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Today we have Vanae from on our blog for the interview..
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I personally know Vanae from many days. She is a nice person, she gives the feeling of a good, close friend while you are talking to her. And more importantly, she know well about what she talk on her blog. So give her blog a try, I am sure you will be glad after visiting her blog and watching some of her videos. And you will surly tell me, hey man, why didn’t you interview her before.
So here is a small interaction we had some time ago:

1. Where did you first hear about blogging?

Live journal (community built on personal web journals) a few years back.

2. Who is your blogging idol?

I definitely have favorite blogs but not quite blog idols.

3. Whats the inspiration behind your blog?

To share positivity, change lives by empowering people.

4. What are the long term goals of your blog?

Developing into a coaching business and perhaps have a TV show. 😉

5. Do you think, being a woman you have any positive/negative influence on your blogging?

Being able to share the female perspective sets my advice apart from i’d say, it had a positive influence.

6. Are you a full time blogger?

Not yet, working on it =)

7. Devices that you use for blogging[we see that all your videos are of high quality]

I have a macbook pro, Sanyo Xacti HD camera

8. Biggest opportunity that you have got from having

Being able to do what I’m passionate about- coaching and helping people, networking with super interesting people and solidify my branding.

9. Whats your main source of income?

One on One coaching and pretty soon, my workshops

Personal Questions:(Just for Fun)

10. Whats your favorite food?

Oh SUSHI, vietnamese food and ramen (healthy foods)

11. What are your favorite Pass time?

Going to a lounge or see live shows, have great conversations with my girlfriends over wine.

12. What are the “things to do” for a person, to be happy?

Carpe diem! Take charge and take balance. Do everything you want to, that makes you happy. Do good – through volunteering and charity. Take time to get in tuned with yourself and be in a place where you feel that you dont have to date to feel happy.

13. 5 things which you want others to learn, by seeing you?

1) You control your life. 2) Being happy is in you so choose to be happy 3) You impact others lives, more than you realize 4) You are your best investment 5) It always start internally, so work your way inside ..out.

Vanae enjoys blogging and helping people with her valuable suggestions. We need to develop such a passion towards our work or start working on something that we are really passionate about!

Hope you all enjoyed this short interview.

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