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Going forward I’ll be more active with blogging and will concentrate on writing about business ideas, entrepreneurship and startups. Will also continue writing about tools to run business and online marketing and online sales.

Today we’re excited to announce the release of our android application. It has a clean look and feel and has minimalist and straightforward options.

A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it’s not that good.


We had built this app some months back and had distributed it privately to some of our readers/friends and checked with them constantly for their feedback. After using the app for 10 days they said they are more likely to read the articles via the app than directly from the website. Mobile app display felt more comfortable for most of the users and hence we made some minor changes after getting real users feedback and today we are excited to release the app for everyone to download and take maximum advantage of it.

You can download our app from Google Play Store.



1. Has a list of 8 recent articles on the homepage and user can navigate to older blog posts.
2. Clear reading experience with bigger fonts on article page.
3. Facility to bookmark the article and read later from bookmarks section.
4. Cache the recently viewed article for offline reading.
5. List of pages.
6. Search facility.
7. List posts based on Category.
8. List posts by author/contributor.
9. Invite others to our app via WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, SMS, Email.
Option to rate the app.
10. Facility to directly share the posts and pages with others from inside the app via – WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Email etc.

I’ll build your WordPress sites android application for you. You can see more about it at Android App Service For Your Blog

While on the service page, read how you’ll be earning a lot more than you invest for the development of your blogs android app. Also you can do your research and know for yourself how many active mobile users are using their mobiles to read content online.

Here is the link to Google Play Store once again for Android App included in Alltop®

Happy to share a moment of happiness with all the readers, who actually made it happen. With the completion of 1 year, our blog has been included in the Alltop® . Have a look at the end of this page Its a honor to get included in such reputed sites. We will surely work to provide value to all its users.

For those of you who do not know about Alltop, watch below video for clear explanation:

Here is a quote from their about me page:

The purpose of Alltop is to help you answer the question, “What’s happening?” in “all the topics” that interest you. You may wonder how Alltop is different from a search engine. A search engine is good to answer a question like, “How many people live in China?” However, it has a much harder time answering the question, “What’s happening in China?” That’s the kind of question that we answer.

We do this by collecting the headlines of the latest stories from the best sites and blogs that cover a topic. We group these collections — “aggregations” — into individual web pages. Then we display the five most recent headlines of the information sources as well as their first paragraph. Our topics run from adoption to zoology with photography, food, science, religion, celebrities, fashion, gaming, sports, politics, automobiles, Macintosh, and hundreds of other subjects along the way.

Featured in Alltop
If you want to add your blog to Alltop, all you need to do is fill this submission form. And wait for the Alltop staff to approve it manually. As its a manual process, it will take little longer before you hear from them.
If your blog is of good quality and if you are providing RSS feed, then there is high chances that your blog will be included in Alltop.
Till now I haven’t seen significant traffic from Alltop, the reason may be because, its been added recently and that our blog is placed at the dead end of the site. Lets hope for the best in the future. All things apart, inclusion in such websites is really a honor and a motivational factor to keep working.
And a good way to increase traffic to your blog. Remember, every small thing helps in getting good traffic to a blog. So if you have a good blog with RSS feed, then make it a point to apply for Alltop, and other such sites which will increase your traffic over time.

If you know of any directories or feed aggregator, which can bring significant traffic, then please share it in the comment section. Many people do not have time to submit to directories and aggregtor sites, as they are busy with the content creation of their blog. While content is still King, marketing is the queen, so do not ignore marketing your blog. Whats the use of a valuable content which is not read by any or many. Do not waste your time in submitting to all the directories, instead pick only selected once and invest your time in submitting to them. Make sure you have been blogging consistently for atleast 6 months(this will increase your chances of getting included) and read their rules before submitting. completed 1 year – Happy Birth Day “SweetHeart”

I am excited. We couldn’t recognize how the time passed. A year back, I had started this blog to share whatever I have learnt about internet. Now with this blog and all you readers and commentators, I have learnt a lot. This motivates me to keep blogging, keep sharing.
I had the plan of starting a blog, and bought the hosting on June 1st[that’s the actual date our blog was live], but on 18th June, it officially got a new, professional design and I took the blog seriously, as a main place for me to stay online.

I am busy with my exams now a days, so we will not be having a blast party here, this time. I am writing this post to thank all the readers of our blog and would like to ask your support for coming years too.
We are committed to provide value to all our readers and we take all your feedback in a constructive manner and would like to improve constantly to make a better place.
Please subscribe to our blogs free rss/email updates(if you are not already). And please spread the word about our blog.

Here are some of the articles from our blog with varied topic, which I like to share:-

There are yet many articles to share, but too much is too bad.
(We use to write about health and other non-blogging related topics mostly on Sundays and Saturdays for a change.)

Thanks for everyone who have been supporting us…. If you have any feedback, suggestion, comments, wishes, then please use the below comment section. I am eager to read all your comments.
You can follow me @technotip

$200 Giveaway – Celebrating a Small Milestone

Celebrating a small milestone:
We have reached 100th article on our blog today, with this giveaway announcement. We were writing consistent articles each day, but now due to lot of other works(projects) we are not able to write daily, instead we write only when there is something valuable to say.

We are happy as this blog is gaining some momentum now. And the blog will surly grow in an exponential manner from now. Time is the main factor for the success of a blog. Remember we started our blog on 18th June 2008, so is still a baby blog!

$200 Giveaway:
On this occasion we wanted to “call for action” to our visitors to support us by subscribing to our blog. But we thought to make it more interesting and worth my visitors time. So thought of giving some small incentive for being our reader.

This will only apply for our blogs free email subscribers, as we cannot track the RSS subscribers!

We are giving a total prize worth of 200$.

This is not given in the form of money, but will be given in the form of 125×125 ad banner for one month.

Our sponsors pay 50$ per 125×125 ad spot for one month. Now we are giving four(one for each winner) such ad spots for our winners, to showcase their 125×125 ad banner on our blog, for full one month. So hope you noticed by reading the last sentence that, there will be four winners( will be chosen randomly using ).

Eligibility for entering the giveaway:
1. Basic eligibility is, you must be our blogs verified email subscriber.

2. You must be our blogs verified email subscriber. And should remain a subscriber till 2008 Christmas.

3. You must be our blogs verified email subscriber. And should remain a subscriber till 2008 Christmas.

4. You must be our blogs verified email subscriber. And should remain a subscriber till 2008 Christmas.

5. You must be our blogs verified email subscriber. And should remain a subscriber till 2008 Christmas.

Hope you complete all those 5 difficult eligibility criteria! And by now you may be knowing that the winners will be announced on 2008 Christmas.

What if you do not have a blog?
If you do not have a blog, then also its not a problem. Just subscribe to our blog, if you are one of the lucky winner, then we will allow you to run any of your affiliate program banner(125×125) on our blog for one month. And the full profit would be yours..obviously!
You can signup for many affiliate programs and make money from each signup or sales. orelse you can show your social network profile link banner(Ex:- Twitter) and get many friends. By this you can become popular and you can promote your blog(once you have it).
Any other ideas are welcome, but it should not include giving money directly.

Help us by spreading the word:
We are hard at work to provide value to our blog readers as well as our advertisers. So please support us by spreading the word about

Our blog is around here, from this summer and has managed to get links to some of our articles from many “A” grade blogs and websites, this shows that we are providing valuable information to our readers.

You can write about this contest on your blog or just email about this $200 Giveaway to all your friends, Stumble this article, Digg, Buzz etc. There are many ways that you can help us.
Thanks for all the support you have shown to our blog till now, and we hope to have this relationship growing stronger and stronger over time.. Hope I am getting emotional about the blog now. Let me end here. Looking forward to see you in my email subscribers list.

*You can also write about this $200 giveaway on your blog(Appreciable) — Not a requirement.
*Be our subscriber, as many such giveaway and contests are coming soon.

Update: Winners of the giveaway announced. Thanks for all the participants. We are planning to come up soon with some new and improved giveaway, so keep an eye on our blog.

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Google Ad Manager BETA, with some improvements

Google Ad Manager Release Notes

Google Ad Manager is a Service, using which we can handle our private advertisers..
Ad Manager offers a wealth of features to help you with:

Google Ad Manager Release Notes


Google Ad Manager is a Service, using which we can handle our private advertisers..

Ad Manager offers a wealth of features to help you with:


Inventory management

Yield optimization
Ad targeting
Trafficking, ad delivery, and order booking
Creatives and rich media management
User interface navigation
Account administration
Google Ad Manager delivers all of your directly-sold and network-based inventory

On August 1st 2008, Google Added some features into its AdManager…Here is a small list:

  • Creative preview on your site – You can now preview a creative on your site to test the creative before the campaign starts. Learn more here.
  • New look and feel – Google has changed the style and overall appearance of the product. While most things remain in the same place, it may take a few moments to adjust to the new look.
  • Additional languages – Ad Manager is now available in three new languages: French, Italian, and Ukrainian.
  • Unlimited flight dates – Originally you could only set unlimited flight dates for ad network orders. Now you can set unlimited flight dates on any Exclusive, Remnant, or House order that has an unlimited impression goal.

If you have any additional questions about this release, Google encourage you to visit the Ad Manager Help Center, and for complete resource for all Ad Manager topics. Also, feel free to join the Ad Manager Help Forum to share any questions, comments, and best practices you have with other Ad Manager users.

Remember, Google Ad Manager is still in BETA and if your website is designed to have direct ad sales, then you can apply for it here. But Google only selects certain websites for its BETA testing. We are happy that, our blog ( has been approved for this BETA testing long before, and its been nice to use the Free service to get maximum benefit from each ad spot.