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Ever purchased something from the mall only to know that the same thing is available for much cheaper online?

You can look at popular items from different countries at SCAN IT! International

How To Use Scan IT ?
1. Install it to your phone, take it to malls or any local shops while going for shopping. When you see any branded items, simply scan the barcode of those branded items using Scan IT! Scan IT searches online and brings you the best price/offer for the product.
2. When you run out of any products like toilet soap, shampoo, hair oil, cooking oil, paste etc, simply take out your phone, scan the barcode present on those empty product boxes and order the items instantly.

Why use Scan IT ?
Usually local show rooms or malls charge higher price for the products, so before making any purchase decisions it is wise to check the cost of the products online. This way, there are more chances of saving your hard earned money, which you can invest in something more productive.

Usually books will be charged at MRP rates(or maybe they give you 10% discount) in local stores. But in most of the cases books will be available for lot cheaper than at local store. What’s wrong in checking before buying, right?

Branded cloths cost more in malls and showrooms as they levy additional charges so that they can pay for AC charges, showroom rent charges, employee charges etc. All those add up to the percentage of cost you pay for the cloth.

Scan IT works on all barcodes?
No. Scan IT works on most barcodes. But not on barcodes printed by local shops – as they do not allow their product information online, there is no chance for the application to fetch such data. And there are so many fake barcodes available on products, on which Scan IT doesn’t work.

Barcodes printed directly on the product(example, barcode present on backside of the books) or the rate tags attached on branded cloths etc works best.

1. Automatically detects most barcode types. Faster detection, less use of phone memory.
2. History of all the successfully scanned products – for later use.

3. You can delete your scan history by pressing and holding on the individual result.
4. Aadhar card QR Code scanning supported.
5. You can view whats popular in your country – by looking at the scan results of others(user identity not revealed).
6. Doesn’t access your contacts or email or any personal data. 100% Safe and secure – we respect your privacy.
7. Helps get the best deal for a product – scan items like popular books, branded cloths, kitchen items, beauty products, grooming products etc.

8. Countries supported:
You can use this app from anywhere, but the product/store results are accessed from –
i. United States
ii. United Kingdom
iii. India
iv. Canada
v. Spain
( ..more countries will be added very soon)

9. You can copy the decoded barcode info by pressing and holding on the result.
10. You can optionally share the result page with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, SMS and via email.
11. If you can’t find the product via its barcode, then you can directly enter the product name or its brand and get its information with the click of a button.
12. Supports following barcode types:

Google Play Store link: SCAN IT!
iOS app coming soon ..

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