Somebody’s gain should not be your loss – atleast in blogging


This is a common perception in the minds of many amateur business people. They always concentrate on the loss and gains of others. This is a good practice if you are investing in share market. But it’s bad, if overly done in any other business. We must concentrate more on our loss or gain.

Loss and gain in Blogging:
It’s the beauty of blogging that, some one may think something as a loss but the same thing may seem to be a gain for the other. It’s all how we think.
For Example:-
If you are running a blog and one of your friend also starts a blog with the similar niche as yours. In such a case different people think differently. Some may think that his friend will be his competitor in the future. And some other may feel happy that you may get a business partner in the future.

Situations where someone’s gain is not and should not be your loss:
1. Linking to other bloggers: Be generous while linking to other bloggers. Do not hesitate. Just make sure that you are linking to the relevant content that your readers will be benefited with. There is a big SEO advantage in linking to the relevant content.
Never feel that, if you link to other blog, you will loose the visitors, to the linked blog! This is not true. Your visitors will surly comeback if you provide value orelse they will surly not, even if you don’t link to others.

2. One click on other blogs CPC ad, is not a click less on your blog:-
I have seen some people guiding wrongly about ad placement. They think that one click on others CPC ad will be a click less on his ads! It’s too foolish to think like that. If a visitor finds something interesting and useful in those ads, he will surly click on it, irrespective of the website he is in. And you may think, if he visited your site and saw the same ad before, he might have ended up clicking on your ad. This argument seems to be true, but remember everyone has an abandoned interests, needs and wants. Have you ever seen a normal person with no interest, needs and wants? Probably not. So I don’t think one click on others CPC ad, is one click less on yours.

3. A newbie gets more subscribers then yours:
If a visitor likes your site he will surly subscribe otherwise surly not. It has no connection with other blogs. If you are able to win the heart of your visitor by providing value or by solving certain problem, then you can surely expect to get some loyal readers. Now a days there are some simple, effective and powerful tools like Google Reader, where reading hundreds of blog contents is so easy and less time consuming. So need not feel any other blog as a threat to yours, as long as you provide value to readers.

4. Sharing your idea’s with others, will reduce your chances of success ? :
“If two people exchange 1$, both will have 1$ each. But if they exchange 1 idea, both will have 2 ideas each”.
By sharing ideas you become more accountable – Share your ideas liberally. The benefits from accountability and feedback outweigh the risk that someone steals your idea!
*But be careful with whom you are sharing your ideas with. Do not share with people who specially exist to harm you! Discuss your thoughts and ideas only with trusted people.
By sharing your ideas, you will get valuable feedbacks. Sometimes you may come to know that, what you thought as an innovative idea is infact a crappy idea and would lead you to failure and loss. More about benefits of sharing ideas @ Link Love for Commentators.

Blogging should always be enjoyable. If we do not enjoy blogging, then there is some problem to be addressed! All bloggers or the bloggers in similar niche should get united and support eachother in getting success.

5 thoughts on “Somebody’s gain should not be your loss – atleast in blogging”

  1. Wah..!
    Perfect Satish..

    Esp, i loved the last point. Does sharing the ideas reduce the chance of success? no not.
    lol.. i share them with everyone i come across 😀

    BUt i still find a problem with this. With the more people you discuss, you find mores ‘NO’s and you end up doing nothing. I hate it.
    Always get prepared to hear many ‘NO’s for your idea. And at the end of the day stick to wat u beilieve in. That’s wat i believe in 🙂

    1. @Jagan, yes you are right. I too have faced the same thing 🙂
      A lot of people say “NO, it can’t work”. And many people say that because, if we fail in implementing our idea, they can say us – “didn’t I say you before? Its not going to work!”.
      I feel, its all about the people whom we choose to share our ideas with. And most of the time, we can know whether we are talking to the right person or not, while we are talking to them 🙂

  2. I love the information industry because, frankly, I hate competing with people. No one is better then anyone else, and I want to treat others how they should be. That is, as respectable equals.

    I’m finding more and more cooperation among bloggers every day. I thought this article was fascinating, and I found some of your advertised links quite useful too. I got information, and Technotip got profits. Everyone won.

    I think I might post an entry about this site. I’ll be sure to point a link here too. 😉

    Sharing is caring! Thank you.

    -Luke H

  3. @Luke Hedman, “Sharing is caring” sounds good. Thanks for your good words. And I will be eager to read your article 😉

    Bloggers develop trust around their brand and this helps most of the newbies to relay on the information provided by the experienced blogger. Its a nice culture to share the things that we have learnt along the way. Great to know that you liked the article.

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