Smartphone Antivirus Protection: Choosing Best Software for You


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Experts have been deliberating over the conundrum of when mobile antivirus software will become necessary, but with the recent Trojan attack on Android-based devices, it looks like the future has arrived. An unknown malicious website has been prompting users to install a “media player application” on their phones. And while the app is no bigger than 13 KB, giving even savvy users the illusion of simplicity and innocence, the Trojan is hidden inside. Once installed, SMS messages, which can cost several dollars, are consistently sent from the devices without their users’ knowledge. Fortunately, the issue seems to be contained in Russia, but it’s obvious that the opportunity for other malware apps has increased. The following are some of the most popular examples of mobile antivirus software designed to protect your phone and put your mind at ease.


avast! PDA Edition
Although it was initially designed for use with PDAs, this antivirus software also works for Windows CE Smartphones. Because of its small size and memory requirements, a typical scan of your phone would only take a few seconds, so it’s practical to run these scans frequently. Report files can be created and viewed, which show a detailed description of the scanning process and anything that may have been found. Updates can be downloaded and installed using the software’s special updater designed to work with pocket devices. Subscriptions can be bought in one, two, or three-year increments and the number of licenses can also be changed to reflect the number of devices to be protected. A 60-day free trial of the software can be found here.

Avira AntiVir Mobile
This software has automatic updates via LAN or other Internet connections, but optimally updates via PC. Its clear menu navigation enables users to easily understand scan results and enjoy simple usability, and an automatic or interactive procedure is run whenever a virus is found. Infected files can be deleted, and the software includes support for the Windows Mobile 6.5 interface. A 30-day test key is available here and can be used to experience the software on a trial basis.

Norton Smartphone Security
The Norton software comes in two versions, supporting both Symbian and Windows Mobile users. It enables users to protect their privacy by preventing the theft of personal information, eliminating text and multimedia spam, and keeping cybercriminals and mobile threats away from your Smartphone. It checks phones with weekly updates and claims that it won’t slow down web activity or affect Smartphone performance. Free trials for both Symbian and Windows Mobile users can be found here.

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