Google services on your mobile browser, worth checking


Its a general convention to have as the mobile version of And now its great to see the big “G” going that way. Yes now you can easily access almost all Google services using the URL from your mobile browser.
We personally like reading stories on our mobile using “Google Reader” and to watch “youtube” videos whenever there is free time!
With the release of Android and “Chrome“, Google is quickly entering the mobile arena.

Do not miss watching this short video demo:

Mobile version of Google supports BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Nokia S60 phone, other Nokia phone, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung and many Others..

Mobile version of Google has:-

  • Smooth and responsive user interface
  • Powerful shortcut keys and intuitive menus
  • Search and find any Gmail message
  • Includes almost all Google services.
  • You can also use IMAP to sync your Gmail with your phone’s native email client.

click here to configure your mail client or wireless device to download Gmail messages.
Also look for your handset compatibility details here.
I am really thankful to Google, for making the entire world(internet) into my pocket. Clearing my “Google Reader” stories has really become dam easy now.
Thank you Google….

1 thought on “Google services on your mobile browser, worth checking”

  1. Hey that’s good news for me.
    I always wanted to use google services in my mobile And always ended with some problem.
    Now i can use all the google services with out any problem using the url
    Thanks for the information

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