Everyone Wins: Giveaway!

I don’t want to see anyone of you guys get disappointed with this contest – so everybody who participates wins something!


Contest Prize
1. High profile bloggers interview eBook(scroll to the end to see the cover page of the book – you don’t want to miss it) for everyone who participates
2. Lucky draw: 500 people will get Rs 10 recharged (Small token of love) + interview Book
3. Blu-ray Ripper software license giveaway: 20 license(lucky draw)
4. android or iPhone app: recover deleted/lost photos & videos, contacts, SMS, call logs, memos (10 license)
5. Video Converter Deluxe Software 10 license
(..stay tuned for more prizes)

Everyone who participates will win something. So make sure you complete all the task without fail.

How to participate
1. Share this giveaway page on Facebook and/or Google Plus (sharing on Twitter and LinkedIn are optional). You have to share on at least 2 social sites and one of them should be Facebook or Google Plus – in combination with Twitter or LinkedIn. Sharing on Facebook and Google Plus is highly appreciated.


2. Submit your post/status URL in the form provided here: Submit your entry


3. Like all the URLs provided in below table. Again the rule #1 applies. Like/recommend on at least 2 social sites, one of them must be Facebook or Google Plus – in combination with Twitter or LinkedIn. But pushing it on Facebook and Google Plus is highly appreciated.

Sl No URLs Facebook Google Plus Twitter LinkedIn
1 Technotip.org
2 Technotip.com
3 ThinkWithSatish.com
4 Millionaire Mastermind
5 My Profile

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Sl No Blog Name Singup form
1 Technotip.org
2 Technotip.com
3 ThinkWithSatish.com


I’ll be launching my first premium eBook(Millionaire Mastermind) tomorrow and I want to get some traction to it. I want to help as many people as possible with my work – so giving away interview series eBook for free for all the participants of this giveaway.


Also, it’s my birthday tomorrow June, 01 and I want to reconnect with all my online buddies once again and stay active with blogging.

Technotip.org Guest Post Guidelines

After a year of blogging, I feel that it would be great idea to allow guest blogging on this blog. To learn from you guys. I have learnt a lot with the comment section, now its time to give you the main platform to share your knowledge. And to have a lot more conversation and build a great community around, helping each other.
We know the frustration of getting a first link to a new blog. To show others that you exist. And it’s a great boost for search engine ranking, if you can get a link from a trusted website.

Guest articles will mostly be published on Wednesday and Thursday. All other days(most of the days) we will be writing on this blog, as always.

Guest blogging is a great tool to show your presence, skills and to kick start your online business or to boost your already existing one.


What kind of content do we accept?
Write things that provide value. Solve some problems.
1. How-to articles.
2. WordPress and designing.
3. Strategies.
4. Web2.0
5. System related.
6. Mobile tips and tricks.
7. Social Media.
8. Own blogging experiences.
9. List posts
10. Tutorials etc.

Must follow, strict policy:
The article must be original. It must not be published anywhere else….online or offline(news paper, magazine etc). You will be held responsible for any dispute that may rise later.

What type of content is a No NO?
1. Hate stuffs – Abusing some company or product.
2. Product reviews.
3. Article with irrelevant links!
A link with in the article must support the article that is published on the blog and should not be another post that you are referring to readers to go and read.

Some personal guidelines:
Guest blogging is an opportunity to show your authority over a topic to a wider audience or new audience. So you need to make it as professional as possible, and not to include as many links as possible to drive the traffic. Its about spreading your brand recognition, showing your ability and willingness to be one among the community. Before submitting a guest article, make sure you do proper research about the topic, so that you can satisfy the readers and their comments.
Don’t view guest blogging as purely an opportunity for you to get new readers and promote yourself. Try to add value to the blog where you are writing the guest post. Take the opportunity to build the authority. People reading the article will surly visit you and be your loyal readers if they like the content and find that you are genuine, then they are more likely to stay with you, following your blog. Create good impression, leave with a positive impact.

For more info or for any further clarification, contact us.

Note: A small bio will be added at the end of the article with a link to your blog and a link to your Twitter profile (optional).

Setting The Goals Is The First Step, In Reaching The Goal!

Its almost the end of year 2008. 2008 has been so great for us – We started this blog, we learnt a lot of basics in blogging and internet as a whole. We are really grateful to all the things which 2008 has bought on our way.

Now we would like to welcome 2009 in well equipped manner. So we have compiled some goals for the year 2009, which is mainly concerned with the internet goals.

By having these goals(written goals), will surly motivate us to work for it. And sharing these goals like this will make us accountable and it outweigh the risk that someone steals your future plans! Many productive creative professionals and entrepreneurs claim that they become more committed to their goals after telling people about them! The fact is that, goals are plentiful and very few people have the discipline and resources to make them happen. When you feel accountable to others, you are more likely to stay focused.

Here are some of our goals for the coming year, 2009:-

1. Stay focused and consistent.

2. To finish one of my project – Creation of a spirituality based website(will post about it soon).

3. Never to stop thinking of new ways to be online and to make a decent living out of it!

4. To have alteast 2000 subscribers to our blog updates by the end of 2009.

5. To build a community around Technotip.org

6. I would like to learn managing the time, to be active both on my blog as well as in my college!

7. Learn to make proper use of online services to carryout some of the tasks more efficiently and quickly.

8. Network with similar interest people(Online).

9. Learn PHP, CSS, JS, AJAX etc programming and start some open source projects.

Setting these goals helps us know what actually we want. Having clear idea about where our blog or business should be in coming years, will make us work for it, in that direction.

So we encourage everyone to set some goals(preferably written goals) in their life(short and long term goals) and observe the improvements in you.

Now if you have set some goals for the year 2009, then please share it with us in the comment section. We would really be very curious/interested to know about it.

Link love for people who involve in conversation @ Technotip.org

We started this blog mainly for the purpose of building a community over here. And wanted to share our views, thoughts here and let others share their thoughts and views. Remember, we always believe in these words – “If two people exchange 1$, both will have 1$ each. But if they exchange 1 idea, both will have 2 ideas each”.
So involve in the conversation and make this blog more lively. As a bonus, we link back to our Top 10 commentators from our homepage.
We love to link to everyone reading our blog, but you know, that is not possible. As this blog would look spammy to search engines and mainly its not the purpose people visit Technotip.org, people want some good information out of our site and they wouldn’t like to see bunch of links to someother blogs.
Please do not comment on our blog, just to get linkback from the homepage!
Make sure that your comment adds value to everyone reading it. You will get more traffic to your site, if you comment more relevantly. This practice will bring in traffic to your blog consistently over time.Share your ideas liberally. The benefits from accountability and feedback outweigh the risk that someone steals your idea! Many productive creative professionals and entrepreneurs claim that they become more committed to their ideas after telling people about them! The fact is that great ideas are plentiful, and very few people have the discipline and resources to make them happen. When you feel accountable to others, you are more likely to stay focused.
Wordpress has made the commenting so easy and adds more fun. You can interact with the blogger or/and even with the other commentators. Share your thoughts with other commentators, this is a best practice, in terms of getting traffic as well as to get attention and make the conversation more valuable.
The philosophy to “share ideas liberally” defies the age-old instinct to keep ideas secret. However, the creative person’s tendency to jump from idea-to-idea-to-idea causes most ideas to die in isolation. Creative professionals should take every opportunity to communicate new ideas broadly, seek feedback, and develop a sense of accountability.
And do not be harsh or abuse other commentators or the blogger! etc etc etc, we hope you know all those bla bla bla..
And remember, we have comment moderation. “Akismet” plugin will help us fight with spams.
Be wise, be responsible, be cautious….thats what we can say, rest you know 🙂

Plugin to show “tags” and “edit comments”

came across these two nice plugins somedays before, and thought of sharing it with you people….
1. wp-cumulus:- This is an attractive plugin, which displays “tags” clouds using flash.
We can customize it according to the look and feel of our blog.

We came across these two nice plugins somedays before, and thought of sharing it with you people….

1. wp-cumulus:-  This is an attractive plugin, which displays “tags” clouds using flash.

We can customize it according to the look and feel of our blog.
Here’s what you should know about “WP Cumulus”:(From the authors blog)


1. Make sure you’re running WordPress version 2.3 or better. It really won’t work with older versions. Really.
2. Download the zip file and extract the contents.
3. Upload the “wp-cumulus” folder to your plugins directory (wp-content/plugins/)
4. Activate the plugin through the ‘plugins’ page in WP.
5. See “Options->WP Cumulus” to adjust things like display size, etc…

Using WP Cumulus

In order to actually display the tag cloud, you have three options.

1. Create a page or post and type [WP-CUMULUS ] anywhere in the content, but without the space before the last bracket. This ‘tag’ will be replaced by the flash movie when viewing the page.
2. Add the following code anywhere in your theme to display the cloud <?php wp_cumulus_insert(); ?>. This can be used to add WP Cumulus to your sidebar, although it may not actually be wide enough in many cases to keep the tags readable.
3. The plugin adds a widget, so you can place it on your sidebar through ‘Design’->’Widgets’. The widget uses a separate set of settings, so it’s possible to have different background colors, sizes, etc.

2. WP Ajax Edit Comments plugin: This plugin allows your commentators, to edit their comments for a period of time after they leave them.This helps the blog comment moderation easy, as comments left are far sure, what your commentators actually wanted to say. You can see that, this blog does not use this plugin, as it used to make the blog slow while editing. I am very much serious about the speed of this blog.

There are yet many useful and very good plugins, like the above two. We will be sharing all those things as and when we come across and test it a bit. Till then, please share your knowledge and your favourite plugin, in the comment section.