CSS(style.css) not loading in FireFox – Try this

If you are using FireFox, some times you may find that some of the websites does not seem to be using any style sheet(CSS) or the styling seem to be dropping!, while it was looking good when you previously visited.
The possible reason may be, your browser already has cached the style sheet and loads the same cached css, when you try to access the same website each time. And if the cached style sheet classes gets altered then it won’t be working in normal way and hence the dropping and cluttered look of the website(in your browser).
But the same website seem to be working perfectly when you access it using some other browser. And all your twitter followers also say that the .css is loading perfectly at their end.
Then its almost clear that the problem is from your end. Some people prefer not to delete cache, history and cookies from their browser, for various reasons.
In such a case, open the website which is looking cluttered and make use of these keys [Shift+R] or Shift + your browsers refresh button. This will reload all the elements of the website and will discard all the previously cached files in your local computer.
Remember, with this method you need to visit each website(which is not showing properly at your end – .css problem) and then press the shift+refresh button individually.

You can use ctrl + F5 to clear even the browser cache.

If you are ready to delete all the cache, history and cookies then you can simply goto Tools menu –> Options –> Privacy –> click on clear now button, now select cache and then hit on clear Private Data now button. This should solve the problem.
Other things to try, if the above tips doesn’t work.
1. Try to reinstall the browser software.
2. Upgrade the software.
3. Check for any other 3rd party plugin’s which may be conflicting with the .css file.
4. See the browser settings and set it to default settings, when nothing else works.
5. At last, if nothing works, report it to the FireFox team.

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