How to Use WhatsApp in Your Web Browser

You can now connect your WhatsApp to your computers web browser and start using all the features on your web browser from anywhere. But make sure there is data connection or WiFi turned on in your mobile and computer.


Connecting WhatsApp to your computer

You can see a QR code on your computer screen.


Mobile OS Specific Instruction
android: Open WhatsApp – Menu – WhatsApp Web
BlackBerry: Open WhatsApp – Chats – Menu Key – WhatsApp Web
Nokia S60: Open WhatsApp – Menu – WhatsApp Web
Windows Phone: Open WhatsApp – Menu – WhatsApp Web
BlackBerry 10: Open WhatsApp – Swipe down from top of screen – WhatsAPp Web
Nokia S40: Open WhatsApp – Swipe up from bottom of screen – WhatsApp Web


Open your WhatsApp in your mobile.
click on WhatsApp Web from the menu.


Hold the scanner straight to the QR code present on your computer screen.
It’ll take a couple of seconds and your WhatsApp will be connected to your computer.

Web Notification
You can turn on notification within the web browser.


Visit WhatsApp Web again from the menu, and you’ll see the log out option.


You can either logout from within WhatsApp present in your mobile or from your computer web browser.

Fake your Location in Google Chrome

There are so many websites which require user permission to access their location – so that they can serve information relevant to their location. Previously browser use to depend just on the computers IP address, but with HTML5 geolocation API, browsers have become smart enough to get the users location information via various sources like GPS, IP address, WiFi networks, cell towers etc.


How To Fake your Location in Google Chrome

Watch on: YouTube

Go to Google Chrome’s Developer Tools – Right Click and select Inspect Element or press Ctrl + Shift + I (in Windows).
Switch to Emulation Tab.
Select Sensors option.
Check emulate geolocation coordinates.
Now input a different lat and lon values.

There are some websites which take your default location information and give you information relevant to that area, by using above trick you might be able to change it and access the information related to a different location!

HTML5 Geolocation API Tool:

Google Chrome ads on TV: Google launches its 1st TV ad

Google trying all means to promote its browser, Chrome. Google had never advertised on traditional TV. response when it first launched. But as for today, there are only 1.4% of internet users using Chrome.
A couple of months ago, Google Japan team had produced a fun video to demonstrate how clean and simple Google Chrome user interface is. This video went viral in the blogoshere/and internet as a whole, by seeing this positive response, Google has decided to make the video reach more people.

we talked to our Google TV Ads team to see how we could show the video that our Japan team developed to a wider audience in a measurable way. Using some of the results from our placement-targeted ads on the Google Content Network, we designed a Google TV Ads campaign which we hope will raise awareness of our browser, and also help us better understand how television can supplement our other online media campaigns.
So today, we’re pleased to announce that we’re using Google TV Ads to run our Chrome ad on various television networks starting this weekend. We’re excited to see how this test goes and what impact television might have on creating more awareness of Google Chrome.
Source: GoogleBlog

CSS(style.css) not loading in FireFox – Try this

If you are using FireFox, some times you may find that some of the websites does not seem to be using any style sheet(CSS) or the styling seem to be dropping!, while it was looking good when you previously visited.
The possible reason may be, your browser already has cached the style sheet and loads the same cached css, when you try to access the same website each time. And if the cached style sheet classes gets altered then it won’t be working in normal way and hence the dropping and cluttered look of the website(in your browser).
But the same website seem to be working perfectly when you access it using some other browser. And all your twitter followers also say that the .css is loading perfectly at their end.
Then its almost clear that the problem is from your end. Some people prefer not to delete cache, history and cookies from their browser, for various reasons.
In such a case, open the website which is looking cluttered and make use of these keys [Shift+R] or Shift + your browsers refresh button. This will reload all the elements of the website and will discard all the previously cached files in your local computer.
Remember, with this method you need to visit each website(which is not showing properly at your end – .css problem) and then press the shift+refresh button individually.

You can use ctrl + F5 to clear even the browser cache.

If you are ready to delete all the cache, history and cookies then you can simply goto Tools menu –> Options –> Privacy –> click on clear now button, now select cache and then hit on clear Private Data now button. This should solve the problem.
Other things to try, if the above tips doesn’t work.
1. Try to reinstall the browser software.
2. Upgrade the software.
3. Check for any other 3rd party plugin’s which may be conflicting with the .css file.
4. See the browser settings and set it to default settings, when nothing else works.
5. At last, if nothing works, report it to the FireFox team.

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Google services on your mobile browser, worth checking

Its a general convention to have as the mobile version of And now its great to see the big “G” going that way. Yes now you can easily access almost all Google services using the URL from your mobile browser.
We personally like reading stories on our mobile using “Google Reader” and to watch “youtube” videos whenever there is free time!
With the release of Android and “Chrome“, Google is quickly entering the mobile arena.

Do not miss watching this short video demo:

Mobile version of Google supports BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Nokia S60 phone, other Nokia phone, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung and many Others..

Mobile version of Google has:-

  • Smooth and responsive user interface
  • Powerful shortcut keys and intuitive menus
  • Search and find any Gmail message
  • Includes almost all Google services.
  • You can also use IMAP to sync your Gmail with your phone’s native email client.

click here to configure your mail client or wireless device to download Gmail messages.
Also look for your handset compatibility details here.
I am really thankful to Google, for making the entire world(internet) into my pocket. Clearing my “Google Reader” stories has really become dam easy now.
Thank you Google….

Download Google browser: Chrome

We already have many Free browsers, then why did Google think of releasing yet another ?

The answer is, Google’s “Chrome” is not just an ordinary browser. Its an application which enables users to better handle interactive applications and resource-hungry web pages such as video clips and online games. It is also less likely to crash. This might be a step into the next generation web. I personally feel that, this is the beginning of next generation Internet.


For now we can not talk much about “Chrome”, anyhow we are also eagerly testing the Beat version of “Chrome“, link to download “Chrome” is at the end of this article. Its launched in almost 100 countries today and only for windows users, but will be soon launching in all countries and for all operating systems.

Its built on Open Source platform and the browser will remain Open Source. Google has also released official Google Chrome comic book and its worth taking a look and it almost explains all its features and its purpose, so I will not cover all those things here.

Google will host a webcast press briefing and demo at 11 a.m. Pacific time today and here are the link to watch, if you are interested – Windows Media Player or Real Player.

I think in the coming years Microsoft’s IE(followed by their Operating System’s) will vanish and Mozilla Firefox may merge with Google and the Operating system may go online with Google OS or something like that, with xxGB or/and unlimited(for premium users) storage etc…these are my wild personal predictions….nothing might even happen like this!

Google is showing the download link to “Chrome” on its homepage–, as Google know that, it need to compit with those browsers which come in as default with the Operating System. Click below image to enlarge..

Google say that, this is just the beginning of “Chrome” and it has a long way to go and keep improving over time.

You can download the Beta Version of “Chrome” by clicking here or by visiting Google’s official blog.

Its quite funny, as we can not install Google Toolbar to “Chrome“!