Get Free ReTweets: TwitFever!

We all know how important it is as a blogger or a business owner to connect with people in the right way on social networking sites these days. These social sites are easy tools to get out messages to your customers..and also to listen to their feedback.

The Problem:
To reach out to as many people, in as less time as possible.

Our Solution
To help you spread your message to a wider audience, we have built a tool called TwitFever, which lets you help each other(members).

How it works?
We accept people who have atleast 1000 followers.
If you get at the least 10 tweets, then there is a minimum chance of your message reaching to
10 x 1000 = 10, 000 people minimum.
The chances are almost endless.

Update: You must have atleast 199 followers to become eligible.
[ Changed this after a lot of requests. ]

1. Do not tweet about sales pages and affiliate links.
2. Make sure to submit those tweets which contain informative and interesting content.
3. DO NOT retweet the tweets which contains promotional stuffs, and affiliate links in it.
4. Please make sure to visit on a regular basis and be a active member.
5. You must have atleast 1000 followers. ( Can’t help it. It is in place to help you get maximum value out of the tool. )

YOU Are Special is still in its early beta, but I’m inviting YOU( blog readers ), as you are special and a priority.

Some Insider Story
I’m making use of Twitter API for this app, so the loading may take some time, if enough people start using it. But I’ll be upgrading the servers soon, so that will not be a problem.

If you find any errors, bugs, please take a screenshot and post about it on our official forum at under TwitFever Section. Your suggestions and queries are highly appreciated. Our forum is open and waiting for you!

I’m passionate about building these kind of web applications that help solve problems. Along with that I also need to consider the reality that I will have to pay the bills, of server, domain, coding cost, my time. ( My Mom will be really angry if I don’t take care of all these bills / expenses myself. )

As a matter of fact, I can get a lot of businesses which could be interested in sponsorship. But honestly, I want to concentrate only on coding and other stuffs that I absolutely love. Finding sponsors, negotiating, getting paid and recursively doing this month after month..will take considerable amount of time and energy.

So I’ve decided to have 1 adsense ad inside the app, which I hope could compensate a bit. And a big thanks to you all for understanding.

1. You can retweet others tweets.
2. Submit your own tweets.
3. See the number of retweets.
4. See who retweeted the tweets.
5. See a separate list of tweets submitted by you so far and its retweet count and the people who retweeted it.
..lot more features coming soon, stay tuned, stay active and participate regularly.

Spend some time ReTweeting others tweets, use the pagination to browse through more tweets.

I would love to see people take maximum advantage of this smart marketing tool, which will save you a lot of time.

Being Smart in your marketing approach, is always better.
Invest your time more on the things you really love and on things that matters the most.

The Pros and Cons of a Cloud Anti-Spam Service

This is a guest post by Jesmond Darmanin. If you want to guest post on this blog, check out the guidelines here.

In an era where even the most routine technology purchases are coming under heavy scrutiny, it’s no surprise that cost saving services like cloud computing are dominating the headlines.

The lure of the cloud is two-fold: software acquisition and system administration cost reduction. While some organizations are still hesitant to store sensitive data on the cloud, one area in which many have taken the plunge, is email services.

You have the option of outsourcing the entire service, or using the cloud for specific product type applications like inbound anti-virus and anti-spam filtering.

Recent estimates suggest that spam accounts for over 90% of all email. And the trend doesn’t seem to be reversing. Managing the required scanning, remediation and updating are resource intensive activities, often warranting dedicated servers and staff.

Transferring this activity to the cloud, frees enterprises to focus more on tasks that are critical to their business. But as with all solutions, there are advantages and disadvantages to this approach.



Cost Savings – Having your hosting provider do anti-spam service means one less piece of software that you’ll need to purchase, support and administer.
Network Traffic – Imagine a network free of millions of pieces of unwanted email. Increased bandwidth means your internal systems can more quickly respond to customer requests.
Increased Security – Off-site spam and virus filtering reduces the chance of virus tainted email reaching and infecting enterprise networks. The result? Minimized potential for data loss and downtime.


Performance – Some users might note a performance degradation when using cloud based solutions due to any internet connection slowdowns. This is a minor annoyance for some, but could be an issue.
Software Conflicts – As the anti-spam solution will just solve one area of your network security concerns, most companies will still need to run other software like firewalls that may conflict with the cloud service.


Even considering the challenges, for many organizations, outsourcing email anti-spam services warrants further investigation. However, enterprise level change should of course be undertaken with caution. Solid research, testing and trials go a long way toward ensuring a successful implementation.

There are hosted email security solutions like GFI MAX MailProtection that gives you a free 30-day trial so you can try the product completely risk free. Setting up is a breeze and with very low running costs. Click here for your free trial.

Is Your Website Really Down or Is It Just You?

it happens sometimes, you are not able to access your blog/website and rest of the world is still enjoying your fabulous writing.This post is to remind people to bookmark this tool, because we have seen people who openup Google and try some keywords to find this tool. They already know the tool, but forgot to bookmark.

Some times it’s difficult to know whether your website is actually down for everyone or only for you!

1. Your IP address might have got blocked somehow.
2. Your internet connection might be the victim.
3. Your browser might have blocked the site, for some weird reason 🙂

Anyway, it happens sometimes, you are not able to access your blog/website and rest of the world is still enjoying your fabulous writing.

To know whether its just you or everyone, we can use this wonderful tool called Most of you know this tool already, but if you forgot to bookmark it, then do it now. And those of you who had not heard of this tool, then take note of it and bookmark – it will surly come handy in difficult times.

I Love the simplicity of the website. There are no ads plastered all around and making you search for the place to put your website URL and hit enter only to get more of ads and some popups and a video playing and then telling “Try Again!”. Don’t worry about such things, Downforeveryoneorjustme is as simple as

This post is to remind people to bookmark this tool, because we have seen people who openup Google and try some keywords to find this tool. They already know the tool, but forgot to bookmark. So they try all sorts of keywords – Website down only me, blog down for everyone or just me, down everyone or just me, etc. Instead, if you bookmark it, you will be more comfortable when the need arises.