AdSense Ad feature — Google Checkout symbol


Google AdSense is improving all the time. And you might have observed some of the improvements recently. Today I just wanted to show some screen shots of the ads which shows that, the advertisers website has the option of payment as Google Checkout, even before we click on the Advertisement. Below are the self explanatory screen shots…


Observe the symbol inside the circled area. This actually indicated that, the the site accepts Google Checkout. This helps the user to know the option of payment before he clicks on the link(Advertisement).

Google Checkout is a Google service used to buy and sell things. It is a secure place for all type of transactions. We can connect our Credit card to our Google Checkout account and carry on the business transaction more securely.

Now, when we rollover our mouse pointer over the circled area, we get the following message “This site accepts Google Checkout”. Below is a screen shot…


You may say, this as a small feature. But I think all such small features will really help Google to get more Advertisers.

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