Guide To Make Money Via Twitter: We Hate Spam Too!

First of all, let me make it clear – I am not here to suggest you or convince you to start using your Twitter account to scatter some sponsored ads and make loads of money from it.
A single rule of thumb be – “Provide Value to Your Followers.”


First of all, let me make it clear – I am not here to suggest you or convince you to start using your Twitter account to scatter some sponsored ads and make loads of money from it.

I am here to suggest some of the ways you can make money without annoying/hurting your followers.

My simple excuse for trying this service!
If you have used a product/service and satisfied with it, and if you get to tweet about the same product/service, then why not?

With so much of buzz about Making Money using Twitter, many people will be eager to know whether its just a hype or something worth while.

With this in mind, I started researching and testing some of the sponsored tweet services.

My official Twitter ID is @technotip and I tested sponsored tweets with my brand new Twitter a/c @thinkwithsatish

I got 2000+ followers in matter of days using This is an online tool designed by Daniel Scocco of
I suggest you to visit the website(even if you don’t want), and signup for the newsletter there. You will get a valuable Twitter course for Free.


Sponsored Tweet Service:
There are lot of websites which promise to make you rich, but never show up with a sponsored tweet again! I personally tested many of these websites(with my unofficial Twitter a/c @thinkwithsatish ) and here are some of the websites, from where you will get maximum value for your tweets(will add more websites to the list, after testing and retesting).

1. Adly: Calculates and shows how much you can expect to earn from 1 tweet.
2. SponsoredTweets
3. My Likes: This one is for most of us. You get a list of sponsored tweets, you can select the one you like, and tweet it or post on your blog. And you will receive money when someone clicks on those sponsored ads. Simple. The advantage is, even people will small number of followers can also participate and make money. Now the exciting thing! Payouts are fixed to as low as $2. Yes, you read it right. And the payment will be made once in a week i.e., on each Friday. You can almost get paid each week.

There are many more such services, but I suggest not to get distracted with any low paying services. Use only those services which you think will satisfy your followers and your pocket! ( I mean, provide best value to your tweets. )

All these websites have a market place where advertisers will select a particular group of twitterers to spread their message. In order to get more sponsors you need to maintain a good conversion rate stats, otherwise you will not get more sponsors. If you think of long term, then engage your followers and make sure that your tweets get some attention(in the distracting busy timeline of your followers).

And make sure to enter the interest area of the sponsored tweets(using keywords), so that only those tweet requests which you think would be a best suit for your target audience/followers will show up to you.

Caution: At times, when you start getting more sponsors, hence more money out of your Tweets, don’t be tempted to go the spammers way to make money. Stick on to your policies and make sure that you don’t annoy your followers by endorsing crap product/service.

A single rule of thumb be – “Provide Value to Your Followers.

Disclaimer: I am not using my official Twitter a/c( @technotip ) for tweeting sponsored ads, thinking that it may disappoint my followers. As I said above, I used a brand new Twitter a/c( @thinkwithsatish ) to test all these. So using the above services is solely at your discreet.

4 thoughts on “Guide To Make Money Via Twitter: We Hate Spam Too!”

  1. I really never thought of using such a programs, especially because they are going to make my account not related to topics, but i guess setting up separate account is ok. Although, i still have doubt in possible earnings. What are the rates and how much could be earned?

  2. @Web Design Beach, I had similar doubts before using the service.
    But the good news is, you can make the tweets relevant to your audience by pre-selecting the category of ads.
    And I got 15$ per tweet for @thinkwithsatish when I had 4500 followers. I think, it all depends upon the number of followers, and how they respond to your tweets – like the re-tweet ratio, frequency of your tweets, and how you engage your followers.
    When I had 4200 followers I was getting 8$ per tweet, and I was not using @thinkwithsatish frequently. But after a while I started using it frequently and started responding to my followers, and hence they started responding to me, they started re-tweeting some of my interesting tweets. Finally I saw my price per tweet in Adly, and it had raised the price to 15$ per tweet. Not Bad, right.

    And I am not seeing any spamy sponsors, all are of high quality and are well known brands. Even then, I only select those ads, which will be useful to my followers – like a discount coupon, special offer etc, so the advantage is, my followers even re-tweet such tweets and hence advertisers also get more exposure! If I see an ad, which I don’t like, I can simply reject it.

    Again, I am still testing these services, and all these reviews are my initial views, I will write about them again, once I get used to it and experience more from them. I want to test the consistency of these services in getting new advertisers and to keep up with the quality of their service.

  3. @Rajesh, As I said in the above article, it all depends on the number of followers you have and the topic of your tweet.

    There are people who tweet only about a particular topic and hence they attract “like minded people”, and advertisers(who has a product for that group of like minded people.)

    Good thing is, there is always room for improvements. As time goes, active tweeples will surly gain more followers. Some day it may so happen – you forget about these sponsored tweet services and on a fine day you see an email requesting a sponsored tweet in exchange for $.

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