Upload Videos Longer Than 15 Minutes: YouTube!

Recently YouTube extended the (upload limit) video length from 10 minutes to 15 minutes for all YouTube users, it was a welcome sign for people who wanted to create lengthy video tutorial, how-to’s, entertainment videos etc.

YouTube Partner benefits:
We all know, YouTube Partner’s enjoy a lot more feature, opportunity than normal users; and why not, they bring in huge profits to YouTube and make people comeback to YouTube again and again.

Some of the exclusive partner benefits being:
1. Revenue share.
2. Possibility to upload lengthy videos.
3. Ability to customize the channel page. Make it look like a custom landing page.
4. Add or remove ads from their videos. etc

Good News For Normal Users:
In recent developments, YouTube has started rolling out a new feature to normal YouTube users, where-in people who abide by the rules(hopefully) get the opportunity to upload videos longer than 15 minutes.


To know, if your account has been enabled to upload videos longer than 15 minutes: log into your YouTube account and hit on the Upload button. Now at the top, you should see this message, if your account has been enabled:

Congratulations! Your account is now enabled for uploads longer than 15 minutes. Click the Upload button below to select a video.

if not, then you need to follow all the rules and wait some more time.

YouTube Promoted Videos
Another new thing added is, a link to YouTube Promoted Videos section, where you can promote any of your videos to target audience and pay only when people click on your videos. Well, this is a old thing for people who are familiar with YouTube advertising. But for those who had no clue about the videos that were displayed in the right hand side of their YouTube homepage, will now come to know that they are promoted videos! Every user has a link in their profile’s “Account Settings” to promote their videos now, making it more transparent.

Is this feature enabled to your YouTube account? What’s the maximum length video you have ever uploaded to YouTube so far. If enabled, what kind of videos you intend to upload?

Interview with Vanae

Today we have Vanae from Vanae.com on our blog for the interview..
The purpose of Vanae.com is to empower yourself and nurture your soul, in order to succeed in your dating life! A splash of hip. A splash of personalness.Much more..
If you are having problem with your love life, confidence level or any other personal problems or if you want to expand the joy in your life, then Vanae.com is for you.
I personally know Vanae from many days. She is a nice person, she gives the feeling of a good, close friend while you are talking to her. And more importantly, she know well about what she talk on her blog. So give her blog a try, I am sure you will be glad after visiting her blog and watching some of her videos. And you will surly tell me, hey man, why didn’t you interview her before.
So here is a small interaction we had some time ago:

1. Where did you first hear about blogging?

Live journal (community built on personal web journals) a few years back.

2. Who is your blogging idol?

I definitely have favorite blogs but not quite blog idols.

3. Whats the inspiration behind your blog?

To share positivity, change lives by empowering people.

4. What are the long term goals of your blog?

Developing into a coaching business and perhaps have a TV show. 😉

5. Do you think, being a woman you have any positive/negative influence on your blogging?

Being able to share the female perspective sets my advice apart from others..so i’d say, it had a positive influence.

6. Are you a full time blogger?

Not yet, working on it =)

7. Devices that you use for blogging[we see that all your videos are of high quality]

I have a macbook pro, Sanyo Xacti HD camera

8. Biggest opportunity that you have got from having Vanae.com?

Being able to do what I’m passionate about- coaching and helping people, networking with super interesting people and solidify my branding.

9. Whats your main source of income?

One on One coaching and pretty soon, my workshops

Personal Questions:(Just for Fun)

10. Whats your favorite food?

Oh SUSHI, vietnamese food and ramen (healthy foods)

11. What are your favorite Pass time?

Going to a lounge or see live shows, have great conversations with my girlfriends over wine.

12. What are the “things to do” for a person, to be happy?

Carpe diem! Take charge and take balance. Do everything you want to, that makes you happy. Do good – through volunteering and charity. Take time to get in tuned with yourself and be in a place where you feel that you dont have to date to feel happy.

13. 5 things which you want others to learn, by seeing you?

1) You control your life. 2) Being happy is in you so choose to be happy 3) You impact others lives, more than you realize 4) You are your best investment 5) It always start internally, so work your way inside ..out.

Vanae enjoys blogging and helping people with her valuable suggestions. We need to develop such a passion towards our work or start working on something that we are really passionate about!

Hope you all enjoyed this short interview.

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Brand New Tata Nano — People’s CAR

We are very much excited about the launch of this small car, which is called as “People’s Car” because of its affordable price.
We are not Car experts to write a good review about Tata Nano, but we proudly present some photos and videos of Tata Nano.
Heard in News that, Tata had lost almost 75% in stock market previously(not sure why!). And now Tata is believed to be depending on this small car for much of its future. Its kind of weired to know this, as Tata Motors was/is famous for Big vehicles and it now relies on this small car.
Anyway, I wish Tata Motors and Ratan Tata a great success with this new innovative model.

Tata Group – Keeping pace with the world:

We are sure that other car manufacturers will be standing on their toes to launch similar cost effective cars, but will surly wait and see for the fate of Tata Nano. Best of luck to all guys..

Source: tatamotors.com

I am not sure about the copyrights of these images. Please inform us, if anyone is aware of it. Hope sharing these photos are legal, as we are using it to promote Tata Nano. We are proud of the innovative product. We are ready to take this post off from here, if there are any serious problems caused by this!
Hope you all enjoyed..now please share your views and thoughts about Tata Nano in the comment section.

WordPress.tv launched, for all your WordPress needs!

If you are using WordPress, then you will be knowing the trouble of searching for video tutorials and the WordCamp videos all around the internet.

But WordPress has come to our rescue again! It has launched a new site called WordPress.Tv, which is a library of all the Useful WordPress tutorials[for both WordPress self-installs and WordPress.com], How-To’s, slideshows of presentations made by Automattic employees and other WordPress gurus, plus interviews done with the media and fellow bloggers. And there is a special section called “WordCampTv“, where you can get all the WordCamp videos.

All the videos are of high quality and for lower bandwidth or slower internet connection, you can always switch HD(High Definition) OFF.

If you want to learn anything about WordPress then, here is a great resource along with codex.
And do not forget to subscribe to WordPress.TV Blog, for latest updates.

Get FREE download links of 10 videos of Yaro Starak– Hurry!

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blueprint-mediumYaro Starak is getting ready to open the Blog Mastermind course, and by doing so he just launched a site with several how-to videos, that must be watched, if you are a beginner in blogosphere.

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So here are the 10 videos…..Don’t miss watching them, particularly, if you are a beginner in blogging and want to know more.

1. Video 1 – Why You Should Use WordPress

2. Video 2 – How To Get Your Own Domain Name

3. Video 3 – How To Get A Web Host

4. Video 4 – How To Install WordPress With One Click

5. Video 5 – How To Upload Files To Your Web Host Using FTP

6. Video 6 – Choosing A WordPress Theme For Your New Blog

7. Video 7 – How To Install And Use WordPress Plugins

8. Video 8 – How To Create Your First Blog Post And Blog Page

9. Video 9 – What RSS Is And Why You Need It

10. Video 10 – How To Use Feedburner

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