How Green are ISPs?


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It’s an issue that’s as sensitive as the world that it seeks to protect – without a mass effort to create a greener planet and adopt environment friendly ways to live, we risk losing the only home we know. Future generations are in danger of struggling with life in a harsh world, a planet that is retaliating because of how horribly we have treated her through these centuries. So the more people follow green measures, the better for our planet. With the Internet, it’s easier to raise awareness and get people to start thinking about saving the earth before it’s too late, and it’s not surprising that ISPs are setting an example for the rest of the world. So how green are the green measures being taken by Internet Service Providers the world over?


1. Many of them are adapting to solar power which is a source of renewable energy – we’re already hearing claims of data centers being 100 percent solar powered.
2. Data centers and ISPs are also investing in servers and other equipment that are energy efficient and which use less than half the energy needed by and generate less than half the heat emitted by traditional equipment.
3. There are a few ISPs who are also tapping wind energy to become 100 percent wind powered data centers.
4. Others are focusing on the carbon footprint they leave behind and are conscious about how they use energy; they are committed to recycling and reusing energy and resources and also reducing wastage of water and power.
5. Some ISPs promise to plant one tree for every customer who signs up with them. So they’re not only growing their business, they’re also growing trees. Besides, they encourage their clients to become aware of and contribute to the green movement.
6. A few ISPs take their social responsibilities very seriously and work towards improving the way their community fosters the environment.
7. Some even follow the policy of using only public transport to and from work because they don’t want to increase pollution by using their own cars.

Besides these conventional ways to foster a greener planet, ISPs are also working with wireless service providers to clean up the mobile Internet and make the environment greener. They’re working on technology that will stop spam, fraud, and viruses and other malware, and which will also prevent the origination and spread of bad information. With more and more people taking to the air waves with 3G and EDGE, ISPs have moved their ant-spam and ant-malware technology to the mobile Web in the hope of making it a cleaner place.

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