15 Things My Friends Felt When Heard of “iPad” + Photos and Videos

I am living at a place near Bengaluru(Bangalore), where Apple inc is not yet dominantly popular.

Not to blame them – Microsoft is more popular here due to its user friendliness or may be because most government offices in India are using Microsoft Operating System and Office suites.

[ I always feel, how good it would be to a developing country like India(economy wise) to switch to open source software like Unix, OpenOffice etc.]

First thing first: So what is iPad ?
The iPad is a tablet computer developed by Apple Inc. It features multi-touch interaction with print, video, photo, and audio multimedia, internet browsing, and runs most iPhone OS apps. The device has an LED-backlit 9.7-inch (25 cm) color LCD display and uses a virtual keyboard for text input. Prices for models in the United States range from $499 to $829 depending on the amount of storage and inclusion of 3G access.

So ipad is everything, from iPod, iBook and we can use iTunes and the Apps that we are already using on iPod and iPhones.











































Some Videos:

As iPad is still a new thing to all of us, I thought it would be fun to ask my friends:

What do you think iPad is? [ like: iPhone, iPod, iMac etc.]

I asked those who did not have any clue about what iPad is, to make sure the answers are based on their pure imagination.

My friends replied me with some fantastic imaginary things:

Rajesh: Digital mouse pad.

Manjunath patil: Its a Computation Device.

Navya k: something like inkpad (iPad). or may be like iMac.

Samartha: Digital Keyboard.

Sawti D M:
Who is this ? 😉

Sridhar P:
A combination of both phone and computer.

Raghu: Songs hearing machine.

Prashanth: Its a Notebook. Digital Notebook.

Jagdish: Electronic Device.

Nagraj: iPhone.

Nagbhushan: Digital Sound.

Sagar: Digital Nappy pad.

Kiran K R: Integrated Personal Audio Device.

Janardhan: I don’t want to be bothered thinking of ipod or ipad, but I need mouse pad urgently.

Gagan: Pad sized fully touch screen lap top or touch screen palm top.

In one or the other way, most of them were right with their guess and imagination about the name iPad. I really appreciate them for taking time to SMS me back with their answer.

Fun apart – Many people doesn’t seem to be happy with the new iPad, as there is no Multitasking capabilities, no camera etc. I think Apple Inc., will surly listen to its potential customers and soon patch up and will comeup with new iPad( we may call it iPad 2.0 ! ) as per the expectations of its fanboys.

But the question will remain – who will purchase this sleek, sexy looking(design wise) iPad now? Are you planning to purchase one? Make sure you know what you are getting and what not with your iPad, before placing an order.

Image Source: Apple.com

Promote Your Business/Blog/Service on Orkut: FREE!

After status update, suggested friends, chat, SMS, widgets etc features, here comes one more important and most awaited feature orkut ‘promote’: a free tool to help you spread the news to all your orkut friends…and beyond!

Now marketers, bloggers can invest their time in tweaking the ad copy to impress Orkut users, to drive traffic, leads and sales.

When you first create a promotion, only your friends will be able to see it. Once they click on “promote it!”, their friends can see it.. and so on.

To see the number of clicks, views, Promotions, Trashes, goto “promote”, then click on “my promotions” tab.

Source: Orkut Blog

Ad format support:
For content creation, it supports Text, Image or YouTube Video. Text also supports the regular scrap markup, and is limited to 200 characters.
Only images that you have uploaded to Orkut and which is set to public viewing can be used. You can stop or delete a promotion that you’ve created at any time.

How to make your promotional content VIRAL ?
It is obvious that, the content that you are showcasing must be interesting. Along with that, you have to have friends who you actually know. If you just add every friend request and have no idea of who it is, then you most probably will not receive vote for your content(ad).

On the other hand, if you have 1000 active, and known friends your content will go VIRAL very soon.

1. If you are a blogger, you can find 1000 blog readers in Orkut and send them friend request.
After they have accepted the friend request, you can use your blog logo and good ad copy to promote your blog/product/service/business.
2. Publish your “Orkut Promotion ads” on your blog, so that your readers are familiar with the ad copy, and can vote for you when they see it in Orkut.
3. Remember, there are more Indian and Brazilian citizens using Orkut, so language also counts. It depends on who you are targeting and more importantly who your friends are.


New things to be expected from Orkut:
1. Algorithm to track people who are trying to game the system.
2. Ability to create a Vanity URL for our profile.
3. Indexable by search engines(except the data which is set private)

Down side:
Also expect
1. More spammers.
2. More scammers, telling that they will make your ad to be shown to millions of Orkut users.
3. More and more people wasting their time trying to game the system.

Do not ignore the potential of promoting your business on Orkut. For more details of Orkut users, you can have a look at their advertise page.

If you are presently seeing adsense ads, then remember, Orkut Promote is used by both advertisers and orkut users. You can advertise on Orkut using AdWord also(which costs money).

Do you already have a strategy to make your content(ad) go viral on Orkut?

Orkut allows photo sharing with friends who do not have Orkut a/c

You can now share your orkut photos with anybody with an valid email ID.

Here’s how it works:
After creating an album, go to the “share with” drop down menu and choose “only selected friends”. In addition to being able to enter the names of your friends on orkut with who you want to share photos, now you can include the email addresses of all of your friends who aren’t on orkut as well.
Add/Remove the friends with who you share your photo album any time by using the blue “Share Album” button.

When you invite your friend to view a photo, he will be mailed with a link which is linked to a limited access page of Orkut. Note that, if your friend decides to share those links with others and if he mails that link to some other people, they too can view those photos.
So be careful while sharing your photos with non-orkut friends.

Now I wonder, what if some people start using Orkut as a image hosting site!
We use and recommend using flickr to share photos with friends and family. Integration of this feature in Orkut isn’t that bad either, but surly needs lot more improvement. But being a Social Networking site, the features are well enough for photo sharing.
Here is a sample image that I have shared with some of my non-orkut friends click here[hmm..now there is no need of a valid email ID either, if you want to share the photos in the public places, by sharing the link].
Note that, people visiting your photo need to have an orkut account and permission of the image uploader, if they want to comment there.

Fully integrated chat in orkut = GTalk + Orkut

One of our favorite features in GMail is its integrated Chat box. Now I have got another reason to stay logged into my Orkut account, whenever I am not blogging!
But with this integration, I think that the scrap books will become much like a testimonial page or spam book! Because most of the people will use the sophisticated Chat box instead of sending scraps to eachother and keep waiting and refreshing to see the new scraps!

And people may argue that, in offices and schools, the administrators will block the Chat box, so people will still be sending the scraps(as chat messages). But we think, if the administrator thinks that Chatbox in Orkut isn’t safe, then he is also likely to think that Orkut itself isn’t safe to be allowed to access!

Anyway, with this new feature we can:-
* Chat with your orkut friends in real time from directly within orkut.
* Control which of your orkut friends can chat with you.
* Chat with your Google Talk and Gmail chat contacts.
* Visit different orkut pages while keeping your chatboxes open.

My favorite thing would be, chating with GMail and Google Talk buddies using my Orkut account. Thats cool, isn’t it?

You get full control of who can see you online, who can chat with you etc, in Orkut “Settings” page.
If you don’t see this feature enabled in your account yet, just be patient, Google will rollout this feature to all its users in a couple of days.

Till this feature is enabled to you, have a look at:

What do you think about the new features in Orkut? Do you think it will reach a state of facebook soon?