The 10 Most Useful Features of iOS 4


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The new OS for the iPhone promised to bring many new features to the table, further positioning the sleek little gadget as the best in the world. You can send email, play games, and call friends, but iOS 4 allows you to do it more easily. Here are just ten of the new features.
1. Custom Dictionary
Are you constantly seeing words that are spelled correctly highlighted because they are in your field? Now, you have a custom dictionary at your disposal. The dictionary has been updated in iOS 4 to rival the one that was issued for the iPad. You can add your new words to the OS’ dictionary.

2. Folders
With folders, you can put your iPhone applications together based on the criteria that you specify. You don’t have to bother with the clutter of having applications everywhere. You can even custom name the folders.

3. Email Scheduling
Don’t worry about going through the hassle of shutting down your mail application just to open your calendar. You can do these tasks simultaneously with the new OS. You can have your email open and then open a new application simultaneously to set a date in your calendar.

4. YouTube Zoom and Rotate
Now you can choose the way that you want your YouTube videos played. If you want to show everything in portrait mode, you have that option available. You can use the portrait mode for small clips to get a taste of the video and then shift to landscape to get the best picture. You are also able to zoom in on the parts that you want to get a better view.

5. Locking Rotation
This feature allows you to pick an orientation and have your iPhone stay with it. You will no longer have to contend with applications firing up without your permission. You can lock your iPhone with the press of a few buttons, and release it just as easily.

6. iBooks
You can shop for books any time that you want to on the iPhone. iBooks gives you a virtual library at your fingertips, making downloading new books fast and easy. Whether you’re on the road or just sitting at home, you’ll always have a book to read.

7. Web and Wikipedia Search
At one time, you could only search internally through email. Once you’ve put iOS 4 on your phone, you can search through Wikipedia and the Web to find all of the things that you need. This makes the iPhone even more of a must-have gadget.

8. Continuous Wi-Fi
Your iPhone will now stay connected so you don’t have to go back and forth with restarting applications. Your music will keep playing in the background if you’re streaming. Your Skype will stay up even when the phone itself goes dark.

9. Photo Rotation
Take the photos that you want, then resize them to your needs. Your pictures can be resized to four sizes: small, medium, large or actual size. You can rotate the pictures to your pleasure, customizing it for easier transportability.

10. Playlists
Playlists are now available to the iPhone users using the iOS 4. You can create a playlist, add or remove songs, and arrange your music to your liking. You can control your music more easily at the touch of a button.

With the new iOS 4 features, you have more functionality at your fingertips. Check them out at your own risk, you might be playing with your iPhone for hours.

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