Feeling Good Can Enhance Your Performance


Like many of you, I am also very much interested in blogging and I feel good while I am blogging or working for my blog. It gives me a kind of joy, even when I am working overtime or late nights.
All these years while I was undergraduate, I use to feel too bad while I had to write assignments(Homework’s). I use to hurryup and finish the works off, so that I can be free afterwards. But those things never helped me, as I never really understood what I was writing.

Day before yesterday as I was writing one of my first assignments in PG(Post Graduation — MCA[Master of Computer Application]), I just wanted to finish it off, and start blogging. But mean while I thought, let me try to enjoy writing the assignment and try to feel good, like I do when I am blogging. Guess what, I really started getting interest in my assignment writing work!
I just practiced this feeling good exercise for two days and now I am completely loving my assignments and trying to understand and write – Now its no more a burden.

Some times when I never got any idea for blogging, I use to feel bad and frustrated and at that time I was never able to comeup with any new article ideas. It was only after a deep relaxing sleep or some jolly long walks, I use to get some ideas for blogging. But when I started to fall in love with blogging completely and started feeling good, ideas for blogging started coming easily and now I don’t get frustrated even when there is no idea to write any thing, I just feel good and after a while some idea pops up in my mind.
To start feeling good in the beginning will be a bit of forceful thing – you need to remember some thing which makes you feel good, like remember the flower that you love, garden, your pet animal, baby etc. Practice this for some time and you will start feeling good automatically while doing any work, and this will surly enhance your performance in any of the fields.

And one more thing is, we need to stop underestimating ourselves. Underestimating ourselves will surly be a great hindrance in our progress.

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