for Domain website will be active after some time(max of 24hrs).

I am not sure about the reasons why Google would not allow a particular domain from participating in Adsense for Domain. Here are some of my guesses:
1. Your domain names must not be a word which is copy right protected by someother famous brand/product/service.
2. If you have sexuality related words.
3. If you have drug related word.
4. Offensive and hate related words.
5. Hacking and cracking related words etc.

If you have a .com extension domain name of any famous website, which uses some other domain extensions(.net, .info, .org etc) then you may get good traffic and income! or else it will just be a small additional pocket money and nothing else. Better than nothing, Adsense for Domain is a good product to be utilized.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Have you used Adsense for Domain? Are you planing to use it? How is it working for you?