completed 1 year – Happy Birth Day “SweetHeart”


I am excited. We couldn’t recognize how the time passed. A year back, I had started this blog to share whatever I have learnt about internet. Now with this blog and all you readers and commentators, I have learnt a lot. This motivates me to keep blogging, keep sharing.
I had the plan of starting a blog, and bought the hosting on June 1st[that’s the actual date our blog was live], but on 18th June, it officially got a new, professional design and I took the blog seriously, as a main place for me to stay online.

I am busy with my exams now a days, so we will not be having a blast party here, this time. I am writing this post to thank all the readers of our blog and would like to ask your support for coming years too.
We are committed to provide value to all our readers and we take all your feedback in a constructive manner and would like to improve constantly to make a better place.
Please subscribe to our blogs free rss/email updates(if you are not already). And please spread the word about our blog.

Here are some of the articles from our blog with varied topic, which I like to share:-

There are yet many articles to share, but too much is too bad.
(We use to write about health and other non-blogging related topics mostly on Sundays and Saturdays for a change.)

Thanks for everyone who have been supporting us…. If you have any feedback, suggestion, comments, wishes, then please use the below comment section. I am eager to read all your comments.
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28 thoughts on “ completed 1 year – Happy Birth Day “SweetHeart””

  1. This blog had given me valuable information on free available and giveaway online services, i have benefited more from this blog, learnt new things, got motivated. Thanks for writing such wonderful articles, keep on moving ahead, take your blog to next level.

    1. @Hariharakumar, Thanks for the comments. With all your support, I would love to keep up the same spirit and keep blogging for coming years.

  2. Congrats Satish on completing one successful year.

    I think your blog has got potential and will do better in coming years.

    Desperately waiting for your exams to get over so you can mesmerize us with great posts.

    Keep rocking buddy,

  3. Thanks Abhishek, I will surly comeup with great content once my exams are finished. I have lot of plans now, will have to bring then to action after exams.

  4. Hey congrats.

    Ya man i know what exactly went wrong on 1st n how it took a steep turn on 18th of June itself.I really know how much pain you have taken to create this.

    All the best buddy,

    keep rocking [:)]

    1. @Gagan, Thanks buddy. Nice to see you comment on this blog. You were the one who have seen me struggle in my early days. I never knew that building a blog is easy. I went through lot of pain while creating static html pages!
      Now things have changed, I am lot more comfortable in blogging.. Keep visiting the blog.

  5. @Tech @ InkAPoint, @Neel, Thanks guys.

    Will work hard to get the blog to next level. Thanks for all your support. Expecting the same in coming years.

  6. Well, congrats on that.

    You could achieved a lot on this blog had you been consistent in blogging.Hope you would be more consistent.

    Good Luck 🙂

  7. @Rohit I dont aim to blog daily, I blog only when there is something useful to share. So far I have been consistent with blogging, except when I have my exams!
    My new resolution would be, to be more consistent from now.
    Thanks for the wishes.

  8. Happy Birthday for your blog and for you too.

    I know how cheerful it is when you look back and see where you was and where you are heading too. Of course, concentrate in your exams and do well in them. Best of wishes.

  9. Congratulations on your success! I have just found your site (through Balkhis) and I’m sure I’ll be coming back regularly to read your writings. This is a high quality site and I’m sure it will continue to grow and attract readers. Keep up the good work 🙂

  10. @Hicham, Thanks for your wishes. I am really eager to finish my exams and start blogging here again.

    @Loan Relief, Thanks a lot and Welcome to

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