How to Use WhatsApp in Your Web Browser

You can now connect your WhatsApp to your computers web browser and start using all the features on your web browser from anywhere. But make sure there is data connection or WiFi turned on in your mobile and computer.


Connecting WhatsApp to your computer

You can see a QR code on your computer screen.


Mobile OS Specific Instruction
android: Open WhatsApp – Menu – WhatsApp Web
BlackBerry: Open WhatsApp – Chats – Menu Key – WhatsApp Web
Nokia S60: Open WhatsApp – Menu – WhatsApp Web
Windows Phone: Open WhatsApp – Menu – WhatsApp Web
BlackBerry 10: Open WhatsApp – Swipe down from top of screen – WhatsAPp Web
Nokia S40: Open WhatsApp – Swipe up from bottom of screen – WhatsApp Web


Open your WhatsApp in your mobile.
click on WhatsApp Web from the menu.


Hold the scanner straight to the QR code present on your computer screen.
It’ll take a couple of seconds and your WhatsApp will be connected to your computer.

Web Notification
You can turn on notification within the web browser.


Visit WhatsApp Web again from the menu, and you’ll see the log out option.


You can either logout from within WhatsApp present in your mobile or from your computer web browser.

Trust Agents – by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith

Trust Agents – Using The Web To Build Influence, Improve Reputation, And Earn Trust.

I think Chris Brogan and Julien Smith are the people who don’t need an introduction. But still, if you don’t know, here is a small snippet:
Chrish Brogan’s blog is ranked by Technorati as one of the top 100 blogs in the world. Advertising Age’s Power 150 ranks him in the top 15. He has been blogging since 1998. He is also co-founder of PodCamp and part of many other online projects.

Julien Smith has been connected to computers since the age of 12. He helped run early BBSes. He was one of the first people on the web to use podcasting in 2004, as well as being one of the first web personalities to get broadcast by traditional radio. He has since worked with and been interviewed by numerous media organizations such as CNN, CBC, CTV– and a bunch of others.

Before reading my review, know the fact that, Trust Agents the Book, in its first month, hit:
– the New York Times bestseller list (#13)
– the Wall Street Journal bestseller list (#8)
– the Amazon top 100 list (#30)
Trust Agents is a book which has 261 pages + some pages in the introduction part. And contains 8 chapters:

Introduction: Hey, I know You. Have We Met?
1. Trust, Social Capital, and Media.
2. Make Your Own Game.
3. One of Us.
4. Archimedes Principle.
5. Agent Zero.
6. Human Artist.
7. Build an Army.
8. The Trust Agent.


In the first chapter, it starts with ringing the bell — “We read articles about how the person beside us at the bar ordering the Miller Genuine Draft is actually a paid buzz generator.” Shaking the Trust! and showing how this Trust factor can also be used to deceive people.

The book contains stories and examples of different kind of people, from mafia to gaming and wine shows and to Microsoft etc….a lot actually, and it connects all of them to the topic Trust Agent.
( Its a great idea to take a peak into their knowledge and years of experience, by just paying $16.47 )

There are some action tips in each chapter, which are packed with Chris Brogan and Julien Smith’s experience, with the web(and humans) all these years.

Some lines from the book:

Communities don’t want to be managed: They want to be cared for.

Those who succeed tend to be the ones who allow themselves to fail.

Be there, before the sale.

The Book also warns – By the end of this book, you’ll probably be a trust agent, too. Just don’t call yourself one.

One of Us:
Chris Brogan and Julien Smith have shared their story, of how they made the mistakes — and I must say, they showed a good example to be “One of Us“.
And reminds us to use the 3 A’s, when things go wrong – Acknowledge, Apologize, Act.

Chris the Social Media Guy:
If you are looking for pure social media related things, and the tools that will help you in rapidly building your social media, then this is not the book you are looking for. This book contains, how to be humans in using social media. How to treat people(online) like humans. Giving social media a different touch.

The downside:
1. The Book uses a lot of names, who you may not know, so it becomes difficult to catchup with the stories, if you get distracted.
2. Personal opinion: The language could have been simplified.

Other than that, the book is awesome and worth your time and money.

I am going to order some more books to some of my friends address, who badly need this book!

If you run a company/organization, then please get a copy of this book, spend some time to read and understand it and order some more copies for your employees/members/co-workers if you think its of use for them.

While I was reading the book, I felt like, I am practicing many of these things all these years, unknowingly. But the book is really a inspirational and motivational thing. It quotes some of the best examples of Trust Agents, and how they attained that status and how we can be Trust Agents too.

I know you want to know more, you can get your copy of the book at Amazon($16.47). I am sure, you will not regret.

Still not convinced ? Then read this Testimonial:

“Wow! Every once in a while you find a book that is a sit up in your chair, take notes, tell your friends, change your life breakthrough. This is that book. No kidding, you can trust me.” — SETH GODIN

If you have read the book. Please share your thoughts about the book.

Go Pro With Twitter ( hmm..not really! )

We can see some people tweeting valuable links, always. How is that possible? How can they find these valuable, interesting links always.

And to your wonder, you might have also noticed that, some people keep on tweeting valuable links without much delay. Are they really reading all those stuffs and selecting the best one and tweeting? They tweet links to YouTube Videos, blogs, Some photos, Digg story etc. How can they be all around the web at a time?
Now you can also be that pro….by using a tool or aggregator called It is an aggregator site, which has links to popular stories on Digg,, CNN, New York Times, Amazon, YouTube, Some popular blogs, photo sharing sites etc.
You can also get the links to the tweets which are popular on Twitter.

Interesting enough, this site is built with the most wonderful tool WordPress. For many of the geeks or webmasters, building such website may not take more than 30 minutes. We can simply use the feed of some popular sites and aggregate it on to our website. And WordPress will make the process even simpler.

If you know of any similar service, then please share it with us in the comment section.

Now, only thing that we must make sure is: “Do not spam Twitter, with your valuable Tweets 🙂 “. Some people do not even bother to look at the story once, before tweeting it.

I prefer to use Twitter as a communication tool, rather than using it only to share links. But I was always wondering, how these people are tweeting valuable links from all over the web? Now we have the answer!