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With the launch of Adsense for Domain, people with a lot of domain have stared making some money out of their undeveloped websites!

People with 1 or 2 domains may not see any significant earnings. But there are people with almost 300 to 500 domains and they will surly make some good money, if not a living out of it!

Many people having spare domains mailed me asking for the procedure to add their domain to adsense for domain. Google itself provides a very good general step-by-step instruction to setup Adsense for Domain and instructions for some famous registrars. If you have registered your domain with any of the below registrars, then its best to read Google’s guide. Here is the list:
1. GoDaddy
2. Enom
3. Moniker
5. 1and1
6. Network Solutions
7. Yahoo! Small Business
8. My Domain
9. Domain Direct

If you have registered your domain with Dream Host, then here are some steps you need to follow:

1. Log into your DreamHost account.
2. In the leftside side bar, look for the Main Menu. Click on the Domains option and then on Manage Domains.
3. Now you can see these things.. “Domain”, “Registration”, “Web Hosting”, “Secure Hosting”, “Email”, “Actions”. You need to click on the Delete button present in the 3rd column i.e., below “Web Hosting” option. This is a mandatory step and you are not allowed to modify/edit the CNAME of your present domain without deleting this.
4. Now click on the DNS option in the first column, under Domain.
5. By default, Name Servers will be pointing to Do not alter this.
6. In the “Add a custom DNS record to”. Enter www in the Name field, select CNAME in the Type field and put (where pub-xxxxxxxxx is your unique ID listed on the AdSense setup page) in the Value field. Click on Add Record Now.

7. After successfully adding the CNAME, we need to add four A records, which is similar to that of adding CNAME.
Under “Add a custom DNS record to” Leave the Name field blank. In the Type field select “A” and in the Value field put

8. Follow step 7 and in the Value field put
9. Follow step 7 and in the Value field put
10. Follow step 7 and in the Value field put

11. Now log into your adsense account Click on AdSense Setup –> AdSense for Domains –> Add New Domains. In “Add Individual Domains” Enter your domain name(s), separated by commas, or each domain on a new line (max 100 domains allowed). Select English(recommended) as Language for your domain(s). Click on Add Domain button.

12. Select the domain you added and in the Action drop down menu select Re-check Domain.

That’s it, if you have done all these simple steps and if Adsense team wants to approve your domain, your adsense for Domain website will be active after some time(max of 24hrs).

I am not sure about the reasons why Google would not allow a particular domain from participating in Adsense for Domain. Here are some of my guesses:
1. Your domain names must not be a word which is copy right protected by someother famous brand/product/service.
2. If you have sexuality related words.
3. If you have drug related word.
4. Offensive and hate related words.
5. Hacking and cracking related words etc.

If you have a .com extension domain name of any famous website, which uses some other domain extensions(.net, .info, .org etc) then you may get good traffic and income! or else it will just be a small additional pocket money and nothing else. Better than nothing, Adsense for Domain is a good product to be utilized.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Have you used Adsense for Domain? Are you planing to use it? How is it working for you?

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    1. @Xomba, Glad to know that, this article could help you.
      Showing adsense for domain ads on 120 domains may earn you good pocket money. Please share with us, how adsense for domain is working for you, after testing it for some time.

  1. Surely this parking program for domains for Google is really good option for easy steady revenue generation. Anyway, having large number of domains is not enough. It is from much value to have domains that get real type-in traffic. Those domains now days are really rare to find. Anyway thanks for the tutorial!

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