10 Best Features of iOS 4 for Business


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The business features of iOS 4 will make your iPhone the most valuable tool in your arsenal. With new features like multitasking, VPN connectivity and enterprise solutions, individuals can leave the office and still be connected. Here are ten of iOS 4’s best business features.


1. Multitasking
You are now able to perform limited multitasking with your iPhone. You can read your mail and have music playing in the background. With the addition of more applications that use this feature, your mobile device will gain more functionality.

2. Organize your applications into folders
You can place up to twelve applications into a folder to keep them safe. If you have different types of apps, the folders make it easier for you to find them. Your home page will have to find other ways to be cluttered.

3. Unified inbox
With a unified inbox, you can combine all of your email accounts within a single application. You do not have to be concerned about missing messages or tasks. You can also thread your messages, making your inbox easier to read.

4. Internal Spell checking
No more worries about misspelling words within email and applications. IOS 4 introduced a spellchecker that is usable through third party applications. You still have to proofread your documents.

5. Geolocation and Digital Zoom
Using the GPS function on your mobile device, iOS 4 allows you to tag the photos that you take on a map. This is another great method for categorization. The digital zoom feature will let you take close ups of your favorite employees and locations. You also have the ability to use zoom within your videos.

6. Messages are improved
You can search through your text messages and see a timeline of the messages that occurred. All of your typed messages are recorded for speedy search and recovery. There is also a character count feature which you can activate to get a better idea of the text limits of the platforms which you’re working with.

7. Photo resizer
The resizer will crunch the photos that you plan to send via email. When you are emailing pictures, you want them to be tiny, clear and easily transmitted. This is a great way of handling the need to have smaller file sizes in the email.

8. Enterprise applications
Your email can be encrypted and sent to employees within your company. You can obtain mobile device management on your server which gives you the ability to let all employees download iPhone apps without having to go through the Apple store.

9. Easily add events to iCal
Times and dates in your email have links which you can easily add to your schedule in iCal. There is no need to leave the program that you are in, it is fully integrated. This feature is great for people whose itinerary is constantly changing.

10. VPN Connection
Connect to your VPN from anywhere through your iPhone using this feature of iOS4. The passwords are more secure for all applications with this operating system. Business professionals can be more efficient with their iPhones because they can now connect directly to the office.

The features of iOS 4 can make you more productive with the use of the iPhone. With the organizational features and the tiny tweaks that Apple has done, you can take your iOS 4 with you to the next level.

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