Download Google browser: Chrome

We already have many Free browsers, then why did Google think of releasing yet another ?

The answer is, Google’s “Chrome” is not just an ordinary browser. Its an application which enables users to better handle interactive applications and resource-hungry web pages such as video clips and online games. It is also less likely to crash. This might be a step into the next generation web. I personally feel that, this is the beginning of next generation Internet.


For now we can not talk much about “Chrome”, anyhow we are also eagerly testing the Beat version of “Chrome“, link to download “Chrome” is at the end of this article. Its launched in almost 100 countries today and only for windows users, but will be soon launching in all countries and for all operating systems.

Its built on Open Source platform and the browser will remain Open Source. Google has also released official Google Chrome comic book and its worth taking a look and it almost explains all its features and its purpose, so I will not cover all those things here.

Google will host a webcast press briefing and demo at 11 a.m. Pacific time today and here are the link to watch, if you are interested – Windows Media Player orĀ Real Player.

I think in the coming years Microsoft’s IE(followed by their Operating System’s) will vanish and Mozilla Firefox may merge with Google and the Operating system may go online with Google OS or something like that, with xxGB or/and unlimited(for premium users) storage etc…these are my wild personal predictions….nothing might even happen like this!

Google is showing the download link to “Chrome” on its homepage–, as Google know that, it need to compit with those browsers which come in as default with the Operating System. Click below image to enlarge..

Google say that, this is just the beginning of “Chrome” and it has a long way to go and keep improving over time.

You can download the Beta Version of “Chrome” by clicking here or by visiting Google’s official blog.

Its quite funny, as we can not install Google Toolbar to “Chrome“!