YouTube Interactive Transcript: SEO

YouTube recently added the Interactive Transcript feature, which uses speech recognition technology to automatically generate the transcript.

This is a easy clue that, Google would use this data to list videos for the keywords used in the video.


Though the transcription isn’t accurate, it surly helps in SEO, if done correctly.

Innovative advertisement from HP

As we all know HP(Hewlett-Packard) is a well known company for its innovation. And today we saw an advertisement from HP, on one of our favorite blogs and we soon rushed and captured the ad using SnagIt.
But unfortunately we had some problems with our broadband connection, so the loading of the flash ad took longer time and you can see the effect of it in the below video. You may also find the advertisement live on the homepage. The ad takes you to this website, when clicked on the “BUY” button. Hope they have used some 3D engine and thus the load time is also less. The ad seams heavy, but it isn’t  heavy. And I guess these ads will be targeted only for highspeed internet users. I wish AdSense implement such ads some day, as these ads look amazing and they are highly interactive. Watch the below video:-

Interactive AdSense Ad — Take a look at this short video

Recently we spotted many types of special AdSense Ads.

Without taking much of your time, here is a quick link to all those old posts

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And we were ready with some more screen shots of AdSense Ads with different fonts. But before that, we spotted yet another interactive AdSense Ad on our blog. This is not any new ad format. This is the common Advertisement made of Flash, but more interactive and looks more interesting. Take a look at the small video below.

You can also download above video, to see it clearly.
The Advertisement is of 300 x 250 dimension and is static until we rollover our mouse pointer over the Ad. And if we keep the mouse pointer over the ad for more than 5 seconds the final Ad with the link to its website comes. Here is a screen shot of the final Ad..


These Ads open in new window when someone clicks on it. And there will be no Ads by Google label on it.This type of ads will surly get more value to advertisers, as the ad shows many details before someone clicks on the ad. And after getting the needed, basic information from the animated ad, the user clicks on it only, if he is interested in knowing more about it.